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"Lazarus" is the first episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-ninety-seventh episode overall. It aired on September 24, 2010.


Lois finds Clark's lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Chloe is desperate to find Oliver so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark saying that "something dark is coming", and Tess awakens at Cadmus Labs where she discovers that Lex had cloned himself in order to harvest their organs and body parts so he could heal himself after being severely injured.


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Lazarus 0065

Lois finds Clark's body

As the sky above closes after transporting the Kandorians and Zod away, Clark Kent drops from the crow's nest to the ground below as it rains all around him. Lois Lane, seeing him fall, runs to him and unsuccessfully tries to revive him. In his unconscious state, Clark finds himself in a spiritual astral plane of existence:

Lazarus 0090

Clark in limbo

Clark awakens in a cornfield. The sky above him is lit up in a combination of blue/green. Clark makes his way through the cornfield until he comes to the very place where he was strung up in his freshman year. Jor-El begins speaking to him about a great evil coming to Earth and what a poor mistake Clark made in sacrificing himself. Clark begs Jor-El to send him back, but Jor-El doesn't think he should. Opposite from where he became a scarecrow, a tombstone appears with his name on it. Jor-El tells him that is what is left of him, now that he sacrificed himself. Clark again asks Jor-El to send him back to be Earth's hero. Jor-El disappears and Clark sees Lex Luthor dressed in white. Suddenly there is a flash of light...

Lazarus 0315

Lois researches Clark's secret

Lois pulls the blue kryptonite knife out of Clark's body and throws it a great distance away from him, as the sun rises. As Clark starts regaining consciousness, Lois runs off and hides. She watches with delight and relief as Clark rises from the ground. His wounds heal and powers are fully restored by the yellow solar radiation; Lois smiles as she watches him speed off. Meanwhile, at Watchtower, Chloe Sullivan is watching the footage and sees Rick Flag appear who says he is coming after the rest of the team. Chloe takes out a key and gets ready to leave, but is interrupted when Clark arrives. He explains that he died, but was brought back to life. Chloe is startled by this news. After Clark tells her of his experience, he also tells her he believes Lex is the great evil that Jor-El spoke of. Chloe tells Clark that she had kept close tabs of all of Lex's secret facilities, but mentions that anything previous to digital records could be found in the archive room at the Daily Planet.

Lois heads to the Daily Planet, reviewing the archive database of Torch articles and of Clark's heroic deeds in his youth in Smallville (like saving Lana Lang and Pete Ross); she also finally understands why the the Kents were so protective of him. She realizes with a start that she is the last to find out, but turns off the computer just as Clark arrives.

Lazarus 0450

Oliver is being held hostage

Clark is surprised to see her, but she tells him she postponed her flight to Africa, perhaps indefinitely. Clark spots the Blur stories lying around and asks if her decision to stay has anything to do with the Blur, Lois tells him about her kiss with the Blur, and Clark is secretly pleased he made such an impression on her with his alter-ego. When Clark mentions having a deadline on a story, Lois purposely drops her pen and goes under the table to find it, knowing he would super-speed to find what he was looking for. While she's not looking, Clark looks for the file he needs. After he finds it, Lois pretends to find her pen and comes out of hiding; as he leaves, she asks Clark if they could talk later. Clark agrees to meet her that night at the Kent barn, and leaves without noticing the smile on Lois' face.

Lazarus 0417

Chloe puts on the Helmet of Nabu

Clark calls Chloe and asks her to get some information for him about Cadmus Labs, but Chloe tells him she isn't at Watchtower. Instead, she is at the JSA Brownstone headquarters. Clark hears voices in the background and the word "Nabu" to which Chloe hangs up and takes the Helmet of Nabu out of its case. She asks it for Oliver's location and Nabu asks her if she is willing to give up her sanity for him. She agrees and the helmet wraps itself around her head. Clark quickly arrives on the scene to see Chloe lying unconscious, with the helmet beside her.

Meanwhile, Oliver Queen is blindfolded, being held captive and interrogated violently against his will by Rick Flag who attempts to retrieve useful information from him regarding the Blur's connection to the cryptic alien symbols that appeared all over the world's famous monuments when Zod and his battalion of soldiers were declaring war on Earth.

