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Lex Luthor and Lois Lane in Season Seven.

The relationship between Lex Luthor and Lois Lane has grown into a continuing mutual enmity between them.

Season Four

"Two Lanes under one roof. That's gotta be interesting." - Lex Luthor, Lucy

Lex worked with General Sam Lane (Lois's father) in order to protect Chloe Sullivan (Lois's cousin) from Lionel Luthor (Lex's father) much to the surprise of Lois. When Lois was denied access back into Metropolis University, Lex convinced the Dean of Met U to reinstate Lois as a favor to Clark Kent.

Lois and Lex with Lucy.

Lex ended up helping Lois again when her younger sister Lucy Lane had come to town and appeared to have gotten in a major debt with a loan shark who happened to be an old business adversary of his. So Lex used Lucy's situation to his advantage until it was revealed to have been staged by Lucy who was working with Marcus Becker who in turn kidnaped the Lane sisters intending to use them as a bargaining chip. However, Lois and Lucy were rescued unknowingly by Clark. When Lex arrived Lois asked what he intended to do with her sister, Lex attempted to have Lucy turned over to authorities, but she escaped in his car. When Lex met with Clark later who was worried that Lex was coming to collect payment from Lois, Lex informed him that he was not there to collect as his car turned up in Metropolis abandoned although the money and Lucy were nowhere to be found the only thing inside was letter from Lucy for Lois.

Season Five

"Let me give you a little friendly advice. Bow out of the race before a pesky little squirrel digs up one of your rotten acorns." - Lois Lane
"Well, thanks, Lois. You know, there's nothing more valuable than the savvy political advice of a muffin-peddling college dropout. Speaking of, do you have banana/blueberry today?" - Lex Luthor

Lois and Lex sarcastic with each other.

When Lex held his campaign photo shooting for the Kansas state senators election against his opponent Jonathan Kent in the Talon where Martha Kent worked at, Lois express her disapproval of Lex's running because she saw him as every other power hungry politician she encountered while growing up, who bought their way into power instead of earning it. Lex was unshaken by her opinion and scoffed her as Lois suggested he better drop out before someone uncovered incriminating evidence and exposed his duplicity. Lex then insulted her by referring her as a "muffin-peddling college dropout" who's offering him savvy political advice. Lois was furious by his comment and sought out Chloe's help to find some dirt on Lex she could use against him. Chloe warned Lois that even though there's lots of sex, lies, and videotapes in Lex's vault the problem was, he kept his secrets close to him. Although Lois didn't find any shred of evidence of Lex's misdeeds, she did experience the chills and thrills of journalism which in turn set's her on the path towards becoming an investigative reporter.

During the senate race, Lois had a run in with a run in with fanatic Samantha Drake obsessed with Lex and wanted to see him win the race against Jonathan by any means necessary. Samantha tried to get Lois to assassinate Jonathan during a campaign speech hearing but thanks to both Lois and Clark her plans were derailed. Lois was surprised to learn that Lana Lang had begun to date Lex. Lana at first tried to deny it, but Lois offered an ear to listen to her. Lois and Lana winded up having a three-hour conversation on the status of her and Lex's relationship.

Season Six

"Don't be sorry for me. Be sorry for Lex. He's gonna pay for what he did to Wes, and I'm gonna make damn sure that he doesn't do this to anyone else." – Lois Lane about Lex Luthor, Prototype

Lois began to run into Lex a little more often when she began dating Oliver Queen (Lex's longtime rival) as Lois was Oliver's date at Lex's charity ball following the events of Dark Thursday.

Lex, Lana, Lois and Oliver all attended Excelsior Academy's alumni social along with a couple of Ollie's childhood friends. one of Ollie's friends mentioned that everybody is present except for Duncan Allenmeyer to which Oliver became annoyed and Lois wondered who Duncan was. Ollie's friend is then later killed when the sword from the statue of the school suddenly falls off and impales him. Lois later discovered that Duncan was someone both Ollie and Lex went to school and was targeting them and she worked with Clark to prevent them being Duncan's victims as well.

