The Loft; Clark and his father share a moment in the Loft

The loft is an upper-level balcony in the barn of the Kent Farm. Jonathan Kent built the loft for his son Clark, calling it Clark's "Fortress of Solitude" - a place for him to come and think. Clark Kent often spends more time in the loft than in his actual house.

Physical Layout

Pariah loft

Clark clutching a baseball.

The loft features a couch, a desk, a hammock, and bookcases, and Clark is usually seen either doing homework or having the occasional make-out session with his girlfriend at the time.[1]

The loft also housed Clark's telescope, which he used to study astronomy (and to spy on Lana Lang from across the street) before it broke in the Spring of 2006.

Clark kept his key to the Fortress in a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in the loft. 


The inside of the Legion Safe House #47.

In the 31st century the loft has been renovated along with all the barn and constructed with metal walls. It has also been updated with modern technology like robots and computers with hologram touch screens. It is used as the Legion Safe House #47.



  • On his sixteenth birthday, Clark and Lana Lang shared their first kiss in the loft. He also almost had sex with Alicia Baker, then Lana, then Simone, in the loft as well. Because there is no real door to the loft, Clark's friends often just walk in and surprise him. This can cause problems in Clark's personal life; Chloe walked in on Clark kissing Lana, and Lana walked in on him making out with Simone.
  • Clark and Lana first attempted to make love in the loft, but they were interrupted by an attack by metahumans. (Mortal)
  • The loft is a special meeting place for Lana and Clark and the last place they shared their last "I love you" before Lana left Smallville in Requiem.
  • When Clark is upset, he has been known to sit on the floor and brood while throwing a ball against the wall (e.g. after Alicia Baker died in Pariah, and after Lex and Lana got together in Wither).
  • The Loft aspect of the Barn was something that was created for the show, and was not originally part of Superman's comic history. However, writers such as Geoff Johns and Mark Weid have integrated the loft into Clark's comic history. Furthermore, the Loft appeared in a Teen Titans issues, as the location of Superboy and Wonder Girl's first time of making love.


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