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This article is for the LX-13 clone of Lex Luthor. For his original self, see Lex Luthor. For Lex's other clones, see Lex Luthor's clones.

"There can be only one Lex Luthor!" - "Lex Luthor", Lazarus

"Lex Luthor" (original designated LX-13) was Lex Luthor's unstable clone that encountered Tess Mercer, Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Physical Appearance

"Lex" (aka LX-13) wearing Lex's attire

Originally, LX-13 was created in Cadmus Labs after Lex was badly injured, so Lex could harvest replacement body parts from him.

This clone's physical appearance was similar to his original self but the clone had a significantly older appearance due to complications in the cloning process. Aside from his advancing age, LX-13 was very pale and thin, with dark rings under his eyes.

When first shown, he was wearing a blue hospital clothing like the other Lex clones. After escaping and destroying Cadmus, LX-13 changed into something similar to his original self's attire.


LX-13 was dangerous, hostile, and was affected by his original self's memories. LX-13's personality showed clear signs of mental instability, likely due to his imperfect cloning as well as the original Luthor's pre-existing instabilities. LX-13 also holds more of a direct hatred of Clark, likely due to his increasing instability.

Season Ten

"Lex" attacking Tess

When Tess Mercer opened a locked door in the Cadmus Labs, she released an older clone of Lex Luthor. LX-13 managed to hold Tess down and then ignited the entire lab which killed Lex's other clones (sans "Alexander Luthor" having fled seconds earlier). Believing that the original Lex was killed in a nasty truck explosion, "Lex" changed into his original self's attire and attacked Lois Lane at the Kent Farm and took her to the same place where his original self saved Clark Kent when he was strung up as a scarecrow during Clark's freshman year. After he tied Lois to the same cross and explained to her who he technically was, "Lex" set the field around Lois on fire, leaving her to burn.

"Lex" threatening Lois

The Blur arrived at the field and spoke with "Lex" blaming Clark for everything that had happened to him in his original self's life, telling him that it was pride (the greatest of the seven deadly sins) that made Clark become the man he is. Enraged by the things he said to him, Clark strangled "Lex" and nearly killing his former friend's clone but noticed that his nose began to bleed.

"Lex" faces off with Clark

Revealing he was already dying from his mutated body, "Lex" told Clark that he had to make a choice to either save Lois or save the people of Metropolis after "Lex" had planted bombs on the top of a beacon of hope that could plummet into the rush hour traffic. He hoped that no matter what the choice, Clark would no longer be seen as a hero, not being fast enough to save both. "Lex" died as Clark sped off to prevent Lois's death at the crucifix and the deaths of citizens in the rush hour under the falling globe, proving Lex's clone wrong.



"Lex": Tess Mercer?
Tess: How do you know who I am?
"Lex": I have all of Lex's memories. I know how much you care about me.
Season Ten, Lazarus
"Lex": And would I might endure his agony, as well as mine, the Scarlett Letter... Of course the letter is a mark of shame, least it was when I found Clark tied to that post 10 years ago.
Lois: You know Clark?
"Lex": I saved him that day. Right here on this very spot. And all he did was betray me!
Lois: Lex? What happened to you?
"Lex": I've evolved. And with age comes wisdom. Hmm? You see, Lois, you are his greatest weakness. Or should I say the Blur's greatest weakness. Your death will break him.
Season Ten, Lazarus
Clark: Where's the real Lex?
"Lex": The creator died two years ago. Nasty truck explosion.
Clark: If he's not alive, then why...
"Lex": Why am I? He created us to heal himself. He just didn't live long enough to reap the benefits. You remember this place, don't you? Not far where we first met.
Clark: The bridge. Yeah, Lex would have died if I hadn't pulled him out of that car.
"Lex": And you never let me forget it. The truth is, by the time you dragged me to shore, something new had crept into your heart -- pride. The most damning of the seven deadly sins. Now you wear that pride on your chest. Right here and that self-righteous symbol. But just beneath it lies the darkness in your heart. Just like me, you are your own worst enemy.
Clark: I'm nothing like you.
"Lex": We're more like brothers than you think. That's why you could never stop me. Because deep down inside, you know you brought death and destruction! The only reason anyone ever calls you a hero is because you clean up the disasters you unleash.
Season Ten, Lazarus
"Lex": I am dying, Clark. But don't flatter yourself, you didn't do it. I'm just sorry that this mutated body of mine won't last long enough to see the world turn on you.
Clark: What did you do?
"Lex": There's an explosion rocking the roof of the Daily Planet. You can stop the beacon from plummeting into the rush hour traffic, or you can save the woman you love.
Clark: Lois. Where is she?
"Lex": Even you aren't fast enough to save both. Today, the world will finally lose faith in its heretic hero! And it will destroy you.
Clark: Where is she?!
"Lex": Where I first saved you.
Season Ten, Lazarus

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