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Lana's kryptonite necklace.

"So much bad luck came out of it; there can only be good luck left." - Lana Lang, to Whitney Fordman, Pilot.

Lana Lang owned a necklace made out of meteor rock from the 1989 meteor shower that killed her parents.

Early History

Her aunt and guardian Nell Potter made the necklace and gave it to her on the day Lana was officially adopted. She wore the necklace, "to remind herself of how much was lost that day."

Because Lana constantly wore her necklace for most of the first season, Clark Kent was almost never able to get within close physical proximity to her without feeling ill or stumbling and falling. His freshman year of high school, he realized his vulnerability to the meteor rocks and subsequently, Lana's necklace.

Season One

Clark approaches Lana, his school-crush, but gets weakened, and actually ill, due to this necklace, preventing him from getting closer to her, and he drops his books in the process. Sometime later, Lana lends the necklace to Whitney Fordman, making Clark weak enough to be overpowered and tied to a pole as that school year's Scarecrow. However, Lex Luthor saved him and the necklace fell off. Lex collected it and gave it to Clark in a small lead box. He advised him to return it to Lana in order to win her away from Whitney, but Clark was not confident that he could do so and left the necklace on Lana's front doorknob.

When Eric Summers leeched Clark's powers from him, he asked Lana to borrow the necklace in order to subdue Eric and regain his super powers. He returned it to her in the lead box that Lex gave him.

Lana gave the necklace to Whitney when he shipped off for his first assignment as a US Marine in Indonesia.

Smallville #5

Whitney continued to hold onto the necklace for good luck. One of the other Marine Troops took it from him briefly, as a joke. When another Marine Troop was wounded and taken to a hospital, Whitney gave him the necklace for good luck.[1]

Season Two

When Whitney was declared to be missing in action, his personal effects, including Lana's necklace, were returned to his mother. Whitney's mother gave Lana back the necklace, but Lana admitted to Clark that she didn't feel right wearing it anymore, much to his relief.

The neutralized necklace.

When Tina Greer showed up in Smallville pretending to be Whitney, Lana began wearing it again to help Whitney adjust. However, Tina decided that Lana was no longer in love with Whitney and asked her for the necklace. She then assumed Clark's form in order to be with Lana. She attacked Clark with the necklace, put it on him, and threw him in his storm cellar, also the location of Clark's spaceship. The ship sensed Clark's distress and emitted a burst of light that neutralized the necklace, turning it clear and harmless.

Clark has had the necklace in his possession since this incident in 2002.

Season Three

Jordan Cross had a vision of an aged Lana wearing the necklace on her deathbed in Hereafter.

Season Six

Three years later, Lana Lang hid out on the Kent Farm from a potential stalker and rifled through Clark's things in an attempt to fuel her growing curiosity of Clark's possible abilities.

Lana finds her old necklace.

She found the necklace stored in a cigar box in his top dresser drawer. She marveled at the now-clear stone, but put it back and did not admit to Clark that she had found it.

Season Eight

Two years later, Clark pulled Lana's necklace out of a kitchen drawer on his way to work. When Lana returned to Smallville, Clark gave her back her necklace. Lana wore it once more and left Smallville with the object that first separated Clark from her.


Clark borrows the necklace to get his powers back from Eric Summers.

An elderly Lana Lang wears the necklace, many years from now, on her deathbed.

Season One

  • Pilot: Whitney uses the necklace to put Clark on the scarecrow.
  • Metamorphosis: Lex gives Clark the necklace in a lead box to woo Lana. Instead, Clark anonymously returns the necklace.
  • X-Ray: Tina Greer uses the necklace against Clark in the graveyard.
  • Leech: Clark borrows the necklace from Lana to subdue Eric Summers. Clark gives Lana the lead box to keep the necklace in.
  • Tempest: Lana gives the necklace to Whitney when he is deployed.

Smallville #5

The Few, The Proud: Whitney holds onto the necklace for good luck and later gives it to a would Marine Troop.

Season Two

  • Skinwalker: The US Marine Corps returns the necklace to Mrs. Fordman who gives it to Lana.
  • Visage: Lana gives it to Tina disguised as Whitney who uses it to subdue Clark again. The ship neutralizes the green kryptonite, leaving it clear and stripping it of its properties. Clark takes the clear necklace to the Kawatche Caves.

Season Three

Season Four

  • Façade: Lana is seen wearing it in a flashback to her freshman year during a football pep rally.

Season Six

  • Trespass: Lana finds the neutralized necklace in a cigar box in Clark's dresser drawer, but leaves it there.

Season Eight

  • Instinct: It is revealed that Clark still has possession of the necklace.
  • Requiem: Clark returns the necklace to Lana. She takes it with her when she and Clark part ways after she becomes Kryptonite irradiated.


  • The Chloe Sullivan of Earth-2 had an identical green Kryptonite necklace. During Chloe's graduation, it protected her from Clark Luthor, who was attacking Smallville High and brutally murdered many of the students.[2]


Clark: You found your necklace.
Lana: After all the pain it caused you, I'm surprised you still have it.
Clark: How could I throw away something that means so much? I still remember seeing you wear this in high school. I couldn't get within five feet of you without falling over.
Lana: Even after your ship got rid of the kryptonite, there always seemed to be something standing in our way.
Season Eight, Requiem


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