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Elevator indicator for Level 33.1 in LuthorCorp Plaza.

Entrance to a corridor in a 33.1 facility after its move from LuthorCorp Plaza.

Level 33.1 was a secret floor in LuthorCorp Plaza where Lex Luthor stored and studied metahumans.

Known Captives

Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Vengeance Chronicles
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight

Season Three

In the episode 6x21 Prototype, Lex tells the doctor he has been working on 33.1 for three years, spending a billion dollars. Three years before that was around Season 3's finale, in which Lex has already begun learning of people with powers and was when Lex took Luthorcorp from Lionel, including Lionel's testing and research with Level 3 and other projects. With the new control Lex received, he began 33.1 for what he believed was protecting humanity by studying meteor freaks.

Further, it was revealed in the Vengeance Chronicles that Molly Griggs, whom Lex had met in season's 3 episode Delete and taken into custody promising her "real help", had also been held captive in Level 33.1.

Season Four

After Lionel was imprisoned, Lex took control of Level Three. He moved the headquarters from the Smallville Fertilizer plant to a secret level in the LuthorCorp Plaza skyscraper in Metropolis, between Floors 33 and 34, and changed the name to Level 33.1.

Lex led Mikhail Mxyzptlk to 33.1 in the LuthorCorp Plaza.

Season Five

LuthorCorp's Level Three is what the residents would call "... a nice stay. Gourmet food, satellite TV, and a nifty little green cocktail" placed in the neck three times a day, to boost the powers of metahumans. Tommy Lee and the Twins once resided in Level 33.1, and heard much about Clark Kent, as well as his superhuman feats.

The Vengeance Chronicles

Molly Griggs and her boyfriend Nick Yang were also held in Level 33.1 and subjected to experiments, but they were able to escape. When Lex decided to run for Kansas State Senator in late 2005, he temporarily shut the project down. Presumably, after he lost the election, the project was resumed.

Season Six

LuthorCorp Plaza Level 33.1 decommissioned.

In 2006, it was revealed that Lex was still actively collecting meteor freaks and using Level 33.1 to study and do experiments on them. One patient, Bronson, escaped and tried to expose the project, but it was covered up by Lionel and Bronson was killed by Lex. Different 33.1 facilities were then created outside of LuthorCorp Plaza.

Jed McNally who had developed the ability to burrow underground was also observed in Level 33.1 after he had been overcome by Clark.

The team freeing Bart and destroying the facility.

Oliver Queen, who moonlights as the Green Arrow, is convinced that Lex is planning a war and intends on using the patients of this level as his army. He has assembled a super-powered team to thwart Lex's efforts. When Bart was abducted by Lex and brought to a Level 33.1 facility, the team freed Bart and destroyed the facility.

Lex exploited Tobias Rice who had the ability to spot meteor freaks. People indicated by Tobias as metahumans were abducted, brought to Level 33.1 and scanned. Before they were set free again, they got a GPS chip implanted and their memory back to the point of just before their abduction was deleted. Most of them were later killed, making their deaths look like an accident.

Lex tests his prototype of Level 33.1's Project Ares.

Olivers suspicions were confirmed when he and his team confronted and destroyed at least one subject of the Level 33.1 experiments, a supersoldier that is the result of LuthorCorp's Project Ares, though they barely manage to do so; according to Chloe, it took "the equivalent of a mini-nuke" for them to do so.

The fourth in the series of supersoldier prototypes was Wes Keenan, a former Special Forces US soldier who was deceived into volunteering for the project and designated Mark IV; he was given an amalgam of super powers derived from the experiments on various Level 33.1 prisoners. He was also a product of genetic material harvested from the alien Titan. He was defeated and killed in combat in Prototype.

Season Seven

Since the disastrous events of the escape of Bizarro, Level 33.1's Project Ares has seemingly been put on hold. Claiming to have reformed, Lex Luthor worked with Curtis Knox to help cure Level 33.1's subjects and release them as healthy individuals, albeit with significant memory loss.

Season Eight

Tess discovered that Lex was housing and testing meteor freaks at a new Level 33.1 facility in Black Creek, Montana. (Odyssey)

When Tess Mercer found out about what was going on at Black Creek, she had the facility shut down; the prisoners were tagged and released. (Plastique)


  • After Bizarro's escape, Lex seemed to switch his focus from a supersoldier army to Project Scion (fighting off a future alien invasion) and Project Gemini (human cloning).
  • Lex disappeared in the Arctic Circle in 2008 and LuthorCorp has a new CEO Tess Mercer. Tess used the prisoners from Black Creek to form a team of villains to track down Doomsday.
  • Lex mentions in Prototype that he was working on 33.1 and creating super soldiers for three years which means he started at the end of season 3 when he took over Luthorcorp from Lionel.
  • For some reason, Clark has a tendency to call the project 32.1.[citation needed]

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