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Green K ring.

A kryptonite ring is a piece of jewelery embedded with kryptonite.

Green, red, blue and gold kryptonite rings have been used against Clark.

Lex beats Clark senseless wearing Green Kryptonite ring.

Green kryptonite ring

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Lex Luthor used a green kryptonite ring to protect himself from approaching Kryptonians; this particular ring is a square shaped ring covered with a kryptonite gem. The ring has an L underneath the gem, to signify the name Lex or Luthor.

When he was separated from his inner evil self due to black kryptonite, an incarnation of him dubbed "Alexander Luthor", was released and he used this green K ring to overpower Clark Kent. Clark later used his heat vision to turn the green K into black K, fusing the two versions of Lex back together. It is unknown what became of the black kryptonite ring.

Another green K ring was seen on Lex's right-hand ring finger in a caravan-based laboratory, and he was seen watching Clark and Lana Lang on the Daily Planet rooftop. Oliver later took it with him.

Oliver Queen, a shareholder of LuthorCorp stocks, later used this ring to defeat Rudy Jones, a powerful metahuman who stole Clark's abilities through his absorbing powers ability, and he returns Clark's powers to him.

Red kryptonite ring

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Red K ring.

Clark Kent's school, Smallville High, inadvertently purchased red kryptonite-based rings from jewelery providers, mainly obtained from Hub's Pond.

Despite his father Jonathan Kent's testing about purchasing such an expensive item, Clark gets one and immediately puts it on, and on contact, Clark's vein vessels are filled with the substance, and exhibits bad behavior. Jonathan and Pete Ross eventually stop infected-Clark by exposing him to Green kryptonite which gives them time to destroy it.

Clark learns that his actions of destroying his ship, directly killed his mother Martha Kent's unborn baby, making his father angry, and Clark chooses to leave his life with his family by putting on another Red kryptonite ring, thinking that his family no longer loves him, and he retreats to the city of Metropolis.

He is still wearing the ring as he causes havoc and chaos in the city. He is later hired by a prime crime lord in the city named Morgan Edge. He is later confronted by his father who super speeds and grabs him, and the tumble out the window.

Down below in a LuthorCorp site, they battle, with Jonathan wielding Kryptonian powers by Jor-El's aid. He eventually convinces his son to destroy the ring and come home to face his problems.

Conner Kent, gets tricked by a doppelganger of Lionel Luthor into wearing a Red kryptonite ring. Conner later battles with Clark, who easily overpowers him, and destroys the ring by smashing it against a pillar.

Blue kryptonite ring

Blue K ring.

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Clark's Kryptonian biological father Jor-El obtained a special ring as an annunciation cite to his promotion to the Council. After Clark releases clones of his mother Lara-El and uncle Zor-El, his mother is seen wearing this exact necklace around her neck. Unaware that such a mineral, while on Earth under its yellow sun, can rob a Kryptonian of their powers, presents and puts it on Clark, who becomes powerless. He later manages to get the ring off when he destroys the blue crystal.

Gold kryptonite ring

Gold K ring.

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Black kryptonite ring

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When the good and evil versions of Lex Luthor engage in a fight, Clark uses heat vision from a distance to transform the green kryptonite in evil Lex's ring into black kryptonite, fusing the halves together.

In the Comics

Action Comics # 654.

After discovering that the villain Metallo was powered by a heart made of kryptonite, Lex Luthor used a sample to fashion a kryptonite ring for himself. He wore the ring at all times in an effort to keep Superman away from him. Continued exposure to the low level kryptonite radiation proved harmful however and Luthor developed cancer. To keep the cancer from spreading, his right hand was amputated and replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic. When Lex Luthor cloned himself a new body, the cybernetic appendage was no longer necessary.

The ring eventually came into the possession of the Batman. Clark entrusted the ring into the care of Bruce Wayne his closest ally, who keeps the ring secured in the Batcave in case Superman ever loses control of his powers or if he falls under the control of an evil influence. On several occasions Batman has been required to use the ring to keep Superman at bay so usually it's located in his utility belt in a lead-lined case. In one case Batman's partner Robin, had to use the kryptonite ring in order to keep Superman's clone Superboy under control.


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