Lazarus 0570

Tess meets Alexander in Cadmus Labs

Tess Mercer wakes up in Cadmus Labs. She sees in her reflection that there is plastic placed over where her burns were. When she removes it, she finds that her face is healed. Unnerved, she leaves the room and comes across several clones of Lex. She stumbles and meets a young boy who calls himself "Alexander Luthor". He tells her that the other clones are his "brothers". Before Lex had died, he cloned himself so he could take what was needed from the clones to regenerate himself. Tess hears a banging coming from behind her and just as Alexander shouts not to open it, she does and an older clone of Lex escapes and attacks her. Tess tells Alexander to run, which he does, and she starts to fight the older clone. He recognizes her from all his original self's memories, but Tess continues to fight him. The clone gets the upper hand and sets the lab on fire, saying there can be only one Lex Luthor.

Clark takes Chloe back to Watchtower, and Emil Hamilton confirms that Chloe is suffering from an overload trauma. Clark tells Chloe that she is the strongest person he knows, when she wakes up and tells him that Oliver was missing, but he will be all right. She tells Clark that she saw Clark being the world's hero and that he wasn't wearing black. Then she told him she'd seen fire when she put on the Helmet of Nabu; Cadmus is on fire. She tells him to go and save it. A moment after Clark has left the tower, with a look of sadness, she bids him farewell.

The Suit

Lois takes a sneak peek at the new suit

Meanwhile, inside Clark's loft at the Kent Farm, Lois views a picture of herself and Clark framed on his desk. She sees the package Martha had left for Clark, and decides to take a quick sneak peek, and is truly delighted to see the new costume with the House of El emblem colorized. When she hears a creaking sound behind her, thinking it is Clark, she quickly places the lid back on the box and turns around to be knocked unconscious by Lex's degenerated clone.

Clark arrives at Cadmus to find the lab in ruins but Tess handcuffed in another room. She explains that she didn't know how she got there, but all of Lex's clones were destroyed by another clone who left her alive to give Clark a message to meet him in Lawson's Field.

Lois regains consciousness and discovers herself strung up as a scarecrow with a red 'S' painted on her shirt in a field. Lex's clone informs her that she is Clark's greatest weakness and attempts to break Clark emotionally by causing her death by setting the field ablaze.

Lazarus 0815

Clark and "Lex" face-off

Clark arrives in Lawson's Field and confronts "Lex" who mocks him for the self-righteous attitude he claims Clark has developed and carried with him ever since Clark's very first rescue of Lex's life on Loeb Bridge. "Lex" tells him that Clark has a great darkness inside of him just like himself. "Lex" also insults the House of El family crest and states that the only reason anyone sees Clark as a hero is because he prides himself in cleaning up the disasters he originally caused. This causes Clark to momentarily lose control of his anger and he begins to choke the life out of his former friend's clone. Clark regains control of his emotions when he notices the blood coming from the clone's nose.

Lazarus 0902

Lois strung up like a scarecrow

"Lex" explains that Clark isn't responsible for his imminent death, but it is only the negative side effects of the accelerated cloning process. Before his death, "Lex" explains he has set into motion two chains of events to cause the world to hate Clark, which would ultimately destroy him emotionally. Clark could choose to save the citizens of Metropolis from the plummeting beacon of hope that was set to fall off due to a time bomb or he could choose to save Lois being crucified surrounded by fire in the very same field that he was strung up in as a scarecrow where Lex had saved his life. "Lex" taunts Clark, saying that he believes he isn't fast enough to save both. As Clark speeds away, the clone dies.

Lazarus 0940

Clark catches the Daily Planet globe

Clark super speeds at maximum velocity to save Lois' life using his speed as a vacuum to disperse the fire surrounding the field and getting Lois to safety. Lois awakens to see that she had been rescued and whisperingly encourages Clark to stop "Lex". As the globe begins to fall, Clark arrives on the scene in Metropolis and super leaps up into the air, catching the globe and guiding it back to the top of the roof with the crowd below cheering him on in appreciation.

