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"I know what I need to do with my life now. Life is so precious, so beautiful and to be able to protect that, that's an amazing gift."
— Lana Lang, Requiem

Lana Lang is Clark Kent's first love interest and Lex Luthor's ex-wife as well as a vigilante fighting to preserve life, as well as protect and defend those around her. Previously, Lana founded and managed the Isis Foundation, a non-profit devoted to helping meteor-infected metahumans, as well as also led the renovation of the Talon coffee shop.

Lana's biological parents are Laura Lang and Henry Small, her legal father was Lewis Lang. Lana was adopted and raised by her aunt Nell Potter, following the deaths of her legal parents. Lana has two paternal half-siblings, Tyler and Kaitlyn Small, who Lana never really got a chance to get close to since her stepmother, threatened to divorce her father if he continued to see her.

Growing up, Lana lived a mile away from the Kent family and was admired from afar by her neighbor Clark Kent for years. When they reached in high school, Clark gained the courage to get to know her and she became an important part of his circle of friends.

Clark and Lana have attempted to have a relationship several times, but for a long time he was unwilling to tell her the secret of his true origins to protect her from his enemies. Clark declared his love for Lana the day before their high school graduation, as well as asked her to give him another chance. She agreed and the two officially started a relationship. Around this time Lana witnessed two aliens come out of the Black Ship and attack a cadre of police officers, killing most of them as a second meteor shower hit the town.

After high school, Lana moved to Metropolis, as well as enrolled at Metropolis University to study astronomy and meteors. Lana wanted to discover if there were possibly aliens living among them, much to the dismay of Clark. Clark attempts to get her to drop her investigation drove a wedge between them, especially since Lana knew Clark was hiding something. Unlike Clark, Lex supported Lana in her conclusions and helped her in her investigations. To protect Lana from getting hurt, Clark told her he didn't love her anymore so that she would break up with him. Lana was devastated and turned to Lex for comfort.

Because of the time spent together with Lex, Lana grew to trust him, not realizing that in the meanwhile Lex was manipulating her into pursue a relationship with him. Lex loved Lana and was afraid to lose her, so he set up a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him. The two later divorced after Lana found out about the fake pregnancy.

After faking her death to escape and punish Lex for his betrayal, Lex found her and reassured her that she had nothing to fear from him, as well as agreed to leave her with the $10 million she had stolen from him as a form of divorce settlement. Lana later returned to Smallville and reunited with Clark, the two then made plans to reignite their relationship and this time more honestly. She moved onto the farm with Clark to live with him and his cousin Kara. Lana later fell victim to the evil Kryptonian computer Brainiac in his attempts to control Clark and Kara and was put into a strange catatonic state for weeks. She awoke after Clark destroyed Brainiac. Tess Mercer, obeying Lex's orders, then forced Lana to give Clark a "Dear John" DVD breaking up with him, as well as then kidnapped her, but Lana managed to escape.


Lana realized that Lex would always come after her and decided not to return to Smallville until she could defend herself. She tracked down a former military instructor and convinced him to train her in not feeling pain and torture. She later teamed up with Dr. Groll and the two worked to fuse her with a Power suit, which was Lex's last lifeline intended to allow him to recover from his injuries when the Fortress of Solitude collapsed on him and dominate Earth.

A vengeful Lex had Winslow Schott put a Kryptonite bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet, forcing Lana to choose between Clark and the people of Metropolis. Lana chose to defuse the bomb to save Metropolis which devastated Clark. This infected Lana's super powered nano skin with Kryptonite on a permanent basis and as a result of this, she could no longer be near Clark.

Years later Lana is found in Africa protecting local villages from African warlords, operating as a vigilante called the "Angel of the Plateau". There, she loses her superhuman powers after an altercation with John Corben where he absorbs her Kryptonite-infused nanites. Regardless, she continues doing philanthropic work in Africa, and occasionally operates as a Watchtower Network agent under the code name "Valkyrie".

Physical Appearance

Lana as a high school freshman in S1.

Lana is a beautiful woman with dark hair (of which had red highlights during her senior year of high school), hazel eyes (the likes of which had been complimented on numerous times) and a slender frame. She is approximately 5'4". During her school years, Lana was known for being the prettiest girl; she was even voted "most likely to be a cover girl" in her high-school yearbook.

Clark has noted that Lana's nose wrinkled up when she becomes serious, which he mentions to be sexy.[1] Clark has also described Lana as extremely - sometimes aggressively - sexy.

