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Lead-shielding kryptonite in the form of a lead box

Lead is a metal on Earth that has powerful anti-kryptonite capabilities.

Powers and Abilities

Protect Kryptonians from kryptonite

Lead can shield Kryptonians from the crippling effects of green kryptonite radiation, and the power suppressing effects of blue kryptonite.

  • Clark Kent currently uses a lead box to store a meteor rock in his house, in case of an emergency if he ever needs to be subdued by a friend or family member.
  • During Clark's battle with Greg Arkin, Clark used lead to protect himself from the meteor rocks throughout the foundry.
  • During Clark's battle with Garrett Davis, he used a lead apron to protect himself from the meteor rock in a bomb.
  • During his battle with Van McNulty, Clark used a lead plate to protect himself from being shot with kryptonite bullets.
  • Clark spilled lead paint over a meteor rock to shield himself from its radiation.
  • Clark used the lead box to protect himself from the effects of blue kryptonite radiation.
  • Clark used his heat vision to superheat lead, which he then put over the kryptonite matrix powering John Corben.
  • Clark explains to Lois that he's put lead in the shield of his new suit to protect himself from being shot with kryptonite bullets.

Protect Humans from Kryptonite

Lead is also used by humans to protect themselves from the potentially harmful effects of kryptonite radiation. Dr. Steven Hamilton was one of the first victims of kryptonite exposure to show negative side effects, which eventually proved fatal to him. In the comics, kryptonite radiation has the same effect as more common radioactive materials; for example, Lex gets cancer after wearing a kryptonite ring.

  • Lex Luthor uses a lead-lined door to shield the kryptonite stored in the Luthor Mansion vault.
  • Level 33.1 used lead-lined rooms to store kryptonite. Chloe noticed the building schematic had several rooms lined with lead, and was able to infer that the building probably contained kryptonite.

Inhibit Kryptonite-inspired Metahuman Powers

  • Alicia Baker is forced by her parents to live in a lead-lined room, to prevent her from teleporting. Later, Clark douses Alicia in lead paint to prevent her from teleporting and allowing her to be captured. As a result, Alicia Baker is also forced to wear a lead bracelet by her doctor, William McBride. The bracelet release small amounts of lead into her blood stream, preventing her from using the kryptonite-inspired teleportation powers she received during the first meteor shower.

Prevent Kryptonian X-ray vision

  • Lead is the only known substance Kryptonians are unable to see through while using X-ray vision. One is to assume that it does this in the same way that a lead apron obstructs X-ray radiation from harming the human body during a scan. For example, Clark Kent is unable to use his X-ray vision to find Jonathan Kent and Roger Nixon when they are trapped underground in a lead-lined crypt. When Lionel traps Clark so he could show Patricia that he's the Traveler, he completely veils and lines the overlooking room with lead so that Clark couldn't possible see through it.

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