When Lois and Clark crashed Lex and Lana's engagement party, Clark was under the influence of red kryptonite as Kal while Lois was under the influence a lipstick which also contained the red k. After she was cured of it, she didn't remember anything that had happened. Lois along with Lionel viewed a video file off of one Lex's flashdrives in which Lex is conversing with Senator Ed Burke about Project Ares. Lois realized that Lionel did not know that the senator was working with Lex.

Lex used Wes Keenan (an old friend of Lois's) as the test subject for Project Ares. Lois witnessed Wes kill Senator Burke on Lex's orders. Lex learned there was a witness and ordered Wes to be preped for programming and given a new mission to kill Lois. Wes takes Lois to a warehouse and begins to have problems with his programing as he begins to remember Lois. Lois attempted to get through to him by recounting a story in which they got drunk in a warehouse as children. Wes then came to his senses and explained to Lois that he was stationed in Afghanistan, but he was badly injured. Lex offered him the opportunity to help soldiers protect themselves and he agreed to be part of the project. Lois assured him that they would expose the Project, but Wes then began to fall back under Lex's command. Clark later takes Wes down and Lois then rushes to his aid. She assured him that he would be fine, but he told her that he would rather die than be controlled by Lex. Lois later finds that Wes's body disappeared and vowed that Lex would pay for what he did.

Lois continued her investigation into Lex by trying to figure out the meaning of an eight-digit number that Wes was repeating when he died. Chloe warned her that in her experience, she would probably not win going against the Luthors, and more likely get hurt in the process. Lois pretended to agree which Chloe then left. Lois looked at the numbers again and realized that they were latitude and longitude coordinates. Lois followed the coordinated to Reeves Dam and snunk inside. There, she encountered a security guard. After a struggle ensued, Lois managed to kill the guard, but not before he stabed her in the abdomen. Before she passed out, she manged to call Chloe. Chloe arrived at the dam to discover the deceased guard, the knife and pools of blood. Following the blood, she found Lois unconscious and bleeding profusely. She tearfully begged Lois to wake up, but Lois does not respond. Chloe began to cry and a shining tear falls on Lois's forehead. After a burst of light, Lois woke up to find Chloe leaning against a wall, now unresponsive. Reeves Dam suddenly began to collaspe.

Season Seven

"You're no longer writing my exposé." - Lex Luthor
"Nuh uh. You'll have to take that up with my boss." - Lois Lane
"I am your boss. Merry Christmas, Lois, I just bought the Daily Planet." - Lex Luthor

After being rescued by Clark from Reeves Dam, Lois returned to the woods near the dam with Clark determined to expose Lex's secret project.

Lois sneaks into Lex's office.

Despite her growing accomplishment as a reporter since joining the Daily Planet, the new editor and chief Grant Gabriel had forbade Lois from covering any stories Luthor related. Lois ignored his request and purses further in her investigation of Lex buying land near the dam. Lois sneaks into LuthorCorp Plaza disguised as an employee. She headed to Lex's office and tried to hack into his computer but was caught by him instead. He told her he had no more secrets left. He denied having purchased any land near the dam and was surprised that the initials "LL" were on the authorization. He then got his men to escort Lois out of the building.

Lana gave Grant a hard drive containing information about Project Scion and reported that it would expose Lex, which interested Lois. Grant refused to print the story saying it was with stolen evidence. Lois continued to be interested in the story but Grant continued to tell her to stay away from the Luthors. Lois and Grant began dating and Lex told Grant that he needed to stop dating Lois. Grant assured Lex he could keep her in the dark about what they were doing but Lex insisted he break it off with Lois. Grant later claimed to have broken up with Lois, they continued to see each other secretly.

Lex interviewed by Lois.