Throughout the series, it was suggested that she resembled her mother. It was later revealed that she was of part French descent from her mothers side.

Lana in S8.

In high school, she usually wore clothing that was youthful and colorful. As she entered her senior year, her clothing become more sleek and hip and was often accompanied by jewelry. While she was running the Isis Foundation Lana started wearing reading glasses and dressed like a sophisticated businesswoman. An adult Lana continued to dress much more gracefully and elegantly than ever before, while still wearing jeans and sleek tops on occasion. She later cut her hair, as well as it grew out in curls. Her hair also included bangs, which were side-swept or long to the side.

While in Africa, Lana starts to dress very simply with long-sleeved blouses and trousers. She also wears long scarves covering most of her face to cover her identity while acting as a vigilante. The color of her clothing is mostly blue and red like Superman's suit.


"I can see how strong you are, then for some stupid reason, you retreat into this 'hurt little girl' facade."
Adam Knight, Delete

The death of her parents when she was three was very influential in shaping Lana's personality. Despite the fact that her aunt raised and cared for her, Lana has felt like an abandoned orphan her whole life and idolizes her dead parents.[2] She often states that she feels isolated and out of place and dreams about leaving Smallville forever for something more.[3] Despite this, Lana developed a reputation for being a sweet girl – pleasant, caring, as well as eager to help others by volunteering at Smallville Retirement Center, and running the school blooddrive. She found herself without any family before she graduated from high school. With no one to rely on but herself, Lana is also quite driven to pursue her goals. She successfully managed the Talon coffee shop as a high school student and lived alone during her senior year.

Lana was initially characterized as the gullible "girl next door" archetype, always demanding the truth and thus believing whatever lies are told to her, which has put her and Clark's relationship into trouble more than once.[4]

Lana took self-defense classes, but seems to always find herself in threatening situations, needing to be rescued. She once stated that she always felt she would die young.[5] Having been attacked multiple times by meteor freaks, she became critical of metahumans and aliens:[6] at the beginning of their relationship, Lana and Lex grew close over their shared belief that humans need to be protected from dangerous aliens and metahumans. Clark seemingly picked up on Lana's opinion and it was part of his reluctance to trust her with his secret: despite this, Clark is convinced that they are meant to be together. In addition, it is shown in Phantom that her feelings for Clark surpass her fear of super-powered beings, as well as she immediately accepted the fact that he was actually an alien and not a meteor freak as she herself (and Chloe before her) originally believed. Due to Lex's inhumane treatment of superpowered beings in his Level 33.1 and Project Ares experiments, Lana's disdain for metahumans and other superpowered beings has lessened considerably and she developed the Isis Foundation to provide emotional support to the meteor-infected and help them lead a normal life.

Lana's romantic relationships also reflect her personality: she places great trust in her partner and expects the same in return. Lana values honesty within her relationship and will build a relationship with someone she perceives will trust her. Whitney Fordman was simple and unassuming, but they were not soul mates. Jason Teague swept her off her feet in Paris, but he too began to hide things from her. Her attraction to Lex Luthor was intensified by her belief that Lex was always honest with her and was trying to do good in the world. Yet Lex kept secrets of his own, leading her to question his loyalty and seemingly rekindle her feelings for Clark.

Lana started to show her dark side early on, when a rival coffee shop called The Beanery tried to put the Talon out of business. The owner even stopped by to inform Lana that he was making it his mission to run the place into the ground, as well as "that it wasn't personal, just business". Lana found out from her friend Amanda, that apparently the rival coffeehouse has had several health department violations they've been trying to cover up. She told Chloe, who got her reporter friend to look into it. It was revealed that the Beanery was in fact breaking the law and was forced to close down. Lana was of two minds about what she did. She later told Clark that she didn't like what she did, because she felt she had to choose between doing the right thing and being successful. However, Lana admitted that she kind of enjoyed being underhanded.

Lana has occasionally shown that she puts her own beliefs. In Wrath, Lana used her recently acquired powers to physically bully the editor of The Daily Planet into exposing all of Lex Luthor's illegal activities. When this fails she tries to kill Lex at Luthorcorp. Clark suggested that her new powers had somehow altered her brain, however Lana said that she had changed. But would try to become her old self again and stop focusing on exposing Lex.

