Kryptonite arrows are arrows laced with kryptonite.


After Clark kicked Oliver off the team, Oliver later came up him and shot in the back with a kryptonite arrow, so that they could deal with Davis their own way without Clark interfering.

In a possible future, a whole swarm of Kryptonians prepared to rain down on Oliver, so he had a kryptonite arrow pointed at them.

Lois and Oliver had Clark Luthor subdued with kryptonite arrows pointed at him, but then when Clark appeared in his place, they lowered them, relieved to have him back.


Kryptonite in Smallville
Types Natural: GreenRedBlueGold kryptonite • Processed: BlackSilverGemstoneClear kryptonite
Effects Meteor infectionPsychosisMeteor freaks
Objects BulletCageHandcuffsHeartKeyRingNecklaceVictory ring
Other KryptonMeteor showers (1989, 2005) • Lead (box) • Appearances of Green K (usages)
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