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The lead box is a small lead box given to Lex Luthor on his 12th birthday. When no one showed up for Lex's party, he was inconsolable until Lionel presented him with the box. His father claimed it was forged from the armor of St. George, a dragon slayer who put into the box his strength, faith, fears and doubts.

Many years later, Lex presented the box to his new friend Clark Kent in which he had placed Lana Lang's missing meteor rock necklace and encouraged Clark to tell Lana that he had a crush on her. However, Clark realized that in addition to the material being immune to his X-ray vision, lead masked the ill effects of kryptonite radiation from him. He returned the necklace to Lana but kept the box. Clark and his parents keep a large chunk of meteor rock in the box to use in case of an emergency if Clark ever needs to be subdued. Clark also understood, particularly after the events of "Leech", the value of having some Kryptonite on hand if ever encountering a being possessing Kryptonian powers. The box's ability to block radiation appears to extend to other variants of Kryptonite as was demonstrated when it was used to contain a piece of Blue kryptonite.


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Lex's lead box when he gave it Clark.

  • Metamorphosis - Lex gives the box to Clark containing Lana's necklace.
  • Leech - Clark borrows Lana's Kryptonite necklace to defeat Eric who had received Clark's power via a lightning strike. Clark returns the necklace to Lana in the box after successfully getting his powers back.
  • Visage - Lana has not worn the Kryptonite necklace since it was returned to her by the Marines after Whitney disappeared in action. Lana is seen looking at the necklace in the box within a Talon drawer as she talks to Clark.
  • Rush - Pete uses the rock in the box to resist Clark's attempts to take him to the hospital.
  • Red - Jonathan and Pete use the meteor rock inside the box to subdue Kal.
  • Phoenix - Clark takes the box out of its hiding place in the toolbox to use the meteor rock to give Morgan Edge a blood sample.
  • Memoria - Lex undergoes a memory treatment during which he has a vivid flashback of receiving the box on his twelfth birthday.

A rebellious Pete fends Clark off in Rush.

  • Run - Bart Allen finds the box and thinks Clark likes to collect rocks. He later steals it to use against Clark, but has a change of heart.
  • Jinx - In an incident, Clark removes a small Green K shard to make himself 'normal', and misses every shot as a result.
  • Solitude - The box is kept inside the Kent home containing a large piece of meteor rock. Martha uses it relieve the pain from a strange illness cast on her by Brainiac.
  • Progeny - Chloe removes the meteor rock from the box and puts it in Clark's jacket pocket so he can't stop her from leaving town. He is revived when Martha arrives home and puts it back in the box.
  • Bizarro- Bizarro finds the box in Clark's loft and powers up with his emergency meteor rock.
  • Persona - Clark uses the box to protect himself from the chunk of blue kryptonite given to him by Dax-Ur to defeat Bizarro.
  • Arctic - Kara appears to act erratically, so Clark decides to subdue her with the green kryptonite in the lead box. Chloe volunteers to do it for him, but Kara is actually Brainiac and unaffected by kryptonite.
  • Bride - On the day of her wedding, a slightly amnesiac Chloe finds kryptonite in Clark's lead box and considers borrowing it but when Clark arrives and starts to feel the ill side-effects, he encourages her to put it away. Later, a transformed Davis Bloome throws Clark up into his loft, where he knocks upon the lead box and is exposed to kryptonite; an injured Lana Lang drags herself up to the loft to close the lead box and allow Clark to take on Davis in combat.
  • Eternal - A young Lex Luthor opens the lead box in front of a young Davis Bloome, and Davis is hurt by the kryptonite inside of it.


Lionel: This box was forged from the armor of St. George.
Lex: The dragon slayer?
Lionel: According to the legend, St. George was fighting a particularly fierce dragon. The battle between them had raged on for days, and St. George was losing his strength and his faith. So he took a piece of broken armor and he made it into this box. Inside it, he put all of his doubts and his fears. And then he went out to face the dragon again.
Lex: Without any armor?
Lionel: Yah. But when the dragon saw St. George coming to do battle with him again, it hesitated and drew back. And in that moment, St George plunged his sword into the dragon's heart. And it fell dead. So when people are cruel to you, you take all of your fears and your doubts and you put them them in here, in this box. And you lock it. And you'll find that you're stronger than you think you are.
Season Three, Memoria

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