After learning that her pregnancy was faked, Lana became a stronger and more mature woman, far from the soft and naive girl she once was. No longer waiting to be saved or wanting help, she has taken action into her own hands to make sure that the people who have done her and others wrong pay, revealing a strong vengeful streak as well as a firm "eye for an eye" sense of justice. She retaliated against Lex and Lionel Luthor with both violence and theft.[7] Despite her gritty transformations and the hardships she has endured, Lana is a compassionate and optimistic person who deeply values life and considers the opportunity to protect and save lives to be an amazing gift. Lana goes through physical torture to put her past weaknesses behind in hope of becoming better. Lana is an accomplished horseback rider [8] and an avid reader.[9]

During her months of going missing from being kidnapped by Tess's men, Lana became more disciplined, no longer interested in revenge against Lex and has even chastised Oliver for trying to kill Lex and even stopped Clark from killing Lex in a fit of rage.

Powers & Abilities

"I've had (power) before. Skills and abilities beyond what you can imagine but I wasn't ready for them physically, mentally or emotionally and now thanks to you I am."
— Lana Lang, Power

Lana's skin fused with nanotechnology.

Current Abilities

After John Corben's kryptonite heart absorbs the nanites embedded on her skin, Lana is rendered powerless once more (Season 11). However, she still retained the combat skills she learned before Project Prometheus.

  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Lana first learned to fight from Lex after she was attacked by Andy and his gang, taking him down with a spin kick. Following her training with Carter Bowfry, she has proven that her fighting skills are among the elite; she was able to fight Oliver Queen to a standstill, and later fought against Tess Mercer and won.
  • High Pain Tolerance: Lana has trained herself to resist and withstand large amounts of pain and physical discomfort, including extreme temperatures.
  • Deception
  • Markswoman
  • Multilingual

Former Powers

After undergoing treatment as part of Project Prometheus, Lana was successfully fused with nanotechnology and alien DNA, granting powers similar to those of Project Ares. Almost immediately she displayed acute control over her new abilities likely in part due to the aptitude she had gained using Clark's similar powers:

  • Invulnerability: Lana was basically immune to physical harm, having a similar level of resilience to damage to that of Kryptonians and Martians. [citation needed]
  • Healing factor: Lana was able to quickly heal severe burns all over her body she received prior to being grafted with the suit, and was immune to all diseases, toxins and afflictions.
  • Super Speed: Lana could move nearly as fast as Clark and has accelerated reflexes. She can move faster than bullets and can catch them in her hand.
  • Super Stamina: Lana was able to maintain long term physical action without any signs of fatigue. [citation needed]
  • Super Strength: Lana was superhumanly strong, seemingly at the same level as mature Kryptonians. She was able to send grown humans across a room with a single shove. Later, she ripped open Tess Mercer's steel wall safe to burn her copies of Project Prometheus. [citation needed]
  • Green Kryptonite Radiation Absorption: The nanites allowed Lana to absorb the radiation from green kryptonite, resulting in her suit constantly giving out its deadly radiation after she absorbs some of it. After absorbing the massive amounts of kryptonite radiation from a kryptonite bomb, the nanites embedded on her skin left her permanently irradiated. [citation needed]

Early life

Lana Lang as a little girl.

"I'm a fairy princess."
— Lana Lang, Pilot

When Lana was three years old, she saw her parents, Lewis and Laura Lang, struck and killed by a meteor during the 1989 meteor shower that hit Smallville. She became the poster child for the disaster, her cry of anguish captured forever on the cover of Time Magazine.

Her aunt, Nell Potter, adopted her and gave her a necklace made out of a piece of the meteor that killed her parents in their memory. She believed that something that had caused so much bad luck could only have good luck left. Ever since then, she lived a mile away from the Kent farm.

Lana and Emily when they were ten years old.

Lana's best friend in her childhood was Emily Eve Dinsmore, but Emily died trying to save Lana from drowning when they were ten.

Smallville TV Series

Season Eleven

Lana watches Clark and Bart race from afar.

Years later, Lana is briefly shown to watch Clark and Bart Allen race from afar at the coast of Cameroon.

Lana saves Lois.

A few weeks after, Lois accepts an assignment to Africa to investigate mysterious reports surrounding a vigilante, known as "Angel of the Plateau". Lois gets a ride with a UN caravan vehicle transportation escort through Tinasha, where she gets to ask questions of the soldiers about the vigilante "Angel of the Plateau" who they seem to think is doing more harm than good for the local tribes and children. The caravan is suddenly caught under fire by the local terrorist cell loyal to the warlord of the regime who fire RPG weaponry at the UN transport. Lois is caught in the crossfire but manages to find protection under one of the turned over vehicles, just as an incoming missile hit the same vehicle and it flew above her head about to crash down upon her, Lois is saved by a "red-blue blur". Lois assumes it is Clark and proceeds to thank him until she make a shocking discovery that her rescuer is Lana Lang.

