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Kyle was a student at Smallville High and the school bully who had been hassling Cyrus Krupp.

Season Two

Kyle was first seen with a group of friends at the school electronics labs. When Cyrus connected something to their power outlet without asking permission, Kyle and his friends began harassing him and took his transmitter. Although Clark tried to intervene, Kyle ended up pushing Cyrus to the ground. Cyrus then apparently caused a fire to spontaneously break out on the wall behind Kyle and company.

It was later revealed that Cyrus had started the fire with magnesium strips and a concealed detonator. Angry at being made to look fools, Kyle and his friends later confronted Clark and Cyrus outside the school after they had gone to retrieve Cyrus' transmitter. In order to save Cyrus from a beating, Clark used his heat vision to destroy Kyle's truck and he and his friends fled the scene in the truck belonging to Kyle's friend Todd.

The gang later turned up at Cyrus' transmitter tower in their remaining truck. Kyle attached the truck to the tower with a chain and signaled for his friends to pull it down, even though Cyrus was at the top. Clark arrived on the scene and pulled the tower upright, snapping the chain and causing Kyle to break his neck. Clark persuaded Cyrus to use his powers to heal Kyle and he and his friends appeared to vacate the scene soon afterward.


  • It is unknown if Kyle was among the hundreds of students, shown graduating from Smallville High, in the spring of 2005.