Clark returns to his loft, intending to put on the colorized costume, only for the key to activate and transport both himself and the suit to the Fortress of Solitude which has been fully repaired. He informs Jor-El that he felt like he was flying and that he is now the hero he is supposed to be. However, Jor-El tells Clark that he almost took a life and that he is not the hero he wanted him to be. Clark says Jor-El told him he had unfinished business there, involving an evil he had to face. But Jor-El informs Clark the evil that he has to face is himself because the greatest threat Earth will face is coming and it will use Clark as its instrument of destruction. Jor-El explains that the dark force that is coming preys on the "darkness" inside peoples' hearts and uses it to corrupt and control them, and unless Clark rids himself of his faults, such as the arrogance and pride he has displayed recently, then he'd ultimately become Earth's greatest enemy. Jor-El also states that Clark cannot be a beacon of hope as long as there is darkness in his heart. Clark demands to know why did Jor-El send him back, but Jor-El responds that he didn't and that it wasn't his decision to give Clark back his life. Clark defiantly says that Jor-El may not see him as a hero, but the rest of the world does and that his fate is his own. Jor-El becomes disappointed and tells Clark that he regrets that his faith in him has blinded him to the truth, telling Clark he will never be Earth's savior. Jor-El then goes silent and Clark leaves.

In the darkness, Chloe offers herself up in exchange for Oliver's safety without anyone's knowledge. At the Luthor Mansion, Alexander is seen playing with the toy soldiers belonging to Lex, with Tess watching over him like a motherly figure. Lois is seen in the desert, reminiscing over a photo of her and Clark as a happy couple. Meanwhile, back at the Kent farm, Clark reads a letter left by Lois, saying she "couldn't pass up Africa." Clark, saddened by Lois leaving, drops the letter to the ground.

Lazarus 1209

Jonathan comforts Clark

Outside the Kent farm, Clark sees Jonathan Kent who tells him that he is proud of the man his son is becoming. Clark is distressed by knowing that he has the capacity to kill, but Jonathan tells him that the measure of a man is defined by his choices in the face of his trials. He also tells Clark that he could be the greatest hero the world has ever known and that he knows Clark can do it. Furthermore, he tells Clark that he is more than the man he ever wanted him to be and that he can prove Jor-El wrong as he has done in the past, but he also states that Jor-El's prediction about something dark coming to Earth is correct.

Lazarus 1248

Clark's suit frozen in the Fortress until further notice.

Meanwhile, at the crow's nestDarkseid materializes from a cloud of dark smoke, flying into the air. Back in the Fortess of Solitude, Clark's costume is frozen in a solid ice crystal.



Special Guest Stars[]

Guest Starring[]


Featured Music[]

  • "One More Day" - VAST (also featured in the episode Veritas)


  • Lazarus is a name found in two separate contexts in the New Testament. Lazarus of Bethany is the subject of a miracle recounted only in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after Lazarus's death. Another Lazarus appears as a character in Jesus' parable of Lazarus and Dives, or Lazarus and the Rich Man, recorded in the Gospel of Luke.
  • The title refers to Clark being restored to life by Lois after she pulls the blue kryptonite dagger from his chest, Tess was shown dying in Season Nine's finale but she comes back to life in this episode, Lex is restored via cloning.
  • Jonathan also makes a post mortem appearance after dying in Season Five's Reckoning.
  • In Season Three, the Lazarus Serum was a healing serum concocted by Metron Pharmaceutical Labs and made from Clark's blood that gave a deceased human 12 hours of life.
  • In the DC Comics universe, the Batman villain known as Ra's Al Ghul uses a "Lazarus Pit" as an eternal youth source. The Pit has rejuvenating abilities that can restore youth back into the body and make him nearly immortal.