Lana convinces the children to leave the weapons.

After that, Lana is being targeted by guns used by children, however her power of invulnerability caused the bullets to bounce off her body. She then convinces the children she's not their enemy. Lois grabs a snapshot of Lana leading the children away into the forest for her front page and decides to follow them.

Lana tells Lois her story.

Together they arrive at a sanctuary Lana has built for the kids where she begins to regale Lois with her story in using her abilities to make a difference for the children. Lana reveals that she gets information from her allies in the city who has connections to the warlords' operations and once she frees the children, she takes them with her so their families won't be in danger. Lois then asks Lana if she had experienced any side effects to the Kryptonite absorption. Lana's response is that she had only one, meaning herself being away from Clark.

Lana finds Lois with her scrapbook.

Inside Lana's self-made sanctuary, Lois finds Lana's scrapbook, in which she is collecting articles about Superman and Lana reveales to her that the last time she left Smallville, she left her whole life behind, including Clark. She then asks her how he is doing in which Lois responds that Clark is just good, she also tells her about their relationship but avoids telling her about their upcoming wedding, hiding her engagement ring. Then Lana reveals to Lois that after losing herself to love, then hate, then revenge, helping those children makes her feel like she is finding herself again. Suddenly they hear a very loud noise and Lana believes that someone has infiltrated her camp and so she instantly speeds outside telling Lois to try to follow her and protect as many children as she can.

Lana fights John Corben.

Corben puts Lana in a choke hold.

Outside suddenly John Corben appears causing havoc making Lana and Lois enter the destruction and try to stop it. As Lana is fighting Corben, he and Lois explain his back story and why he went to become a hired gun after his last meeting with her. As Corben was explaining how his new heart works by absorbing Kryptonite directly, Lois realizes what this means for Lana and tries to stop her from attacking him, but she fails. An enraged Lana proceeds to rush Corben and hits him with a flying kick. He grabs her leg and puts her in a choke hold.

Corben's heart absorbs Lana's kryptonite nanites.

In the choke hold, John's heart inadvertently absorbs the Kryptonite fueled nanites stored underneath Lana's skin which fused with John Corben and weapons close to him, allowing John to control them.

After that, Lana and Lois start hiding from John Corben behind a car. Lois says to Lana that Clark gave her a watch that could be used as an alarm for him if she would ever be in danger but she realizes that she lost it apparently. When Lois sees the military helicopters she realizes that they are her father's men but she is worried because as she says the only thing Corben needs is more metal and especially helicopters blades to use against them. John magnetizes the helicopter blades, causing it to fall from the sky.

Lois and Lana flee from the metallic clutches of Metallo.

Corben throws the helicopter blade against the two women but Lois manages to push Lana aside so nobody gets hurt. As Lana and Lois try to escape from Corben he tells them that after he kills both of them he will go after Superman. The two women respond they will not let that happen. Lana says they must find a way to defeat him, and Lois suggests that the source of his power is his heart. Suddenly some soldiers appear aiming with their guns at John. He then takes their guns using them to fire against Lana but thanks to Lois, who uses her vest and takes the shots by throwing herself in front of her, Lana does not get hurt.

Lois and Lana work together to deactivate Corben's heart.

After that, Lana drives a truck and hits John with it while Lois uses a weapon to shoot him. John is able to take that weapon but Lois takes another gun and shoots at the weapon John is holding, making it explode. Then Lana and Lois find the chance to stop him, and use a crowbar to pry John's Kryptonite heart out of his chest, leaving him in an off mode.

Lois concludes her interview with Lana.

Later Lana asks Lois what will happen to Corben and Lois says that a Department called D.E.O. communicated with her father and took John. Lois also reveals that she will not write about Lana's secret in her article. Lana seems grateful and says to Lois she will not return home, but she intends to stay in Africa because even without her powers, this place still needs her. She also reveals that she knows about the wedding and she is happy for both Lois and Clark. She also says that right now even without her powers she feels stronger than ever.

Lana later functions as a Watchtower agent under the code name "Valkyrie," and informs Tess that Professor Bryce Gordon did not display any superhuman abilities during his archaeological dig in Africa.

