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Lewis and Laura Lang, mere seconds before their death.

"Yeah, and what if your biological father comes back into the picture? Which family do you claim?"Lana Lang, Rosetta

The Langs are a family in Smallville who were devastated during the 1989 meteor shower, leaving behind only a non-blood descendant Lana Lang.

Known Members

The Langs

  • Lewis Lang was the husband of Laura Lang, and the legal father of Lana Lang. He was killed along with his wife during the 1989 meteor shower.
  • Laura Lang (née Potter) was the wife of Lewis Lang, and mother of Lana Lang. She was killed along with her husband during the 1989 meteor shower. She is a descendent of the 17th century French witch-countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux.
  • Lana Lang is the orphaned daughter of Laura Lang through an extramarital affair with Henry Small, and the legal daughter of Lewis Lang. Like her mother and aunt, Lana is a descendent of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, who possessed her briefly from late 2014 to early 2005.

Extended relatives

  • The Potter family is the maternal family of Lana Lang, who ran a horse ranch adjacent to the Kent family farm until late 2002.
    • Nell Potter is the younger sister of Laura Lang, and the aunt and legal guardian of Lana Lang. She was an ex-girlfriend of Jonathan Kent in high school, and later married insurance adjuster Dean Winters and moved to Metropolis in 2002. Along with her sister Laura and niece Lana, she is a descendent of the 17th century French witch-countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux.
    • Margaret Isobel Thoreaux was a French countess and aristocrat witch who was condemned to death by burning in the early 17th century. She was a distant ancestor to the Potter family, though unclear whether through the paternal or the maternal line.

Henry Small and Lana Lang.

  • The Small family is a prominent local family from whom the town of Smallville got its namesake. The Smalls are blood relatives to the only known surviving member of the Lang family, Lana Lang, who is the de jure daughter of Lewis Lang but in reality is an illegitimate daughter of Henry Small.
    • Henry Small is the biological father of Lana Lang through an extramarital affair with Laura Lang. He was a high-profile lawyer before losing a career-ending case against Lionel Luthor.
    • Jennifer Small is the wife of Henry Small, and mother of two of his children Tyler and Kaitlyn Small.
    • Tyler Small is the son of Henry and Jennifer Small, brother to Kaitlyn Small, and younger half-brother of Lana Lang.
    • Kaitlyn Small is the daughter of Henry and Jennifer Small, sister to Tyler Small, and younger half-sister of Lana Lang.
    • Ezra Small was the founder of Smallville, and ancestor to Henry Small, Tyler Small, Kaitlyn Small and Lana Lang.
  • The McCallum family is a local family in Smallville related to the Potters by marriage
    • Louise McCallum was the late aunt of Laura Lang and Nell Potter, and the great-aunt of Lana Lang.
    • Dex McCallum is the widower and wrongfully convicted husband of the late Louise McCallum.
    • An unnamed man who was the father of Louise McCallum, grandfather of Nell Potter and Laura Lang, and great-grandfather of Lana Lang.
  • The Luthor family is an affluent and influential upper-class family from Metropolis who control the powerful LuthorCorp business empire. Lana Lang briefly married into the Luthors in 2007.
    • Lex Luthor was the ex-husband of Lana Lang after tricking her into marriage with an faked pregnancy. Their marriage ended in divorce[1] after Lana unsuccessfully tried to incriminate Lex by faking her own murder.
    • Lionel Luthor was the father of Lex Luthor, and the ex-father-in-law of Lang Lang. He was the patriarch of the Luthor family and the founder and ex-CEO of LuthorCorp.
    • Model 503 was a vegetative genetic clone of Lana Lang from Lex's Project Ares, which she used to fake her own murder.

Other Associates

  • The Sullivan family is a middle-class family who unofficially fostered Lana Lang for nearly two years after her aunt Nell moved away in 2002.
    • Chloe Sullivan is Lang Lang's best friend, confidant and wedding bridesmaid.
    • Gabe Sullivan was Chloe's father, and the de facto guardian of Lana Lang when she lived with the Sullivans from 2002 to 2004

Other Realities

  • Alexander "Alex" Luthor, Jr. was the son of Lana Lang and Lex Luthor, and the brother of Lily Luthor, in an alternate future.[2]
  • Lillian "Lily" Luthor was the daughter of Lana Lang and Lana Lang, and the sister of Alex Luthor, in an alternate future.[2]
  • Pierre Rousseau was the husband of Lana Lang and father of her two children in an alternate universe.[3]



The Lang family came to Smallville in 1938 and bought several farms. According to Harry Volk, they were smart entrepeneurs and knew a bargain whenever they saw one.[4] Lewis Lang was born 19 years later. As an adult, Lewis married Laura Potter, and had a beloved daughter named Lana in 1986,[5] however it was later revealed in 2002 that Lewis was not the girl's biological father.[6] Both Laura and Lewis were killed in 1989 by a meteor shower that devastated Smallville,[5] leaving the orphaned Lana to be cared and raised by Laura's sister Nell. A piece of the meteor rock that killed Lewis and Laura was kept and made into a necklace, which Lana wore full-time to commemorate her parents.

