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LexCorp is a company created by Lex Luthor.

The first LexCorp[]

Season One[]

When Lionel Luthor had abruptly closed LuthorCorp Plant Number Three, Lex did not want to leave the thousands of employees jobless. Resentful of father's controlling ways, Lex successfully forced a employee-led buyout which converted the plant into "LexCorp" using a combination of capital raised from among the employees and the capital from his mother's shares of LuthorCorp despite Lionel's attempt to block the buyout by buying the Smallville Savings and Loan.

Season Two[]

After the tornado put him in the hospital and then rehabilitation for several months, Lionel was able to buy LexCorp by blackmailing various board members. Since Lex had sunk everything he had into LexCorp, he lost everything when he lost his company.

After his father had him thrown out of the mansion and he was a house guest at the Kents for a few days until Lex made a deal with his father where Lionel gave Lex back LexCorp in exchange for Lex's silence regarding Lucas Luthor. After being bought out by LuthorCorp, LexCorp went back to the original name "LuthorCorp Plant Number Three".

The second LexCorp[]

Season Ten[]

Lexcorp reference

LuthorCorp's shattered framework that loosely spelled LexCorp.

After the deaths of Lionel Luthor and Tess Mercer, Lex watched in confusion within LuthorCorp's main office in Metropolis of the arrival of Darkseid's planet on Earth while an explosion caused several letters of LuthorCorp's main office's sign to fall, leaving behind in the shattered framework that loosely spelled "LEXCORP".

Season Eleven[]

Superman RS Lex Luthor Lexcorp SV

LuthorCorp Plaza now LexCorp Plaza, 6 months after Contact.

Smallville season11 Lex

Lex watching routinely Superman's city flight

Six months later, Lex has gained control of LuthorCorp and all it's assets, renaming it LexCorp. He routinely watches Superman's flight above the city. He works with General Sam Lane. Lex thinks that Superman is a serious danger for Earth.


Lex reveals Henshaw as the Pilot.

At a LexCorp press conference, Lex begins his speech but is interupted by Lois. Lois asks him where he dissapeared to after he was declared dead and before Tess's death. Lex angrily assures the public that he has not forgotten about Tess, and that he exiled himself from the outside world as a way of escaping the Luthor legacy. He then claims that he only returned because Tess called him before commiting suicide and the guilt of her death convinced him to recreate the Luthor image. Clark shows up and whispers to Lois that they both know Lex killed Tess, but can't do anything without proof. Lex then begins criticising Superman and the Justice League, claiming they have failed to protect humanity and now the world is in more danger than ever. He announces the Guardian orbital defense platforms as a means of protection and the public is impressed, save for Lois and Clark. She ask who will pilot the Shuttle to bring the satelites into orbit on such short notice, and Lex introduces the pilot, Commander Hank Henshaw.

SV season11-Lexcorp

LexCorp's new logo.


Oliver confronts Lex over the Guardian platforms.

50 Miles outside of Metropolis, 10 hours before flight, Lex watches the LuthorCorp shuttle in the distance, Oliver angrily confronts him, and warns him that the military will shut down his project, and that they knows just what he's capable of. Lex counters, asking if Oliver ever considered the military won't stop because of it.


Lex awaits Superman's confrontation.

On the day of the launch, the shuttle explodes forcing Superman to rescue the crew from being destroyed. Henshaw wakes up on a stretcher, with burns from the radiation exposure. Superman learns that the shuttle explosion was not a misfire.

On the roof of LexCorp Plaza, Otis nervously confronts Lex with the results from his research, but Lex interupts him, saying he wishes to savor the moment. Otis, confused, explains that the situation is terrible for LexCorp and questions his apparent cheerfulness. But Lex explains he has a good reason to be cheerful, stating he and Superman are about to have a very interesting conversation.

Smallville-Zone 039

Superman angrily confronts Lex.