Possible Future

Jordan's premonition of Lana's peaceful death.

"It was okay, she was peaceful, she was old, it was her time."
Jordan Cross to Clark, Hereafter

When Lana came into contact with Jordan Cross, a metahuman with the power of precognition, he saw a vision of Lana as an old woman dying peacefully in her bed, still wearing her Kryptonite necklace. In this vision Lana was seen holding hands with an unidentified old man. It was later seen that Jordan's visions of people's deaths can be changed by Clark Kent, making this vision only a possible future and not a definite one.

Alternate Timelines

Season Five

When Clark reveals his powers to Lana and then he takes her to the Fortress of Solitude and proposes to her, he tells her she doesn't have to answer right then and says he'll give her some time to think, considering that his secret is a big thing to deal with. They return to Smallville, and Clark tells his parents he proposed to Lana. Lana goes to the Talon apartment where she arrives just in time to stop Lois from falling off of a chair. She tells Lois that she has a big decision to make. Lana goes to the Kent Farm and accepts Clark's proposal. After Lex lost the senatorial race to Jonathan, Lex drunkenly asked Lana what she knew about Clark. She says that "Clark isn't hiding anything." He chased Lana in his car, and Lana was killed in a car crash.

Alternate Realities

Season Five

In an alternate reality shown in Lexmas (or alternate timeline) Lana is married to Lex Luthor. They have a son, Alexander and she is pregnant with their second child, a girl. Later, Clark tells to Lex that he and Lana didn't work out because he wasn't ready for that kind of relationship. Lex became a man she could love. Lana delivers a baby girl, Lily, on Christmas Eve. However, she starts to rapidly lose blood and later dies.

Season Six

During Jimmy's 1940s inspired dream sequence, Lana Luthor, married to Lex, the most powerful man in Metropolis, believes her husband is trying to have her killed. It is later revealed that she is having an affair with Detective Clark Kent. She admits that she orchestrated the whole set-up, then shoots Jimmy. Suddenly, another gunshot rings out and Lana is shot from the back. Clark appears and as Lana dies, she says she did it all for him.

Season Seven

When Clark visited a parallel universe in which he never arrived on Earth, he found out that Lana lived in Paris in 2008 and was happily married to a man named Pierre Rousseau with whom she had two children. He also learned that Chloe and Lana were never friends in high school as they used to hang out in different groups.


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  • The three-year-old Lana in Pilot and Lineage was played by Jade Unterman. Her voice was supplied by Miranda Cosgrove in the former.
  • According to the High School Yearbook, Lana was "Most likely to be a Cover Girl". But in the Visual Guide, however, Lana is "Most Likely to Marry a Billionaire".[10]
  • Kristin Kreuk is of Dutch and Chinese descent.[11] However, Lana's ethnicity has never been mentioned on the show, besides the fact that her ancestors were French.[12]
  • Lana drove a maroon Jeep Liberty, then a maroon GMC Envoy until she wrecked it after accidentally hitting Victor Stone. (Cyborg) She was driving a red Jeep Liberty in Hydro when she hit Linda Lake.
  • Lana's favorite ice cream flavor is mocha mint.[13]
  • At some point, Lana rode horses competitively, as she has dozens of riding awards.[14]
  • Clark and Lana lost their virginity to each other the summer after they graduated from high school.
  • Lana wore red highlights in her hair for the show's second, third, and fourth season.
  • Lana was on the cross-country track team with Pete Ross during their junior year in high school. (Hereafter)
  • Lana has two half-siblings, Tyler and Kaitlyn Small, but they never appeared onscreen.
  • Lana and Lex were married on February 24, 2007.
  • Lana has dated three former football quarterbacks: Whitney Fordman, Clark Kent, and Jason Teague.
  • Lana is the only main female character to not appear in Season Nine and Season Ten, but she was mentioned in Lazarus, Homecoming, Icarus, and Prophecy.


