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Lois and Lana

The relationship between Lana Lang and Lois Lane started off as a friendship, but later become an opposition as Lois' feelings for Clark Kent began to surface.

Season Four

Lana and Lois meet for first time

Lana and Lois first met when Lana helped Lois against a metal-morphing assassin at Chloe Sullivan's supposed gravesite. After the assassin was gone, Lana assumed that he had been digging up Chloe's grave, but Lois informed her that she in fact was the one to dig up the grave. Lois told Lana that Chloe was her cousin. They then headed to the Kent Farm and met up with Clark Kent. Lana had told Lois that she "had a hot summer fling" and Lois repeated that in front of Clark. She was surprised to discover that Clark and Lana once were in a romantic relationship. Both Clark and Lana explained that it was complicated. Lana later asked Clark if he and Lois were in a relationship, and he stated that they were just friends.

Chloe, Lana and Lois possessed by Madelyn, Margaret and Brianna respectively

Lana and Lois were planning Chloe's surprise birthday party. Lois and Chloe showed up at Lana's apartment, where they found her doing a strange chemistry experiment, making some sort of potion. Lois noticed Lana's behavior and reminds her that it's her job to keep Chloe busy until the party. Unbeknownst to Lois, Lana had become possessed by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux. Lana/Isobel, preoccupied with her ingredient list, waved Lois off. The next ingredient on the list was the "hair of two virgins." She took a hair out of her own head, then one from Lois. Lois' turned out to be unacceptable. Lois thought is was strange that Lana plucked a hair of hers and Lana/Isobel made up the excuse that it was gray. Chloe and Lois found Lana/Isobel in the woods assembling her potion. Isobel convinced them to drink a toast. When they do, they became possessed by Isobel's fellow witches, Madelyn (Chloe) and Brianna (Lois). Once the witches possessed their hosts they continued their quest for the Stones of Power. Clark managed to exorcise them by burning Isobel's spellbook with his heat vision. Lana, Chloe, and Lois were all confused as what had happened after waking up, but alright.

Lois and Chloe were entertaining Lana and her boyfriend, Jason Teague at karaoke night at the Talon, belting out their best version of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll". Things seemed to be going smoothly until Clark showed up with his girlfriend,

Lois encourages Clark to dance with Lana

Alicia Baker, who had tried to kill Lana before. Lana and Jason openly expressed their disgust for Alicia and Lois appeared to agree with them. Later Lana was later attacked by an unknown assailant and Lois again agreed with Jason and Lana that Alicia had done it.

While possessed by Dawn Stiles, Lois ended up becoming Clark's date at his senior prom but encouraged Clark to dance with Lana when she saw that she had arrived.

Season Five

Lana and Lois discuss Clark

Clark bumped into Lois with some flowers for Lana while at Smallville Medical Center. Lois teased Clark by pretending that she thought the flowers were for her; nevertheless, she finally directed him to Lana's room and encouraged them to reignite their relationship.

Clark and Lana were at a summer beach party at Crater Lake as Lois and Chloe arrived on the scene. Lois later began seeing Arthur Curry after he rescued her from drowning and she and Lana both admired him at the Talon as he drank lots of water. Clark frustrated Lois by interfering with her new relationship with A.C. and she confided in Lana and wondered how Lana ever put up with him.

Lana confided in Lois after Clark revealed his secret to her and proposed to her inside the Fortress of Solitude deciding what to do. Lana often found Lois's perspective refreshing, as when she confided in Chloe, she was also close to Clark, whereas Lois was impartial. Lois insisted that Clark was a good catch and hoped she would one day end up with a man as honorable as Clark. With Lana became engaged to Clark. However time was rewritten by Clark as Lana ended up dying and he wanted to prevent her from dying again. So Lana and Lois did not have this conversation the second time around.

Lois found Clark making out with a girl in the alley of the Talon. She asked him what he was doing and Clark introduced the girl Simone as his new girlfriend. Lois told Chloe about what she saw but Chloe is skeptical. She thought something else was going on and asked Lois not to say anything to Lana until she found out what it was. Lana then arrived in the middle of the conversation and Lois and Chloe cover and not say anything. Just then, Lana received a call from Clark saying he needed to talk to her. She left in a hurry and Lois was clearly concerned. Lois later learned from Chloe that Simone had Clark under a hypnotic trance using a gem she stole from her father. Lois was concerned for Lana's feelings and considered her to be her friend and did everything she could to break Clark out of Simone's hypnotic trance.

Lois finds out Lana is dating Lex

Lois was surprised to learn that Lana had began dating Lex Luthor. Lois ran into Lana at the Talon and correctly guessed that she was buying coffee for Lex even though Lana tried to deny it. Lois offered an ear for Lana. They winded up having a three-hour conversation on the status of her and Lex's relationship.

