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Lewis Lang (1957-1989) was the legal father of Lana Lang but was not the biological father.

Early life

At some point, Lewis met Laura in a theater in Smallville.[1] He was working in the theater's concession stand at the time.[2]

He later married Laura. At some point, the two briefly separated. Eventually they reconciled while Laura was already pregnant with another man's child, Lana. Lewis and Laura were later killed in the 1989 meteor shower right in front of Lana when she was just 3 years old.

Season Four

Lana has seen visions of her parents on two separate occasions. When she hallucinated her worst nightmare, she had a vision of all of her loved ones dying and leaving her alone, including her parents.

Season Five

A year later, Lana became addicted to the Limbo drug which caused a near-death experience in which she was able to see her deceased parents again. She became addicted to the serum due to the happiness she felt while in their presence.

In the Comics

Professor Lewis Lang and his wife, Sarah and children, Lana and Ronald, moved into a small home next to the Kent family in the suburbs of Smallville. During this time, his toddler daughter became friends with the Kent's adopted son, Clark. Lewis and Sarah spent very little time at home however, as his archaeological research required him to travel all across the globe, excavating ancient ruins. During such trips, the Langs would ask Jonathan and Martha to watch over Lana for them, an act that invariably brought Clark no end of frustration.

On his sojourns, Lewis would occasionally discover the remains of a lost civilization or an ancient artifact that he would bring back home as a souvenir for Lana. He discovered that many of his gifts demonstrated remarkable properties, and it was not uncommon for select artifacts to contain an ancient riddle or curse.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths and the John Byrne reboot, the character was renamed Thomas Lang. Together with his wife, Carol, Thomas was killed by Manhunters, when their daughter was a week old.



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