Lois ended getting to write Lex's exposé at Lex's own request. Grant later asked Lex to request that someone else besides Lois write the article since Lois had a way of uncovering significant facts, but Lex denied having anything to hide saying that he always wins. Lois is then blackmailed by Adrian Cross to write a story claiming that he was an escaped clone from LuthorCorp or that he would kill Chloe. Lois wrote the story but Adrian had another mission for Lois to force Lex to confess what he'd done. Lois went to her interview wearing a hidden camera and a device in her ear which allowed Adrian to talk to her. He told If she couldn't get a confession from Lex, he would kill Chloe. Grant and Lex were both surprised with Lois's first question, a demand to know about Project Gemini. Lex claimed he didn't have anything to do with cloning and denied knowing a man named Adrian. Adrian then ordered Lois to aim a gun at Grant to get Lex to confess. As Lois began ranting about Adrian's life story, Lex knocked her out and found the hidden camera she was wearing. While knocked-out, Lois missed the revealation that Grant was really a clone of Lex's younger brother. After Lois woke up, Lex told her that Chloe was now fine, but Lois said she would expose his project to the world. Lex retorted by telling Lois that she had no evidence, and that he recently bought the Daily Planet. Since he was now Lois' boss, there was no way she could write the article. Later, Grant visited Lois at the Talon apartment and Lois beleived she was fired but Grant said that Lex requested that she stay.

Lex and Lois in Detroit.

Lois followed Lex to Detroit where he'd found Kara Kent (Clark's cousin) had been missing. Lois showed Lex a picture on her phone she took of him talking to Kara, claiming she was going to show Clark. Lex pocketed the phone and then they both heard Kara scream and they went to investigate. Lois continued to pursue Lex as they continued to look for Kara. Lois noticed Lex attached a GPS device to Kara and Lex justified his actions saying that she had amnesia. Lois then left to go look for her and Lex found and picked up Kara's cuff bracelet. Lois then found Kara locked behind a fence by Jacob Finley. Lois tried to find something to pick the lock, but she turned around to find Finley pointing a gun at her. Lex arrived at the scene and pointed a gun at Finley in order to have him let go of Lois. As Lois broke free of Finley's grasp, he and Lex shoot each other. Finley was wounded in his left shoulder while Lex was shot right between his eyes. Lex ended up surviving the bullet wound while Lois and Kara were rescued by Clark.

Lois worked on a story with Jimmy Olsen regarding the death of Patricia Swann. At first they thought Lionel was behind her murder but they discovered evidence that linked Lex to the murder. After Lionel's death, Lois and Jimmy had a photo that contained proof of Lionel's true death. The image however wasn't clear enough and Jimmy's computer wasn't powerful enough to clear it and thought the computers at the Isis Foundation would be perfect. They sent the photo there and waited for Chloe's reply to them. They were then intercepted by Lex's assistant. She pulled a gun on them, and took them down to the kitchens of the Daily Planet. They told her that they deleted the image, but Gina said they are lying and wanted to know where they sent the image. Lois tried to attack her, but Gina shot her and asked again for the image's location. Jimmy finally told her and she locked them both in the freezer. They were both later saved by Clark.

Lex used Jimmy to distract Lois from asking too many questions about him and throw her off his trail. Jimmy was reluctant because Lois was quite persistent in investigating into Lex. Lex gives him bogus satellite images to throw Lois off the trail. Lois was surprised to learn that the two were once good friends to which Clark simply replied that people don't always turn the way you expect them to. Jimmy met with Lois and gave her the satellite images. He convinced her that Lex had been visiting the Arctic looking for new places to drill oil. Lois was skeptical but Jimmy said he got the photos from the photo lab and Lois seemed convinced. Lex wanted Jimmy to continue to spy on Lois but Jimmy and Lex had Chloe taken away.

Season Ten

"Lex. What happened to you?" - Lois Lane
"I've evolved.... and with age, comes wisdom. Huh? See Lois, you are his greatest weakness. Or should I say, the Blur's greatest weakness? Your death will break him." - Lex Luthor's clone

Lois strung up as a Scarecrow by Lex's clone.

While waiting to meet Clark at the loft, Lois was knocked unconscious and strung up as a Scarecrow in Riley Field by Lex's imperfect, aged clone as a message to Clark. When Lois realized it was "Lex", she asked what happened to him to which "Lex" responded by saying he's "evolved" and then said he viewed Lois to be the Blur's greatest weakness. "Lex" attempted to hurt the Blur (i.e. Clark) by setting the field on fire, which would subsequently kill Lois. However, Clark saved Lois in time, defeating Lex's clone's desire to break his spirit.