  • Lana appeared in every episode of the first seven seasons except for Exposed, Solitude, Justice, Descent, Sleeper, Apocalypse, and Quest. She only appeared in a deleted scene and the video message in Arctic and only had a brief non-speaking role in Bizarro.
  • Lana admitted to Clark that she pulled away from him all those time because she knew he'd always rush to be the hero and that one day he would be killed or seriously hurt, and that she always knew he was the "one".
  • Following her marriage and divorce from Lex, Lana has a net worth of around $10 million.[15]
  • Lana has shown to have died several times on the show (not counting dream sequences): she died once in an alternate timeline and another when she used the Limbo drug. She was thought to have died but she turned out to be hiding out in Shanghai, China.
  • In an alternate version of Lex's future, Lana was married to Lex, with a son (Alex Luthor) and a daughter on the way. She was happy with Lex and the family that she had with him. After Lana gave birth to their daughter (Lily Luthor) on Christmas Eve, she started losing blood and died at Lex's side. In a parallel universe in which she never met Clark, Lana lives in France with a husband and two children.
  • Lana has had temporary powers on four occasions:
  • Lana is the only human to have destroyed a Zoner.
  • Lana was shown in a picture in Season Nine's Rabid.
  • Outside of Clark's family, Lana is one of only two main characters to figure out that Clark has powers without being told or shown by another person. Lois Lane later picks up this tradition in Season Ten.
  • Lana has a lifelong history of meteor rock coming between her and Clark. First, her necklace weakened Clark when he came nearby. Later, she absorbed Kryptonite into her power suit and he was permanently unable to come near her.
  • Although Lana wore a meteor rock necklace for several years, she did not experience any health problems related to meteor rock.
  • Lana has been intimate with only three men throughout her life: Clark (her first love), Lex (her husband) and Bizarro (whom she admitted she had genuine feelings for). She offered herself to Jason, but he turned her down.
  • The final words of Lana in the series are "I love you" in Season Eight. If we count the footage, it's "Superman" in Season Ten (Pilot, Homecoming).
  • Lana is the only leading female character from the start of the show not to appear in the two hour series finale. Though, she does appear in flashbacks, using archive footage.
  • Lana has met every main character except Davis.

In the Comics

Lana Lang as she appears in the comics.

Traditionally, Lana has been Superman's romantic interest when she was the "girl next door" in Smallville and as adults still has a certain amount of romantic tension between them. Unlike the Lana within the Smallville Universe, Lana is a Caucasian girl with red hair and green eyes.

Lana made her first appearance in Superboy #10 (October, 1950), and was created by Bill Finger and John Sikela. During her teenage years, Lana would often attempt to prove that neighbor boy, Clark Kent, was the superhero Superboy. During this time, she also had several stints as a superhero. In both Adventure Comics #189 (June, 1953) and Adventure Comics #285 (June, 1961), Lana comes into possession of a special belt that grants her superhuman abilities (in the former taking on the mantle of Sky Girl, and Gravity Girl in the latter). In Superboy #124 (October, 1965), Lana is given a bio ring by an alien and becomes the superhero "Insect Queen". In that role, Lana becomes a reserve member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. As an adult, Lana moved to Metropolis and became a television reporter, working alongside Clark Kent. Lana also became a rival of Lois Lane, for Superman's affection. In Lois Lane #2 (September, 1986), Lana is revealed to once having been married (which ended in divorce) and had a son (who died).

In current comics continuity, Clark and Lana's relationship was portrayed as a typical mid-western high school relationship. Lana found out about Clark's abilities when they were children when he saved her life, also most of Clark's powers activate for the first time when he is with Lana or when Lana is in danger (when they shared their first kiss it activated Clark's heat vision and when Lana was swept up in a tornado Clark flew for the first time and saved her). Lana is one of the few people who are aware that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same.

Young Clark saves Lana Lang.

Lana later attended Metropolis University and pursued a degree in Business and became a successful businesswoman. However, Lana later married Pete Ross, and the two settled into a quiet life in Smallville with their son, Clark Peter Ross. In 2000, Pete became Lex Luthor's presidential running mate. When Luthor was forced from office, Pete became President and Lana became the First Lady of the United States. Lana and Pete eventually divorced, with Pete gaining primary custody of their son Clark and returning to Smallville. For a time she was CEO of LexCorp but had her contract terminated by a hologram of Lex Luthor for helping Superman with LexCorp technology.

Lana later befriends a troubled Supergirl and later became Kara's adopted aunt and mentor and offers to help her create a secret identity of Linda Lang, her niece. Lana and Kara currently live in Metropolis in Lana's penthouse apartment in Hammersmith Tower, which overlooks Metropolis. Perry White, meanwhile, was actively pursuing Lana to take over the Business section of the newspaper, which she eventually accepted and became the Business Editor of the Daily Planet.

Lana Lang is the Business Editor at the Daily Planet.

