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Lachlan Luthor was the husband of Eliza Luthor, father of Lionel Luthor, father-in-law of Lillian Luthor and the grandfather of Lex Luthor, Tess Mercer, Julian Luthor and Lucas Luthor

Early life

Lachlan Luthor was born in 1916 in Scotland. He eventually married a woman named Eliza and had a son Lionel where he grew up in the Suicide Slums of Metropolis.

In 1961, Lachlan was in Smallville, where he tried to steal Louise McCallum's purse, but was tossed aside by Joe the Drifter. Later, Lachlan was soon hired by officer Billy Tate to kill Joe the Drifter. Billy let him out of jail and Lachlan went to the McCallum farm. He came upon Joe and Louise in the barn and shot at Joe. The bullets bounced off of him and hit Louise, killing her.

Around the late 1970s, Lachlan and his wife Eliza were killed in their apartment by a fire that was caused by Lionel and his friend Morgan Edge in order for Lionel to claim insurance money.

Season Three

Years later, Lex questioned his father about his grandparents after talking to Clark Kent about "a Lachlan Luthor" who was arrested for attempted theft in 1961 to which Lionel said that his parents died in a fire. After further investigation and a confession from Edge (who referred to Lachlan as Lionel's "bastard father"), Lex discovered that Lionel was responsible and Lachlan was avenged when Lex built up a case against Lionel and was jail as a result of his crime.


By all accounts Lachlan was a depraved monster like his son but while Lionel was a self-made affluent, Lachlan was a coarse brute and a petty criminal. Lionel characterises Lachlan as having been extremely domineering and abusive and it is apparent that Lionel inherited his controlling ways from his father. Lachlan's vicious nature was also commented on by Morgan Edge who described him as a "bastard."


Morgan Edge: (about Lachlan's death) I blow up the building, Lionel gets rid of his bastard father and his gin-soaked mother.
Season Three, Shattered

Lionel: I didn't kill my parents, Clark. I certainly didn't shed any tears at their funeral. You have no idea what it's like to grow up under... the thumb of an abusive father... someone who'd stop at nothing to establish absolute control over you.
Season Three, Covenant

Lincoln Cole: I know all about your underprivileged youth. But that all changed when your parents died in the fire you set. Ohh, did I hit a nerve?
Lionel: I didn't kill my parents.
Lincoln Cole: Tell a lie long enough, you'll believe it to be truth.
Season Five, Mercy


  • Just as Lachlan had been killed by Lionel, Lionel was ultimately killed by Lex (Lionel's son) and an alternate-reality Lionel Luthor was left for dead by Tess (Lionel's daughter) then killed himself for Lex (who the alternate-Lionel truly views as his son).
  • Lachlan is one of the Luthors appearing in Smallville who does not appear in the DC mainstream universe. In the comics, Lex's grandfather is named Wallace Luthor.
  • In the possible future shown in Lexmas, Lachlan would have become a great-grandfather to Alexander Luthor, Jr. and Lillian "Lily" Luthor as well as a grandfather-in-law to Lana Lang.
  • In the Earth-2 Universe, he would have been the adoptive paternal grandfather of Clark Luthor.


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