Lana grew up on Nell's horse ranch, next door to the farm of Jonathan and Martha Kent, whose adopted son Clark had a long crush on her since age 7. She attended the local Smallville High School, became a Crows cheerleader and dated star quarterback Whitney Fordman, but quitted after being angry at Whitney's indifferent attitude to his teammates committing group-cheating (instigated by their coach) during the midterm math exam. After quitting the cheerleader squad, Lana went to purchase the Talon theater with investment help from young billionaire Lex Luthor, and converted it into a successful coffeehouse. After Whitney graduated and left Smallville to join the United States Marine Corps, Lana started a budding relationship with Clark, and became a very close friend with Clark's friend Chloe Sullivan. After Nell got married and moved out of Smallville in 2002, Lana stayed with Chloe's family for nearly two years. She went to Paris temporarily to study arts in 2004, where she met and dated an American college student named Jason Teague, who followed her back to Smallville and acquired an assistant coach job at her school. The relationship ended after Lex exposed the scheme of Jason and his mother Genevieve, who both died later in 2005 leading up the second meteor shower.

After graduating high school, Lana rekindled her romance with Clark, and the two consummated their virginities to each other. However, their relationship soured after the sorrowful death of Clark's father Jonathan, allowing Lex to exploit the situation and won over Lana's affection. After Lana apparently fell pregnant, she married Lex in 2007, but the marriage ended in divorce within months after her pregnancy was revealed to be biochemically faked by Lex.[7][8] Lana subsequently collaborated with Lex's estranged father Lionel and faked her own murder to frame Lex. Despite Lex prevailing over the charges and discovered Lana's whereabout, he forgave Lana and agreed with the divorce. Lana later used the large amount of settlement money to establish the Isis Foundation, which she used to surveillance Lex's activities under the guise of a meteor infection charity organization. She rekindled her relationship with Clark and lived in the Kent house, until she was abducted and forced into exile by Lex's protégé Tess Mercer. After finally reappearing, Lana convinced LuthorCorp scientist Edward Groll to install the Project Prometheus nanosuit into her, gifting her with superpowers. However, she had to leave Smallville forever after being forced to absorb the blast of a kryptonite bomb planted by Lex, in order to protect Clark.


The full history of the Potter family is unknown, though they have French ancestry.[9] Their ancestor, Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, was a French aristocrat who quested for the Stones of Power, for which she was burned as a witch in 1604 by the order of Duchess Gertrude,[10] though she managed to cast an enchantment before her execution. Isobel's descendants moved to the America and eventually assumed the new surname Potter and eventually settled in the town of Smallville. Prior to 1961, one of the daughters, Louise, married Dex McCallum, but their marriage ended in tragedy with the murder of Louise in 1961.[11] Louise had a sibling,[11] who had two daughters, Laura and Nell. Laura went on to marry Lewis Lang and had a daughter named Lana. After both Laura and Lewis were killed by the 1989 meteor shower, Lana was adopted and raised by her aunt Nell on the Potter Ranch. Nell sold the ranch and moved to Metropolis after marrying Dean Winters in 2002.[12]

The spirit of the Potters' ancestor Isobel Thoreaux was resurrected in 2004, when Lana Lang visited a Parisan crypt and unknowingly triggered Isobel's spell. After Lana purchased and touch the Isobel's spell book, Isobel's spirit possessed her body. Isobel then summoned the spirits of her old accomplices Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge, and attempted to resume her quest for the Stones of Power, but was stopped by Clark Kent. Isobel's spirit remained hidden in Lana, emerging twice more when Lana's life was at danger, and finally left after exacting her centuries-long revenge upon Duchess Gertrude by killing Gertrude's descendant Genevieve Teague.


The very first family of Smallville, Ezra Small founded the town, which was named after him. His descendant, Henry Small, had a short-lived relationship in 1985 with Laura Lang, who at the time was separated from but still married to Lewis Lang. Henry later married Jennifer and had two children: Tyler and Kaitlyn. In 2002, Henry learned that his past affair with Laura had resulted in a daughter Lana, with whom he had attempted to bond.[13] However, Jennifer soon filed for divorce.

In the Comics

The Lang family first appeared in Superboy #10 (October, 1950). Lana's parents were Lewis and Sarah Lang, the former was an archeologist. Lana had several brothers, including Ronald Lang, who first appeared in Adventure Comics #168 (September, 1951). As an adult, Lana married an unnamed man, with whom she had a son. Their son died, and Lana's marriage ended in divorce.[14]

Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lana's parents were renamed Thomas and Carol Lang. The two were killed, when Lana Lang was a newborn, and first appeared in World of Smallville #3 (June, 1988). Lana was raised by Helen Lang, the sister of Thomas, who first appeared in The Man of Steel #6 (December, 1986). Lana went on the marry Pete Ross, whom she later divorced. With Pete Ross, Lana had a son, Clark Peter Ross. Clark Peter Ross first appeared in Superman: The Doomsday Wars #1 (November, 1998).

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