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Lex's destiny as President.

"I've always been fighting my destiny, trying to avoid becoming my father. But we all have certain genes that, no matter how much we want to change, dominate us." – Lex to Clark, Exodus

Lex Luthor's destiny has been to become a ruthless billionaire and politician to which Lex Luthor has continually fought with but eventually embraced.

Season One

Cassandra Carver's vision of Lex's presidency.

When Lex meets blind elderly metahuman Cassandra Carver that was able to see a person's future by touching them, Lex asks her to see his. Although he isn't aware of it, she sees a vision of Lex in the White House then surrounded by flowers that turn to corpses while he is bathed in a rain of blood.

Season Four

Lex's hallucination of himself as a destructive and murderous President.

After Lex was exposed to a toxin that causes its victims to hallucinate their worst fear, he hallucinated himself in the Oval Office, then goes outside where he sees nuclear missiles flying across the skies and destroying every living thing and finally seeing himself in a field filled with the bones of all the people he killed.

Season Seven

In an alternate universe, the Daily Planet shows an article of President Luthor.

When Jor-El sends Clark Kent to an alternate universe to see what life would have been like if Clark hadn't existed, Lex was elected President of United States. Along with his Chief of Staff Milton Fine, Lex was planning to cause a nuclear war in the United States in order to reshape it in to his new order.

Season Nine

Lex running for President in 2013 as said by a paper by the Daily Planet.

When Clark dreamed of the year 2013, Lois Lane is handed a newspaper with the main article being about Lex running for Office.

Season Ten

Lex as President-elect in 2018.

In the year 2018 on a TV broadcast, it's revealed Lex had just become the President-elect of the United States.


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