Dr. Lawrence Garner was Chief Neurologist, founder and administrator of the Summerholt Institute.

Dr. Garner was known to be controversial and operated on the fringes of acceptable medical practices. He experimented on his patients with little ethical constraints and highly questionable motives. However, his malevolent treatments backfired and brought his evil experiments to an end. He kidnapped Clark Kent and placed him in his memory-treatment tank full of meteor rock liquid. He was electrocuted by his own contraption and is currently in a coma at Metropolis General Hospital.


Ryan James


Ryan James

Dr. Garner obtained legal custody of psychic child Ryan James, offering to pay his medical bills. He experimented on Ryan's telepathic abilities with seemingly little regard for Ryan's comfort or health. When Ryan escaped to the safety of the Kents, Dr. Garner took legal action to get him back. With Lex Luthor's help, the Kents were able to keep custody of Ryan until his death shortly after his escape.

Molly Griggs


Molly Griggs

Molly Griggs was an engineering prodigy and claimed that Dr. Garner helped her adjust to her abilities and function in society. Dr. Garner used her computer skills for his own purposes and the two eventually became romantically involved. He encouraged her creation of a mind-control program and e-mail messages designed to hypnotize the recipient. Molly messaged to Chloe's friends instructing them to kill her in order to stop the publication of a scathing article that Chloe began writing after learning about Ryan James. Molly was successful in her attempt to have Chloe's editor, Max Taylor killed.

Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor approached Molly and successfully convinced her to leave Dr. Garner. He paid for her to receive effective care and then blackmailed Dr. Garner into helping him recover lost memories. Dr. Garner fashioned a treatment which involved submersion into a tank filled with a meteor rock liquid. The treatments proved to be dangerous and Lionel Luthor undermined Lex by striking a deal with Dr. Garner to stop treating Lex in exchange for Clark Kent. Although Lex's treatments were stopped before he regained the seven weeks preceding his shock therapy, he successfully recovered a repressed childhood memory of his brother's death.

Clark Kent

When Clark was placed in the tank, he reacted violently to the liquid. The equipment shorted out and exploded and Dr. Garner was electrocuted into a coma.

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