Season Eleven

Lois questions Lex regarding his resurrection

Six month after Apokolips, Lex has return to the public eye to reclaim LuthorCorp and refurbish it into his own company renaming it LexCorp. Lex calls for an immediate press conferences to announce his Guardian space platform to the press. Clark and Lois are both present representing the Daily Planet with the other press core in attendance. Lois purposely engages Lex in asking questions such as his whereabouts before his recent return to life and about Tess Mercer' mysterious suicide all as a means of throwing Lex of balance into admitting he's responsible for her death as well as revealing the truth behind his resurrection. Lex's is slightly amused by Lois' ploy.

Lois interviews Lex.

Lois' next tangled with Lex occurs when Dr. Simon Jones attacks him in retaliation for the experimentation done to him in Project Ares that altered him into Psimon. Much to Lex's dismay he is saved by Superman. Lois goes to LexCorp where she first interviews Lex's current personal assistant Otis Berg in an attempt to uncover any of Lex's nefarious schemes as incriminating evidence she could use to bring him to justice. Lex intervenes, inviting Lois into his office. She confronts him about Psimon and what he intends to do about this and other consequences of past aggression conducted by LuthorCorp under his watch previously. Lex reassures her that LexCorp will take full responsibility of repairing past transgressions. Unbeknownst to Lex, his subconscious under the partial direction of Tess writes a message on a piece of paper and places it within the palm of Lois as she prepares to leave Lex's office. Outside in the lobby of LexCorp Lois observes the cryptic message with the inscription of "HELP!" written upon it.

Lois hands the note over to Jeff Hage who in turns hands it Bert Camp to analyze the handwriting. While waiting for the results to come back Lois discovers Lex is sending a clean up crew to the ruins site of the abandoned Ridge Facility that was once the LuthorCorp Level 33.1 building. Lois goes to the site to investigate as she finds it highly suspicious that Lex would initiate a cleanup of the ruins five years later after the Justice League had destroyed it. While on site Lois witness a member of LexCorp clean-up crew is attacked and drained of life by Speed force lighting energy.

Lois later gets the result of the handwriting signature to be identified as belonging to Tess.

Lois snatches Otis' keycards to explore LexCorp.

Lois returns to LexCorp plaza, where she disguise herself as a janitorial staff and steals Otis key card as he leaves the building with Lex with whom he relays the incident that occurred at the Ridge Facility. Using the key cards Lois explores LexCorp to uncover more clues and evidence.

Lois knocks Lex out.

Thanks to timely assistance from Barbara Gordon who gather intel from a drunken and fired Otis, Lois learns that Tess is trapped within Lex's subconscious. She tells Clark who is now freed from Lex's radiation signature premaritally. Lois accompanied by Superman and Green Arrow, goes to LexCorp and confronts Lex, as well as retrieves Tess' consciousness. But not before knocking Lex out.


"Luthor is making a play for the Oval Office, and White has me playing dodge ball with armchair quarterbacks at the Pentagon?! I can't believe it!" - Lois Lane mentioning Lex Luthor, Clark Kent's vision

In the year 2013, Lex was running against the current President in the 2013 Presidential election, much to Lois's disgust who had read the headline article in a newspaper in the Daily Planet.


  • While it's never showcased in Smallville, the comics as well as TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman and Superman: The Animated Series show that Lex had a romantic relationship with Lois.
  • In the comics, Lois was Lex's girlfriend prior to Superman's debut but when The Man of Steel appeared on the scene Lois dumped the Billionaire of Metropolis for Superman, which added to Lex's already enormous jealousy and hatred of Superman. Of course Lex still held a flaming torch for the woman that spurned him and would follow up on both her reporting career and her ever growing relationship with her work partner at the Daily Planet Clark Kent. Lex could never understand what Lois found so appealing about Kent given her pass record of being attracted to Men of action like himself. So it came as quite a surprise when she fell in love with Clark and ended up marrying him. Lex's obsessions with Lois drove him to do many things to try and separate the happily married couple however none of his plans ever succeeded. In the recent story arc of Lex Luthor in the pages of Action Comics beginning in 'Action Comics' #890 using the advanced technology he had acquired from Brainiac during the New Krypton saga, Lex constructed an android cloned with Lois's DNA that is totally devoted to him as his personal aid during his newest quest to find a remaining power ring from the Blackest Night arc.
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