  • Antagonist: LX-13/"Lex Luthor"
  • This is the final season premiere of the series.
  • This is the third season premiere in a row to be directed by Kevin Fair, following Season Eight's Odyssey and Season Nine's Savior.
  • This is the fifth season premiere to follow a previous season finale that ended with the credit, "To be continued". Simultaneously, this is the eighth episode to follow a previous episode that culminated with that expression, making this episode and Salvation an official 2-part story. The other episodes that followed previous episodes that ended with "To be continued" are Vortex, Exodus, Phoenix, Arrival, Vessel, Zod, and Bizarro.
  • Tom Welling (Clark) and Allison Mack (Chloe) are the only cast members to appear in every season premiere.[1]
  • The season 10 premiere is taking place directly after the season 9 finale with no time lapsed between the events of the two episodes. This happened four times before in the series: the first with Tempest/Vortex, second with Commencement/Arrival, third with Vessel/Zod, and fourth with Phantom/Bizarro.
  • This episode marks the introduction of the iconic Superman suit in the Smallville universe.
  • Lois's decision not to tell Clark that she knows his secret and to wait until he tells her is the same advice she gave Chloe in Season Four's Pariah after she found out about his abilities.
  • The one shot that shows Lois's hand turning off the computer is the same shot as Chloe's hand searching a computer in Season Seven's Traveler.
  • Jonathan Kent has not been featured in a season premiere since Season Five's Arrival.
  • Clark, Chloe, Lex and Jonathan are the only main characters to appear in both the first and last premieres of the series.
  • This is the second season premiere in a row to feature Emil Hamilton.
  • This is the first live action appearance of Darkseid although he was only seen as a ghostly mist-like figure resembling his comic book counterpart.
  • Mackenzie Gray (Lex's clone) also played Dr. Alistair Kreig in Season Five's Cyborg.
  • Lex has not been featured in a season premiere since Season Seven's Bizarro.
  • Alexander explains to Tess that he and the other clones were grown to heal their "creator", suggesting Lex intended to harvest clones of himself for their organs and body parts if he was ever severely injured or dying. Since they were able to heal Tess in this way, it also suggests that she has some blood compatibility with Lex which is later shown to be accurate when the later episode Abandoned.
  • Aside from "Alexander" and LX-13, only two other clones were shown: LX-6 and LX-4.
  • According to executive producer Kelly Souders, this episode had two scenes involving Chloe, which were cut due to the episode running over time but these scenes could be used in later episodes in the season.[2]
  • The song "One More Day" by Vast was also featured in Season Seven's Veritas.
  • Interestingly, while Lois reviewed the files of the Torch, she mentioned Pete as if she knew him, although they have never met on screen on the show. Then, when she heard the woosh sound of Clark's super speed, she switched the computer off but her face remained lit for a second, although the computer screen was supposedly off.
  • Ted Whittall (Rick Flag) also played Carter Bowfry in Season Eight's Power.
  • Terence Stamp (Jor-El) and John Schneider (Jonathan) are billed as "Special Guest Stars".
  • Jor-El's warning to Clark that he may be corrupted and turned against mankind by Darkseid is what happened to Superman in the two part Superman: The Animated Series episode "Legacy".
  • The Fortress's crystals, pulse in sync to Jor-El's voice, in this episode.
  • In this episode, the villain creates two simultaneous threats: one to threaten the life of the hero's girlfriend and another one that endangers the health of the entire city. This is a classic theme with superhero movies and comics, where in the villain tries to break the hero with an impossible choice, only to have his plans foiled. This is likely a reference to the first Superman movie in which Lex fires two missiles at once at different targets.
  • It's unknown how Lex's clone quickly found out that Clark is the Blur. It's possible that the original Lex quickly surmised this sometime during Season Eight or Lex's clone may have quickly read some Lois's articles about the Blur from Season Nine or even a combination of both.

In Other Media[]

  • In this episode, Clark catches the falling Daily Planet globe just like Superman does the same in Superman Returns.
  • Darkseid, Rick Flag, and Alexander, considering later revelations as to his character make 76 DC Comics characters adapted into the series.
  • Lois cradling Clark's body as he lies dying at the start of this episode is similar to Superman's famous death scene in Superman (Vol. 2) # 75.
  • Lois leaving Clark temporarily is very similar to her departure in the comics in Superman (Vol. 2) # 118, when Lois leaves Metropolis on a Global quest believing herself to be a hindrance to Clark if she accepts his marriage proposal. Eventually she begins to realize that she can't live without Clark and heads back to Metropolis embracing her destiny as his wife in Superman: The Wedding Album.
  • In the end, it's revealed that Jonathan, not Jor-El, brought Clark back from the dead. This is similar to how Superman returned from his famous death in the comics in The Adventures of Superman # 500, where Jonathan (still alive at the time), had a heart attack and underwent a near death experience where he rescued Clark's soul and brought him back to life.
  • The idea of two threats designed by Lex's clone that Clark has to stop is similar to Superman: The Movie. This is backed up by when Lex comments on how Clark isn't fast enough to stop both threats.
  • When Lois finds Clark's new suit, she says "So much better in technicolor." In Max Fleischer's Superman cartoons from the 1940s, the cartoons always started out with the phrase, "Superman in Techicolor".
  • Actor Ted Whittall also has a role in Suicide Squad, where Joel Kinnaman portrays Rick Flag. Whitall is one of several actors appearing in roles in both the universes of Smallville and the DC Extended Universe, and the first to appear in a production not featuring Superman.


