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Lana Lang and Whitney Fordman had a relationship that lasted during Lana's freshman year of high school.

Their relationship was known as Whitana by fans.[citation needed]

Season One

Lana and Whitney, the King and Queen of the dance

Lana and Whitney began their relationship through the typical story of the football star and the cheerleader. They dated for most of his senior year at Smallville High and when Lana started to forge a friendship with her lifelong neighbor Clark Kent, who had always been in love with her, Whitney came in great uncertainty because he saw Clark as a potential rival for the affections of Lana.

Lana continued dating Whitney but their relationship was pierced by a crisis due to lack of communication which began to be forged between the two. Whitney hidden of Lana the disease of his father for several weeks because doesn't want to talk to her about it because she has already suffered through the deaths of her own parents and when he lost his scholarship to Kansas State, he did not tell Lana and seek refuge in vandalism activities to try to find a way out of his mild depression. Although Lana was disturbed by the lies, she gave him support and understanding in both occasions.

Whitney sees a "new" Lana

As time passed, Lana began to be more attracted to Clark and realized that her relationship with Whitney was not what she wanted and slowly began to distance herself from him. Lana keep her truth feelings for Whitney in secret for a long time until under the influence of the Nicodemus flower, her inhibitions gone and broke up with him. However, she took him back after she was cured because felt a moral obligation with him for the crisis that he was going through.

Lana realized that what she was doing to Whitney was not fair to him and planned to break up with him but just when was prepared to do it, didn't get the chance because Whitney's father passed away. Lana attended the funeral by Whitney's side, but she seemed conflicted as to if she wanted to be with Whitney or Clark.

Lana and Whitney in their last moments

Lana helped Whitney to get through the hard time that he had to live and shocked by the sensitivity of Whitney, brought back to her the old feelings that she possessed for him. Whitney asked Lana to be his date at the spring formal, but, their happiness was short because suddenly he enlisted in the Marine Corps and had to ship out before the dance started. He asked Lana if she will wait for him but she doesn't know how to answer. In the last moment, Whitney realized that his relationship with Lana didn't allow for more and tried to talk about it but Lana didn't let him. Before he left, Lana gave Whitney her meteorite necklace for luck and Whitney promised that he would always love her.

Season Two

Lana remained in contact with Whitney through video letters, but when she realized that they could not continue in these way, admitted to Clark that she was going to tell Whitney the truth, breaking up with Whitney through a video letter. Lana felt bad at first but little by little she was overcame it.

Lana is happy to see "Whitney" again

Months later, Lana admitted that she was scared because Whitney has been missing for over a month and the military sent back his personal effects, including her meteor rock necklace. She was surprised when Whitney returned to Smallville, saying that he came back only for her. Lana realized he never got the video she made and when Whitney said that some of his memories are gone, Lana did not tell him what the video letter said. Whitney proposed to Lana and she was overwhelmed and finally confessed that she broke up with Whitney while he was gone. Lana was shocked to learn that it was not the real Whitney but rather was Tina Greer posing as him and then was devastated to learn that the real Whitney had died in action.


  • Whitney was Lana's first known boyfriend.
  • Whitney was Lana's first of two boyfriends to die in the series. The second was Jason Teague.
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