At a point before leaving LexCorp, Lana was kidnapped by the Insect Queen and rescued by Superman. However, unknown to everyone, Lana was infected by the Insect Queen and was herself transforming into a new version of the villain. This happened over a series of months, during which she had been growing steadily more ill, until apparently dying. However, she emerged from death as the new Insect Queen, but was rescued by Supergirl. Lana has since then returned to life as a normal person.

Lana is currently helping Supergirl reconnect with humanity and helping Cat Grant after Kara witnessed the murder of her mother and father (Allura and Zor-El) and the mass murder of her entire race by Reactron, Lex Luthor, Sam Lane and Lucy Lane as the superpowered villain Superwoman.

Lana Lang in the New 52.

In the New 52, the core elements of Lana and Clark's relationship in Smallville has not changed. She was a childhood friend of Clark and has been privy to Clark's unusual abilities from an early age. She along with Clark and Pete Ross were jokingly calling themselves the Three Musketeers. Clark first reveals his powers to Lana after saving her from slipping off a hay silo. A farmer, who happened to be watching young Clark and Lana flips out when he saw both floating so he started firing at them with his shotgun. Clark succeeded to protect Lana from the bullets deflecting them with his body. While attending their senior prom, Lana and Clark almost shared a kiss, but was interrupted by news of Martha and Jonathan Kent's accident. Lana was one of the attendees at Clark's parents funeral. She was seen in the cemetery with Clark and sometime later, she gave him words of encouragement and reassurance when he began to doubt his decision to leave Smallville. Lana felt that Clark had too much to offer to simply stay in Smallville. The important thing to her, though, was that no matter where Clark wen, if he ever came back to Smallville for a visit, he would always have family there in her.

Ironically, Lana was the one who left Clark behind in Smallville to make her own mark on the world. However, before she left she reassured him that she would always love him.

On Clark's last day in the Kent house, Lana and Pete are there with Clark to help see him off at the train station.

She also appears in a flashback, where Clark with the help of his father, Jonathan, saved her cat by taking it out of a tree, in Superman/Batman #1.

In Zero Year, Lana works as an electrical engineer on various projects around the world. She appears working on an oil tanker, which is in the heart of a coming storm in Gotham City. The ship's engine has seized in the storm but she refuses to abandon the ship as she can still help. While Superman tries to stop the storm and save the ships, Lana tries to fix the ship's engine. Superman realises he can't stop the storm but he can help stop Lana's tanker from being rammed by an abandoned cargo ship. Lana is struggling to get the engine going, finally admitting she is afraid that she will die in the water. At the end between Superman's strength and Lana getting the engines working, the ship is able to escape upright and mostly intact. Lana then wonders how were they able to be pulled to safety and says that it doesn't make sense but the ship's captain tells her to stop asking everything to make sense and if she hadn't kept going they would all be dead.

When Lois visits Clark's apartment she finds a photograph of him with Lana and she asks him who is she and why they didn't eventually end up together living in his farm in Smallville.

When Hector Hammond possessed Superman and created a "world of peace" for him, Lana reappears as an adult in one of Clark's visions as his wife living in their apartment in Metropolis and having a female puppy dog referring to it as their "daughter". She appears along with his parents, who are not dead, and have visited their son in the big city. This vision is interrupted by Orion who attacks Clark, leaving him screaming Lana's name. Fortunately Orion and Wonder Woman succeed to remove Hammond from Superman's mind but unknown to them, a decaying Lana from the dream world apparently still exists somewhere in the deep recesses of Superman's mind.

A teenage Lana also appears in a fake memory of Clark's, created by the Psycho Pirate in order to break down his mental defenses.

Superman and Lana.

In the present day, Lana is in Venezuela and works deep underground in a drilling rig which accidentally releases a monster from the subterranean world. Lana grabs a security guard's dropped gun and fires at the beast, trying to slow it down so her coworkers can escape. Feeling excited but on the same time scared, she realizes that it was not the most clever thing to do. Fortunately, Superman arrives on the scene, having traced the tectonic disturbances he felt in Metropolis and battles the creature. He also figures out that Lana is on the scene, when he smells gardenias. When the monster blindsides him, shaking him like a ragdoll in front of Lana, he’s vaguely embarrassed. Superman thinks about how he still feels the need to impress Lana even though he’s dating Wonder Woman. Superman then is ready to throw a truck at the monster but Lana shouts to him that it's her truck. Superman knowing that it’s too late to salvage it, he throws the truck anyway, making Lana curse. Suddenly, he realizes that the monster is not roaring but actually it is trying to communicate. Then some missiles appear fired against the monster and Superman decides to destroy the drone planes that fired them. Lana reacts accordingly to the realization that Superman is helping the monster but she trusts him. After the battle ends, Superman takes the creature to the Fortress of Solitude, and Lana decides to investigate the hole they were drilling to see if she can’t find a clue to this mystery, because she believes Superman might be interested in that. There she finds a huge room with evidence of another culture, which supposedly was the home of the creature.

