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Lex as President with his signature black glove

Lex Luthor's black glove is a symbol that is ominously associated with Lex Luthor's dark destiny in varying fashions.

Season One

Lex wearing his black glove in Cassandra Carver's vision.

Lex's black glove was first seen when Cassandra Carver had looked into Lex's distant future. While Lex himself didn't get to see Cassandra's vision like Clark Kent did earlier, Cassandra saw Lex become President of the United States and how he will bring great misfortune amongst the human race (as conveyed when a mere touch from his right hand's glove turns an entire field of flowers into one of bones and ash) with Lex simply smiling as he's showered by a rain of blood. It's clear to him whatever Cassandra saw produced too much shock for her elderly age to handle, resulting in her unexpected demise.

Season Four

After being infected with a lethal nightmare-inducing fear toxin and then the antidote, Lex experienced a strange side-effect of both the toxin and the antidote as he saw himself in the White House with his black glove on his right hand again and releasing nuclear missiles throughout Earth. Later, Lex apparently shrugs this off as simply a fear of the dark man he fears he could become.

Season Five

When Lex has a near-death experience, he sees his mother Lillian Luthor plead with him to stay with her and avoid the destructive path he's on, seemingly getting through to him as Lex shows clear anguish when he's being pulled away from her back into life. Just before he's forced back by Chloe Sullivan, Lex receives one more brief glimpse at the black glove after his mother's final warning.

Season Seven

An article from the Daily Planet in an alternative universe of President Luthor shown wearing his black glove.

When Jor-El sends Clark to an alternate reality where his ship never made it off Krypton in order to quell Clark's doubts toward his existence based on serious lingering guilt, Lex was shown with his black glove on his right hand while he's President of the United States (showing that he succumbed to his evil destiny much sooner than in the genuine reality and also showing that his and Clark's friendship had somewhat delayed his inevitable descent). The exact reason isn't given for why President Luthor wears the black glove on his right hand, although it's possible that his hand was scarred, a prosthetic or simply a style choice.

Lex holding the Orb while wearing two black gloves.

After discovering Clark's secret from Brainiac (disgused as Kara Kent) and travelling to the Fortress of Solitude to encounter the Traveler (whom he expected to be the same person that Zod's disciples and his father Lionel Luthor had spoken of earlier), Lex seemingly embraces of his dark destiny with the sinister combination of a long overcoat and a black glove on both hands when he used the Orb to cause the fortress's fall with him and Clark still inside.

Season Ten

Lex wearing the black glove to cover his scarred hand.

After an alternate-reality Lionel Luthor sold his own soul to Darkseid, Lex was completely revitalized with his right hand being the only visibly damaged area (from both the fortress's fall and the nasty truck explosion). In covering up the scarred hand, Lex choose to don the iconic black glove, symbolic proof for his emphasis in talking with Clark where he confirms that he has truly embraced his destiny as Clark's nemesis.

Despite having lost all of his memories, Lex has taken up the mantle of his destiny by still wearing the iconic black glove when he was elected President of the United States in the year 2018.



Lillian: Don't let the blood wash away what is left of your soul.
Lex: What are you talking about? What blood?
Lillian: ...Of all the people you're going to murder...!
Season Five, Void


  • The black glove that Lex wears in varying fashions (like after becoming President of the United States) represents the murderous monster that Lex gradually evolves into both symbolically and literally.

In The Comics

In the comics, Lex Luthor wore a black glove on his right hand due to cancer that was induced by kryptonite radiation after years of wearing a green kryptonite ring which forced him to have his right hand amputated.

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