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Dr. Lia Teng was a renowned molecular biologist tenured at Metropolis University.

Early life

A North Korean doctor, she married a LuthorCorp employee in order to get a green card and work in the US. She became the head of Metron Pharmaceutical Labs that used the Lazarus serum to resurrect the dead. She conducted illegal research for Lionel Luthor.

Sometime after she left North Korea, a government agent known as the Deletion Force, deleted all records of her in the country.[1]

Season Three

She injected the Lazarus serum, a serum of blood platelets secretly made from Clark Kent's blood, to patients to bring them back to life. She treated Chad Nash and Vince Davis. Lionel threatened to scrap her project or send her back to the country where her own people would punish her for working with the Americans. Lex later blackmailed her with the specter of Federal prosecution if she didn't tell him about her research but at the same time promised to double her budget if she did so. Adam Knight killed her.


  • Phoenix: Dr. Teng confirms the blood sample to be identical to the previous sample.
  • Velocity: Chloe discovers that Dr. Teng visited Adam Knight twice a week while he was hospitalized at Smallville Medical Center. Lex uses his influence to get her tenure revoked at Metropolis University. He then offers to double her budget if she works for him and tells him everything she knows about the mysterious blood platelets.
  • Obsession: Dr. Teng prepares Adam Knight's medication, but Lionel instructs her not to administer it to him.
  • Resurrection: She revives Vince Davis and shows Lex that she is hiding Adam Knight.
  • Crisis: Dr. Teng releases Adam. He kills her when he learns she doesn't have more serum.
  • Chronicle: It's mentioned that records of her life in North Korea have been removed by the Deletion Force.

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