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Lionel Luthor had many near-death experiences:

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
Smallville121 657.jpg 1x21 Tempest During the tornadoes of 2002, Lionel was trapped under a column in the Luthor Mansion. Lex Luthor hesitated to take action, then decided to save his father's life.
Smallville205 528.jpg 2x06 Nocturne Byron Moore, a victim of Metron Pharmaceutical Labs, tried to kill Lionel with his bare hands. He was stopped by Clark Kent.
Smallville210 587.jpg 2x10 Skinwalker Kyla Willowbrook turned into a wolf in order to attack Lionel. Clark managed to stop her.
Smallville212 304.jpg 2x12 Insurgence Lionel was taken hostage by an insurgence team, along with Martha Kent. Pine, the leader of the insurgence team, threatened Lionel with a drill to his head. Clark used his super speed to disarm him, then Lionel shot Pine in the back.
Smallville213 025.jpg 2x13 Suspect Sheriff Ethan Miller shot Lionel in order to take revenge on him. Lionel was disabled, but ultimately survived his attack.
Smallville302 691.jpg 3x02 Phoenix Clark Kent used his heat vision to blow up a propane tank up from inside of a truck. Lionel happened to be walking towards the truck, and the explosion nearly killed Lionel and his bodyguard.
Smallville316 668.jpg 3x16 Crisis Lionel nearly committed suicide due to his incurable liver disease.
Smallville317 538.jpg 3x17 Legacy Lionel almost died from choking during a fight with Jonathan Kent, but Clark saved him.
Smallville320 394.jpg 3x20 Talisman Jeremiah Holdsclaw was about to stab Lionel to death with a mystical knife, known as Palak.
402Smallville0617.jpg 4x02 Gone An inmate stabbed Lionel while the latter was taking a shower.
406Smallville1003.jpg 4x06 Transference Lionel only had months to live because of the liver disease, but was healed in the second soul transference with Clark.
421Smallville0826.jpg 4x21 Forever Genevieve Teague captured Lex and Lionel, and tortured them both in a log cabin. Lex and Lionel escaped, and Lionel shot Jason Teague (albeit not fatally).
513Smallville0970.jpg 5x13 Vengeance Andrea Rojas threatened to kill Lionel in order to take revenge on him. If Clark hadn't been around, Lionel would have fallen to death.
519Smallville0998.jpg 5x19 Mercy A disgruntled LuthorCorp employee put Lionel through a series of life and death tests, along with Martha Kent. Lionel and Martha were eventually saved by Clark Kent.
522Smallville0417.jpg 5x22 Vessel Lex struck Lionel with his newfound Kryptonian powers, tossing him onto the hood of his car.
619Smallville0056.jpg 6x19 Nemesis Lionel was severely injured when an explosion occurred inside the Smallville tunnels.
622Smallville1038.jpg 6x22 Phantom Lionel attacked Bizarro with green kryptonite. But this process only seemed to make him stronger, and he threw Lionel against a grate, knocking him unconscious, pinned under rubble in a rapidly flooding dam.
705Smallville0783.jpg 7x05 Action Lana Lang paid Marilyn to imprison Lionel in a log cabin. He eventually escaped and killed Marilyn.
708Smallville0380.jpg 7x08 Blue Zor-El tracked down Jor-El's vessel, Lionel, and threatened his life. Clark Kent arrived and saved Lionel.
Normal descent113.jpg 7x16 Descent Lionel was killed after being pushed out a 40 story window in LuthorCorp Plaza by Lex.
1010Smallville1490.jpg 10x10 Luthor An alternate reality Lionel Luthor gets pushed aside by Clark.
1013Smallville1211.jpg 10x13 Beacon The alternate-Lionel was pistol-whipped by "Alexander Luthor" than left in the Luthor Mansion as it burned to ground.
S10e22-004.jpg 10x22 Finale, Part 2 The alternate-Lionel was killed by Darkseid after selling his soul to revitalize Lex.


  • Lionel has twice been imprisoned and tortured in log cabins (once by Genevieve Teague and once by Lana Lang).
  • Lionel almost died of a fatal liver disease, but was saved when Clark's soul entered and left his body. (Transference)
  • Lionel finally fell 40 stories to his death after Lex pushed him out of a LuthorCorp window. (Descent)
  • Unknowingly set up by Dominic Sanatori and Malcolm Barnes, Lex believes that Lionel stole money from his account, and plans to shoot him in retaliation. (Chimera, Part 1)
  • Lex is about to shoot Lionel only to discover that his money wasn't stolen until now. Before anything else can happen, Lionel's security arrives. (Chimera, Part 2)
  • Lionel's life has been at risk 20 times since his introduction in Season One until his death in Descent.
  • Lionel from Earth 2 had two near-death experiences in Season Ten until his death in the series finale.
  • Both Lionels are killed by two of Clark Kent/Superman's enemies: The Lionel from Earth-1 was killed by Lex, and the Lionel from Earth-2 was killed by Darkseid.

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