Homage to previous seasons[]

  • Lois pulls a log knife out of Clark's abdomen just like Chloe did with Lois in Season Six's Phantom.
  • Lois strung up as a scarecrow with a red 'S' painted on her shirt by Lex's clone is a deliberate reference of when Clark was made the scarecrow by Whitney and then was rescued by Lex in Season One's Pilot.
  • Clark sees a gaggle of crows upon a scarecrow's post then Lex while in limbo just like in Season One's Pilot when Lex wanders into a cornfield after being distracted by a crow and subsequently stumbles upon Jeremy Creek tied to a scarecrow post prior to the meteor shower.
  • Oliver being kidnapped and tortured by Rick Flag to reveal the events that caused chaos in the world is like when Lex was tortured by Orlando Block after the Dark Thursday in Season Six's Sneeze. Coincidentally, on both occasions, the destruction was caused by Zod and Oliver says that when he buys his satellites' "quality over quantity".
  • Oliver being tortured with electric shocks is similar as when Lex and Jason Teague were tortured by Chinese soldiers in Season Four's Sacred.
  • Rick mentioning that Queen Industries's satellites was the only known satellite being active during Zod's invasion is similar to what was established by Chloe in Season Six's Reunion.
  • Jonathan mentioning Clark contradicting Jor-El about his destination on Earth is a reference to the earlier seasons in which Clark did not trust Jor-El, specifically Season Two's Calling.
  • Clark asking to Jor-El to take him back to life is a reference to Season Five's Hidden in which Jor-El gave him a second chance.
  • Lex's clone planting a bomb on the Daily Planet's roof and giving Clark the choice between saving Lois or the citizens of Metropolis is a reference to what was done by Lex to separate definitively Clark and Lana in Season Eight's Requiem.
  • "Alexander" mentioning the "bad" Lex locked is a reference to Lex fighting his dark side in previous seasons, specifically Season Seven's Fracture and Descent in which a young Alexander is frightened by evil Lex.
  • Tess went through Cadmus guided by "Alexander" (Lex's toddler-like clone) parallels when Clark went through Lex's mind guided by Alexander (Lex's good half) in Season Seven's Fracture.
  • Lois discovers that Clark is the Blur through a kiss which is similar to when she discovered that he'd kissed her before as Green Arrow in Season Six's Hydro. She made that connection a short while later in Season Six's Crimson.


  • The scar on Oliver's chest that Zod gave him in Season Nine's Sacrifice is missing during his interrogation.
  • Lois identifies Pete while looking through the articles of the Torch realizing that he was among the people that knows Clark's secret. Unless it occurred off screen; Pete and Lois never met as Pete departed in Season Three's Forsaken, Lois was not introduced until Season Four's Crusade and Lois was not in Season Seven's Hero when Pete returned for that episode.  Although she would undoubtably be familiar with who Pete is since he is the childhood best friend of both the man she loves and her cousin and would have seen his name in the article.
  • In Season Nine's Salvation, Zod destroyed the console in the Fortress but it is now suddenly restored.
  • Lex's clone identifies Lois as the woman that Clark loves when his original self's last memories should have been of Clark loving Lana.


  • This is the first of Lex's two appearances in Season Ten.
  • Darkseid is seen at the very end of this episode but is only seen in his true form in the series finale.



Chloe: Show me where Oliver is.
Helmet of Nabu: Would you sacrifice your sanity to save the Archer?

Clark: I died to save the world.
Jor-El: Evil never ends. By sacrificing yourself, you have left the humans vulnerable to future threats.
Clark: I left a team of heroes behind to protect them.
Jor-El: You were meant to be Earth's greatest protector. Now, they are about to face the greatest evil without you.
Clark: Then send me back! I know my fate! To step into the light! To be a symbol of hope for them.
Jor-El: I told you to rule with strength, but you chose the martyr's path. What makes you think you deserve a second chance?
Clark: I can do it. I can be their hero!