Season Six

Both couples meet at the ball

Lana and Lois continued to run into each other as Lois began to date Lex's longtime rival Oliver Queen. Both girls were able to see and sense the animosity between Oliver and Lex. As a result, Lois was Oliver's date at Lex's charity ball following the events of Dark Thursday. Soon afterwards Lex, Lana, Lois, and Oliver all attended the reunion at Excelsior Academy, where Ollie's childhood friends were also present. Alden, Ollie's friend, mentioned that everybody was present except for Duncan, and both girls wondered who Duncan was as Oliver became annoyed. Alden was then suddenly killed when a statue's sword fell off the roof and impaled him in front of everyone. At the mansion, Lana and Lex were later attacked in a similiar manner but had a near miss. Lois arrived at the hospital just as Lex denied Clark the opportunity to see Lana. Clark admitted that he's hurt Lana more than anyone and Lois told him to quit feeling guilty and suggested that Lana probably wasn't the target. She revealed that two of Oliver's schoolmates had died as well and it was all probably related to a kid named Duncan, but that Ollie wouldn't tell her anything.

A Red-K Lois tells "Clark" she is his future

Lois and Clark crashed Lex and Lana's engagement party while both under the influence of red kryptonite. While there, Clark made bashing speeches to everyone,then preceeded to take Lana away. Lois was later reverted back to her normal self thanks to an anti-love potion provided by Jimmy Olsen. Afterwards, she didn't remember anything that happened.

Clark came to talk to Lana about Project Ares as Lois was in danger because of it and Lana, seemingly concerned, gave Clark as much information as she could.

Season Seven

An irritated Lana knocks Lois down

Lois and Lana rarely crossed paths with each other after Lana returned from China to be with Clark. One night, a super-powered Lana arrived at the Daily Planet and interrupted an exchange between Lois and her editor, Grant Gabriel. Lana, seeking revenge against Lex, wanted Grant to publish a story in the Daily Planet that exposed Lex's latest secret project, and when Grant refused, Lana started to choke him. When Lois stepped in to intervene, Lana kicked her across the room and through a glass door, knocking her out. Later, when Clark and Chloe arrived at the hospital to check on Lois, Clark admitted to Chloe that Lana would never intentionally do anything to hurt Lois, coming to the conclusion that Lana's powers were affecting her judgment. Although Lana was later recovered from her ordeal, she never apologized to Lois for her actions.

After Lana's encounter with Brainiac left her comatose, Lois struggled to find the right words to comfort Clark, and admitted to him that she simply wanted to say something that would make everything all right. Instead, Lois offered to take him out for drinks so that he could temporarily forget his troubles.

Lois comforts Clark after Lana says goodbye

When Clark went to check on Lana after defeating Brainiac, he found that she had left him a DVD. Back at the farm, Clark watched as Lana had made a video recording of herself, telling him that the world needed him more than she did and that she was what was holding him back, just as Lois quietly let herself enter the room. Lana asked Clark to not come after her and assured him that she loved him more than he would ever know. At this Clark turned around to see Lois. Trying to be strong, he hesitated, but Lois ran towards him with a friendly embrace, offering Clark a sincere shoulder to cry on.

Season Eight

After Lana's departure, Clark decided to take steps to move on with his life, starting with a job at the Daily Planet, working side-by-side with Lois. Throughout the next couple of months, Clark and Lois landed in precarious situations together, both finding themselves attracted to each other but unsure of how to act. Finally, at Chloe's wedding, the two shared a slow dance and almost kissed, but were interrupted by the arrival of Lana. Lois was clearly upset and disappointed. Oliver talked to Lois about her growing feelings for Clark, with Oliver assuring her that Clark needed her.

After Doomsday attacked and kidnapped Chloe, Lana and the majority of guests were taken to Smallville Medical Center. There, Lois confided in Clark how worried she was about Chloe and Jimmy, who had been gravely injured in the attack. Lois then told Clark that she planned to follow Jimmy to Star city where he would get better care, and planned to stay with him until she heard from Chloe. Lois only returned to town after Lana had already left.

Season Ten

Lois holding Lana's badge

Together, Clark and Lois attended the five-year homecoming reunion at Smallville High. Lois was nervous at the thought that Lana might show up to the reunion, due to the history she had with Clark, but was able to breathe a sigh of relief once Clark told her that Lana wasn't coming.

Season Eleven

Lana saves Lois.

Years later, Lois accepts an assignment to Africa to investigate mysterious reports surrounding a vigilante, known as Angel of the Plateau. Lois gets a ride with a UN caravan vehicle transportation escort through Tinasha, where she gets to ask questions to the soldiers about the vigilante "Angel of the Plateau" who they see to think this vigilante is doing more harm than good for the local tribes and children. The caravan is suddenly caught under fire by the local terrorist cell loyal to the warlord of the regime who fire RPG weaponry at the UN transport. Lois is caught in the crossfire but manages to find protection under one of the turned over vehicles, just as an incoming missile hit the same vehicle, just as they flew above her head about to crash upon her, Lois is saved by a "red-blue blur". Lois assumes it is Clark and proceeds to thank him until she make a shocking discovery that her rescuer is Lana Lang.

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