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Laura Queen was the mother of Oliver Queen and wife of Robert Queen. She was also a smaller member of the Veritas Society. (Veritas) She and her husband Robert died when their plane was sabotaged after they opposed Lionel Luthor's wish to control the Traveler.

After Robert was given a key by Virgil Swann that holds a key to the Traveler, Laura and her husband boarded a plane to meet an influential diplomat, but their plane was sabotaged by Lionel Luthor and crashed, killing the couple on October 14, 1989. Lionel had the key recovered after it crashed.

Oliver Queen Chronicles

Robert Queen doted on his only son and was the first to present him with a bow and arrow, which Oliver was initially uninterested in. Oliver complain to his mother that her and his father never were there to him, always traveling. Moira says that this flight is different and they need to go. Robert and Moira (the real name of Oliver's mother) boarded a plane to meet an influential diplomat, but their plane was sabotaged by Lionel Luthor and crashed, killing the couple on October 14, 1989.

Almost ten years later, his son Oliver was stranded on a remote island after his yacht crew mutinied and left him to die. Curiously, Oliver learned that the island was the same location of his parents' plane crash. He discovered their remains and recovered from the site his parents wedding rings and a note of his mother, Moira, had written to him before the crash.

In the comics

Moira Queen as she appears in the comics.

In the comics the mother of Oliver Queen is named Moira.

Moira's marriage to Robert Queen was anything but smooth sailing, as she would come to recognize her husband's various affairs. She never let on to her son Ollie that there were any problems, trying to remain strong for him. Her life would tragically be cut short while on a family trip to Africa where a pride of lions killed her and Robert, in front of Ollie's eyes. This event would prove pivotal in Ollie creating the mantle of Green Arrow.

With Ollie being exiled from Star City after the murder of Prometheus, he takes refuge in the mysterious forest created by the Entity during Brightest Day. Among many mysteries of the forest, one day Ollie finds a mysterious woman walking through his forest. He confronts the woman and comes to find that it is the ghost of his mother, Moira. Moira tries to comfort her son, and encourages him not to push away those he loves. She reminds Ollie that despite all that has happened, when all is said and done, he's a good man, needs to forgive himself, and needs to start believing in himself. With Ollie making peace with his mother, she disappears back into the mysterious forest.

In the New 52, Moira Queen appears during the Zero Year storyline. Moira visits Gotham City during an EMP blackout so she can help. She is insistent on remaining in Gotham, despite warnings from her head of security John Diggle that the city was becoming a war zone. John's attempts to convince her were cut short suddenly by an explosion that blew out all of the windows in the shelter they were at. Moira has been targeted by a terrorist, known as Killer Moth, who was attracted by the knowledge that Moira Queen is rich. Eventually she was saved by Batman and her son Oliver Queen, who had just returned from the island. Rushing to his mother's side, Oliver claimed that he had been sent by Walter Emerson to get her home, hiding his identity from her with a heavy green hood. Assured that she was alright, Diggle dragged Moira away with the knowledge that this hooded man would watch their backs. When the Moth man finally collapsed, Batman turned to Moira and promised that he could get her out of the city. She chose instead to go with the hooded man, seemingly aware that he was her son. After Batman had left, she tugged the hood from his face, and tearfully confirmed her suspicion that her son had come back alive.


  • In the comics, the name of Oliver Queen's mother is Moira Queen. The name of Moira was also used on the Oliver Queen Chronicles. On Smallville, her name was changed to Laura for unknown reasons.

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