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Dr. Lawrence Grady is the father of Kevin and Dillon. He worked as a physician in the memory department of the Summerholt Neurological Institute.

Early life

Lawrence and Kevin after Lawrence had shot Dillon.

Lawrence Grady lived in Smallville together with his two sons Kevin and Dillon. One day, on a hunting trip with his sons, he accidentally shot and killed Dillon.

In order to prevent the truth from being known, Lawrence took Kevin to Summerholt, tied him up and connected him to a medical equipment. Although Kevin repeatedly asserted that he knew that it had been an accident and that he would not tell anyone what happened, his father subjected him to a memory alteration treatment in order to make him believe that he had killed his brother. The torturous and agonizing treatments were videotaped. The treatments had the side effect that Kevin achieved the ability to emit from his fingertips a flash of green light that could erase a short period of a person's memory.

Season Four

Lawrence talking to Kevin at home

One day, Lawrence returned home and found Kevin who had succeeded in escaping from Summerholt and was packing his bag in order to leave Smallville forever. Lawrence argued that the therapy was not yet finished, but Kevin said the therapy would not help him to forget that he had killed his brother. He then erased Lawrence's memory and left the house.

Immediately thereafter, Lois and Clark rang the bell and asked for Kevin. Lawrence told them that Kevin was out of town. Chloe had seen Dr. Grady's parking pass of the Summerholt Institute in his car and asked whether Kevin was undergoing some treatment at Summerholt. Lawrence then told them that Kevin was treated at Summerholt to make him forget that he had killed his brother.

Lawrence attacked by Kevin at Summerholt

Later at the Summerholt Institute, Lawrence found Chloe searching his computer and captured her. He tied her up and connected her to the same medical equipment. as he had done with Kevin. When he prepared to erase her memories, Kevin entered the laboratory, confronted him about his lies and attacked him. Lawrence pushed by him away so that he fell over a table and banged his head against an edge what rendered him temporarily unconscious.

When Lawrence finally started the procedure, Clark came into the laboratory and intercepted the beam that was intended to erase Chloe's memories. Clark thereby got his own memories back, but overloaded the machinery so that it collapsed. Lawrence was hit and knocked out by a green beam of energy emitted from some bursting machine parts. After Clark had freed Chloe, Dr. Grady was taken into custody by the police.



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