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Lance, Ally, and Lana experiment with the Limbo drug.

The Limbo drug is a kryptonite serum created by Lance and Ally, two med students at Metropolis University.

Powers and Abilities

When injected into a human, the drug showed a person visions of an afterlife, where they could interact with their departed loved ones.

It was unclear if the drug was a hallucinogen or if it actually caused the user to see their loved ones in the afterlife. The loved ones released interrestingly accurate information supporting the fact that it was the afterlife. The dosage affected the amount of time each person had seeing the afterlife.


The only way to awaken someone from the Limbo drug was to use an antidote to resurrect them. If someone used the Limbo drug too much, they could eventually die from overuse.

Season Five

After Clark Kent broke up with Lana Lang, she wanted to find a place to be comforted by loved ones: her parents. She had been using the drug regularly, which cost her at least a thousand dollars an injection. Eventually she started stealing from others to pay for her habit. Eventually, she got clean and off the drug completely, and stayed clean, although how this was accomplished, either through twelve-step programmes or Limboxone, is unknown.

Lex Luthor was exposed to the drug and saw his dead mother. He was later revived by Chloe Sullivan using the antidote.

Clark was injected with the drug by Lance. Because the drug is based on kryptonite, the hypodermic needle was able to penetrate Clark's skin. As a result, he was able to converse with his dead father, Jonathan Kent. Unlike humans, Clark was able to recover from the Limbo drug without using an antidote.

Ally, the medicine student who co-created the Limbo drug, died from prolonged usage of the drug.