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A kryptonite heart.

A kryptonite heart is an artificial heart that was developed by some of Major Zod's soldiers in an attempt to recover their lost powers. The Kandorians tested their creation by implanting it into an injured John Corben, transforming him in to a cyborg against his will before abandoning him. It is unknown if they attempted the experiment with anyone else, or if the subjects even survived.

Powers and Abilities

In order for a kryptonite heart to be implanted into a host, the original heart must be removed to make room for the cybernetic attachment which is connected to the body by several spider-like joints that travel into the flesh.

John with his kryptonite heart implanted

A kryptonite heart improved the host's physical strength and endurance but at a cost; because of a flaw in its initial design, it produced an adrenal overload that eventually drove its host mad. After Tess Mercer's scientists were able to correct the flaw, the heart was able to be used more easily and safely by Corben without affecting his mind. It was also revealed in Upgrade that, when Corben is any danger (such as when he was encased in ice), the heart will increase his power in order to deal with the threat.

The kryptonite heart's kryptonite power source also makes an effective defensive and offensive weapon against Kryptonians at close range.

The heart derives its power from a piece of green kryptonite in the center of the device. Like a real heart, it will beat faster depending on the host's mood or situation.

In Upgrade, another kryptonite heart was developed with a red kryptonite power source, although it was never put in to action. It was also revealed that a kryptonite heart periodically needs to be re-charged, although it is unknown if Tess' scientists had deliberately drained Corben's heart to weaken him when they had him in their custody or if the heart was simply low on energy. When low on energy, his kryptonite heart will cause Corben distress in a similar manner to a human heart attack, and he also appeared to lose mobility in his cybernetic arm. Corben was able to re-charge his heart by injecting it with several vials of liquid kryptonite through access tubes in his arm that fed into the device; once sufficiently charged the device returned to a stable power level.

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