Lana is investigating the underground world she has discovered with the exploration leading her to a floating orb radiating energy. While walking in this cavern, a slew of giant monsters descend on her but she shoots them with her electric gun. Luckily Superman arrives to help her before she is crushed. Lana, who consistently calls him Clark even if he is in costume, then questions Superman's decision to save "Baka", the creature he battled earlier, let alone bring him back to the site. When the leader of the monsters appears, Superman engages in a fight with him and Lana fights alongside him with her gun. At the end, Superman and the leader of the monsters, Ukur, decide to stop fighting and try to solve their problem by talking. It is revealed that the dreaded monsters, that attacked Lana earlier, are little wide-eyed looking creatures. Later they meet a group, which Ukur was working for and thought them dead, having sealed them accidentally, which arrives on wild-looking floating creatures. Their culture is a matriarchy, so their leader, Queen Kokya, assumes Lana is in charge, bypassing Superman and referring to him as Lana's slave. Ukur also comments that Lana and Superman smell like a mated pair. The Queen then invites Lana and her "slave" into their kingdom to refresh themselves and discuss matters. It is later revealed that the self-sustaining energy globes are actually powered by the life essence of the meerkats and they are drained, painfully, to power this world. Seeing Superman with Lana, Baka, and the Ghost Soldier, who at first warned Superman not to interfere in the matter, decide to save these creatures, battling the Imperial Subterranea and bringing down some of the cavern. After the fight, they get back to the surface, where the creatures are transformed into giant beasts in the yellow sun. Before Superman can corral them, the Ghost Soldier decides to save Lana by killing them. Lana seems to be shocked and horrified in the view of the dead creatures, who are now back to their normal form. After that Superman fights with the Soldier, being obviously upset from all the deaths around him, which he also had a part in. Watching him, Lana understands that he in part blames himself and can sense the unease he feels, remembering when Clark saw a puppy die in their youth. During the fight Lana blasts the Soldier to protect Superman and eventually Superman defeats him with his arctic breath. After Baka returns to the Underworld with Ukur, Lana and Clark sit down together and after Clark apologizes to her for a fifth time, she tells him that it is okay if he is sad, because they have lost everything they went there for.

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  1. 'Red'
  2. She told Clark that she hadn't had a happy birthday since her third, the last one she had with her parents, in Craving and was completely uninterested in Nell's attempts to throw her a party. She also told him in Lexmas that Christmases with Nell were artificial and unhappy. Alternatively, she regularly visited and conversed with her dead parents at their grave as a teen (Pilot) and even became addicted to a Limbo drug that allowed her to get glimpses of them. (Void)
  3. In Season Three. She told Chloe in Truth that she couldn't wait to leave the town and go somewhere where she wouldn't be judged. She eventually left Smallville for Paris (Covenant), in the alternate universe of Season Seven's (Apocalypse), having never met Clark Kent, she moved to France after high school to study at the Sorbonne and married a French philanthropist named Pierre Rousseau
  4. For example, in "Visage", she immediately believed Tina Greer (disguised as Whitney Fordman) when she told her that Clark had destroyed the men's restroom at the Talon, as well as was only enraged further when Clark told her that it was a lie.
  5. She tells Clark this after he saves her from the tornado in (Vortex)
  6. Lana expresses such sentiments in (Extinction) and (Visitor) and encourages Lex to investigate the black box to protect them from the Kryptonians in (Arrow)
  7. Lex claims she stole ten million dollars from him (Cure) and she broke into his safe and stole his hard drive in Wrath. She also paid to have Lionel kidnapped and tortured. (Action)
  8. She was preparing for a riding competition in Witness and has dozens of awards which can be seen as recently as (Wrath), her horseback skills can also be seen in this episode and (Obscura)
  9. She and Clark talk about her love of books in (Cool)
  10. Smallville: The Visual Guide Page 51
  12. Her French descent is implied when it's revealed that she was the heir to the French Countess Isobel.
  13. Lex states this in Fallout
  14. They can be seen in Wrath.
  15. Lara