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Kyla Willowbrook was a lovely Native American girl and member of the Kawatche tribe. She was a "skinwalker" with the ability to transform into a wolf. She was heavily opposed to LuthorCorp's intention of building on the Kawatche lands and bonded and developed a romance with Clark Kent, whom she believed to be Naman of the Kawatche prophecies.

Physical Appearance

Kyla was an attractive teenager of Native American descent with brown eyes, a somewhat dark complexion and long, black hair.

Powers and Abilities

  • Skinwalking: Kyla was able to transform into the form of a white wolf and then return to her human shape at will. Her power was only able to change her body, not any clothes or other objects on her person. Consequently whenever she shifted from wolf form back to her human form, she was naked.


Despite her shapeshifting powers, Kyla possessed no regenerative capabilities and any injuries sustained in her wolf body would have remained even after morphing back into her human body. Additionally, while transformed, Kyla inherited the instincts and aggression of a wild wolf.


Kyla was very accepting of Clark's secret because of her own nature as a skinwalker and her faith in him as Naman was absolute and true. She was instantly attracted to Clark, even before she knew the truth about him: she would look at him with dazzled eyes and later when she and Clark looked at the stars, she intimately placed her hands to his. She had a fair sense of humor and even joked about Clark's abilities. When she found out the truth of his nature, her attraction to him peaked and they began an instant romantic relationship with their first kiss. She was very remorseful of both the death of Dan Hammond and her own death, as it prevented her from sharing Clark's destiny and life.

Season Two

While doing research for her grandfather, Joseph Willowbrook, in underground caves important to her people she encountered Clark Kent. The two had an instant attraction and connection and formed the beginnings of a

Kyla first meets Clark.

deep relationship. From the moment she met him, Kyla realized there was something special about Clark and - after he shielded her from a collapsing rock that actually broke against him rather than hurting him - came to

Clark and Kyla share their first kiss.

believe he was Naman, a being from the stars that had been prophesied to journey to Earth. Her passion for the preservation of the caves and her lack of self-control in wolf form, led her to attack Dan Hammond, a LuthorCorp foreman on a

Kyla reveals herself to Clark.

construction site that threatened the caves and Lionel Luthor himself, as well as scaring Martha Kent. Though her intention was to scare them into leaving the caves untouched, not to harm anyone, she still accidentally caused the death of both Hammond and herself, cutting herself badly across the abdomen in her wolf form while escaping from the Luthor mansion through a closed window.

Kyla dies in a devastated Clark's arms.

As she lay dying, she changed back from her wolf form in time to tell Clark that she had never wanted to hurt anyone and that she was sorry she couldn't be the one for him, calling him 'Naman' before dying peacefully in his arms. Her grandfather Joseph later gave Clark Kyla's bracelet, telling him to give it to the one he was destined to be with. Clark continued to study and fiercely protect the caves after her death, half due to curiosity regarding his origins and partially out of honoring her memory. Most of his friends assumed it was just because of the latter.

Season Ten

When Clark saw his decade-long trials, he saw the time where he saved Kyla from a boulder. 



  • Given that Kyla's people were said to be skinwalkers, it is possible Kyla was born with her ability rather than acquiring it through exposure to kryptonite. This would make her one of only a few people who inherited their metahuman abilities. However, the legend implies that the origin of the ancestors' abilities was kryptonite as it refers to "green stones" falling from the sky.
  • Clark will one day give Kyla's bracelet to his soulmate as an honor to her love.

    Kyla's bracelet.

    This is never shown to happen on-screen.
  • A recurring theme is Clark crying over the bodies of his deceased lovers and family just following their deaths. Kyla is the first of these, followed by Alicia Baker (Pariah) and Lana Lang (Reckoning). His father also died in Reckoning but Clark didn't cry until the end of Vengeance
  • Kyla Willowbrook was mentioned in Rush and Talisman and seen in Clark Kent's trials in Finale, Part 2.
  • Kyla was the first of Clark's love interests to learn of his secret.

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