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Van McNulty holding a kryptonite bullet.

Kryptonite bullets are bullets made of kryptonite.

Powers and Abilities

A green kryptonite bullet can neutralize both a Kryptonian's invulnerability and their healing factor. This makes bullets a potent weapon against Kryptonians; if a green kryptonite bullet is not removed soon after a Kryptonian is shot, it can potentially kill him or her.

A blue kryptonite bullet can temporarily neutralize all of a Kryptonian's powers, including invulnerability and their healing factor.


Season Three

Van about to shoot in Clark with kryptonite bullets.

Green Kryptonite bullets were first made by metahuman hunter Van McNulty after Clark Kent saved Lex Luthor from the metahuman hunter's assassination attempt. Now aware of Clark's weakness, Van created Kryptonite bullets (or "meteor rock bullets" as he called it) and shot Clark, resulting in Clark coming close to dying much to Van's sadistic delight. Unknown to Van, Clark didn't die thanks to the intervention of his parents Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent by extracting the bullet. [1]

Jonathan and Martha removing the kryptonite bullet out of Clark

When Clark later met Van at the high school, Van emptied an entire clip of meteor rock bullets into Clark to prove to Lana Lang that Clark was a freak, but Clark was unaffected. Van and Lana were both stunned, but Lana took advantage of the opportunity of Van's surprise to subdued him, Clark revealed that he was wearing a lead plate to protect himself from the bullets. [1]

Season Four

Lex's evil side Alexander Luthor split off due to Black Kryptonite radiation and was equipped with a Green Kryptonite ring and also a gun most likely with meteor rock bullets.

Season Seven

President Luthor shooting Clark with kryptonite bullets.

When Jor-El showed Clark an alternate future where Clark never existed on Earth, green kryptonite bullets were created and used by President Luthor in case Linda Danvers ever tried to betray him, using the bullets on Clark and Kara by shooting at Clark twice and Kara once. [2]

Milton Fine executing Clark.

After taking Danvers into custody and escorting the President of the United States out, Chief of Staff Milton Fine used the gun to shoot and presumably execute Clark. [2]

Season Ten

Deadshot (under Rick Flag's orders) used blue kryptonite bullets to mark Clark with a signaling device. [3]

Tess using kryptonite bullets to fight Clark Luthor

When Clark Luthor attacked Watchtower, Tess Mercer, Lois Lane and Oliver Queen used Kryptonite weapons against him with Lois and Oliver using crossbows with Kryptonite arrows while Tess used a gun loaded with green kryptonite bullets. Just when the three were about to use their kryptonite weapons on Clark Luthor after a long fight, Clark himself used the Mirror box to return to Earth-1. [4]

Alexander holding Clark and Tess at gunpoint with kryptonite bullets in his gun

After becoming an unstable "teenager" due to Lex's memories, Alexander Luthor made and used green kryptonite bullets as a way to kill Clark. Alexander used his gun loaded with green kryptonite bullets to shoot Martha Kent, hoping that Clark would speed in front of the bullet. Later at the mansion, Alexander used his gun to pistol wip Martha, hold Lionel Luthor at gunpoint, and pistol-whipped Lionel as well burning the mansion down with Lionel and Martha in it. Then at the loft, Alexander used his kryptonite bullet-loaded gun to hold Clark and Tess at gunpoint. After the two convinced Alexander that he's not a killer like Lex, Tess slowly took the kryptonite bullet loaded gun out of the hands of the genetically engineered version of Lex while Clark raced to save Martha and (reluctantly) Lionel. [5]

Season Eleven

Superman is shot with three Kryptonite bullets by the Prankster.

Clark explains to Lois that he's put lead in the shield of his new suit to protect himself from being shot with kryptonite bullets.

At a later time, while the lead plate protected his heart, Clark is shot by kryptonite bullets in the gut. With information provided by Lois, Batman manages to heal him by exposing him to yellow sunlight rays, generated by his Batsuit. [6]


  • Kryptonite bullets are an effective way to hurt or kill Kryptonians.


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