Chloe: Don't worry. Everything's going to be fine. I saw it. Clark... I saw you, too. You were the hero, and you weren't in black.

Lois: (finds Clark's new suit) So much better in technicolor.

Lois: You know Clark?
"Lex": I saved him that day. Right here on this very spot. And all he did was betray me!
Lois: Lex? What happened to you?
"Lex": I've evolved. And with age comes wisdom. Hmm? You see, Lois, you are his greatest weakness. Or should I say The Blur's greatest weakness. Your death will break him.

Clark: Where's the real Lex?
"Lex": The creator died two years ago. Nasty truck explosion.
Clark: If he's not alive, then why...
"Lex": Why am I? He created us to heal himself. He just didn't live long enough to reap the benefits. You remember this place, don't you? Not far from where we first met.
Clark: The bridge. Yeah, Lex would have died if I hadn't pulled him out of that car.
"Lex": And you never let me forget it. The truth is, by the time you dragged me to shore, something new had crept into your heart -- pride. The most damning of the seven deadly sins. Now you wear that pride on your chest. Right here in that self-righteous symbol. But just beneath it lies the darkness in your heart. Just like me, you are your own worst enemy.
Clark: I'm nothing like you.
"Lex": We're more like brothers than you think. That's why you could never stop me. Because deep down inside, you know you brought death and destruction! The only reason anyone ever calls you a hero is because you clean up the disasters you unleash.

"Lex": I am dying, Clark. But don't flatter yourself, you didn't do it. I'm just sorry that this mutated body won't last long enough to see the world turn on you.
Clark: What did you do?
"Lex": There's an explosion rocking the roof of the Daily Planet. You can stop the beacon from plummeting into the rush hour traffic, or you can save the woman you love.
Clark: Lois. Where is she?
"Lex": Even you aren't fast enough to save both. Today, the world will finally lose faith in its heretic hero! And it will destroy you.
Clark: Where is she?!
"Lex": Where I first saved you.

Clark: Sometimes I think it would be easier if you were here.
Jonathan: Not a day goes by, Clark, when I don't regret not being able to be right here for you. I would do anything, I would give anything to able to get a second chance to get it right. You got that second chance, son. You could be the greatest hero the world has ever known.
Clark: Not according to Jor-El.
Jonathan: Well, then, do what you do best. Prove him wrong. Jor-El was right about one thing. Something dark is coming. You're gonna be tested. It's not gonna be easy, son. But I have faith in you.

Clark: I defeated Lex. I refused to let him win. And I pushed myself harder than I ever have before. For a second, I thought I was flying. But I saved everyone, I don't know how but I saved them all. I've finally become the hero you sent me here to be.
Jor-El: Pride... vanity... you almost took a man's life and you dare tell me you are following the path that I set out for you?
Clark: You told me that I have unfinished business. An evil here that I had to face! And Lex...!
Jor-El: The evil is you, Kal-El. The greatest threat Earth will face is coming. It preys on wavering souls like yours. Once this darkness consumes you, you will be Earth's greatest enemy.
Clark: That's not my fate.
Jor-El: You cannot be a beacon of hope when you have darkness in your heart.
Clark: Then why did you send me back? Why did you give me a second chance?!
Jor-El: I didn't. It was not my decision to give you back your life.
Clark: You may not see me as a hero. But the rest of the world does! And I decide my fate!
Jor-El: I regret as a father, my faith in you blinded me to the truth. You will never be Earth's savior.

"Lex": And would I might endure his agony, as well as mine, Scarlett Letter... Of course the letter is a mark of shame, least it was when I found Clark tied to that post 10 years ago.

Rick Flag: Your satellite was tracking them -- symbols that looked just like The Blur's, which makes him the person of interest. But what's your connection to all this?
Oliver: Man, I told you. You got this whole thing wrong, okay? I'm what you call a good guy here! I'm not guilty of anything here except trying to save the world! All right? And I would tell you who from but I don't think you'd believe me.
Rick Flag: Try me.
Oliver: These little green guys from outer space. (laughs)


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