In LexCorp Plaza, Lex arrives in his penthouse office, as Superman angrily breaks his glass window by clapping. Superman accuses Lex of activating the Guardian Platform mid-flight, but Lex dismisses the claim, saying the accident could have been avoided had the military not forced the private sectors hand. Superman accuses him again, nearly attacking him, until three military helicopters show up, demanding that Superman step away from Lex. Lex claims that Superman's appearence at the Korolyov and Guardian incidents, as well as his apparent attack of LexCorp Plaza, Superman had given Sam Lane a reason to intervene. The military tell him he is under arrest, but Superman refuses as the millitary ready their guns.

In The Comics[]

726161-lexcorp 1 large

LexCorp in the comics.

While there's little mention was made of it in Smallville, LexCorp is the "heart" of Lex Luthor's "empire" in the comics.

Originally organized as an aerospace engineering firm, LexCorp has become one of the DC Universe's largest, most diversified multinational corporations. Under the astute - some would say, ruthless - management of its founder Lex Luthor, LexCorp grew and prospered, absorbing scores of smaller businesses.

While still in its original offices on the top floor of Metropolis's famed Daily Planet building, LexCorp made its first acquisitions of two then-struggling airlines, Inter-Continental Airlines and Atlantic Coast Air Systems (since renamed LexAir). As LexCorp subsidiaries, the airlines began to prosper. And when rising profits were threatened by fuel shortages, LexCorp bought out Southwestern Petroleum, now known as LexOil.


Lex greets the citizens of Metropolis from LexCorp's towers.

For a brief period, the Daily Planet itself came under the ownership of LexCorp, but Luthor quickly became disenchanted with what he considered the low profit margins of the newspaper business. He moved LexCorp's offices into a new high-rise building and began buying up downtown properties in preparation for the day when LexCorp would build its own corporate headquarters. LexCorp soon bought out a Metropolis television station and acquired a satellite transmission company, linking both under the corporation's new LexCom subsidiary as SuperStation WLEX. With a potentially worldwide electronic communications out-let under the LexCorp umbrella, Luthor soon sold the Planet, building and all, to TransNational Enterprises.

In time, LexCorp gained controlling interest in no fewer than three banks - the Metropolis Mercantile Bank, Commerce Bank of Metropolis, and First Metro Security - and moved into all the major financial markets, absorbing new holdings worldwide.

By the timeframe of the Alliance Invasion, LexCorp dominated the commerce of the city - and, indeed, of much of the world - from the 96-story L-shaped building which towered above the Metropolis skyline from the eastern tip of the borough of New Troy. It was estimated that LexCorp at its height, either directly or indirectly, employed nearly two-thirds of the city's 11 million people. A majority of local businesses were wholly- or partially-owned subsidiaries of LexCorp. Among those many subsidiaries are such diverse businesses as Advanced Research Laboratories, Secur-Corp Armored Car Service, North American Robotics, Hell's Gate Disposal Services, and the Good Foods Group, owners of Ralli's Family Restaurants and the Koul-Brau Breweries.

In addition to it's many properties in the greater Metropolis area, LexCorp has domestic holdings in Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Gotham City, and Boston. LexCorp currently maintains financial institutions, reseach facilities, refineries, and/or manufacturing plants in a score of countries, including Australia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Union of South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, and the free market of Hong Kong. When CEO Lex Luthor was elected President of the United States, Talia al Ghul took over the company. Following his dismissal as president, he unofficially fired her and took back his place, unaware that she kept a portion of stock from him.

Competitors include Wayne Enterprises, Kord Industries, Queen Industries, and S.T.A.R. Labs.

A year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Lex Luthor has been stripped of his wealth, assets, and businesses and is reduced to living like a vagrant. LexCorp has had its stocks dissolved and sold off to other companies, most notably Wayne Enterprises. Talia Head donated a large portion of its profits to the Wayne Foundation during Superman and Batman's year long absences.

Lana Lang became LexCorp's new CEO following Luthor's public acquittal from criminal charges, although the company seems to be heading towards bankruptcy.

Lana Lang was automatically dismissed from her post of CEO when she attempted to use Team Luthor (a LexCorp security unit) to aid Superman in a battle against the superpowered Atlas; this was in violation of a contractual clause in all LexCorp employment charters forbidding aiding Superman in any way - Lang had not read the fine print.

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