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Clark and the half-human Kryptonian Hybrid Conner.

"I'm sure when we have kids of our own, you will be an amazing father " - Lois to Clark, Scion

Kryptonian Hybrids are beings made up of Kryptonian DNA, as well as others. Half-human hybrids can be made in multiple ways, either through sexual reproduction, cloning, or through genetic engineering. The existence of hybrids proved that Kryptonian and human DNA could co-exist in one being.


Kryptonian Hybrids are shown to be able to be created in three different ways:

  • Sexual Reproduction - The only known Hybrid to be created through this method is Max, son of Dax-Ur, a Kryptonian refugee who had been hiding on Earth before Krypton's destruction.
  • Genetic engineering - A variation of the cloning method. Davis Bloome was created under this method, using the blood of General Zod and his wife Faora, as well several other creatures indigenous to Krypton, resulting in his Kryptonian appearance, abilities, and monstorous transformation. However unlike the other methods, the genetically engineered Hybrid emerged from an egg, and was released from it after he landed on Earth.

Known Kryptonian Hybrids


  • Davis Bloome/Doomsday was created on Krypton as the ultimate weapon. General Zod and Faora created him from their DNA, as well as the mixed DNA of several other creatures and lifeforms native to Krypton. When Davis first hatched from the egg he had been growing inside of, he emerged as a thick liquid, which later molded into his Kryptonian-camouflage appearance. However, the combined DNA of the other aliens and Kryptonian monsters proved to be too hard to suppress, as Davis would sometimes transform into the monstrosity known as Doomsday, a mindless being who knew nothing but how to kill. In the end, Chloe Sullivan split the Kryptonian side from the monstrous side of Davis Bloome using Black Kryptonite.

Conner Kent.

  • Conner Kent was created as a clone of Lex Luthor as a means to harvest his organs to revive himself. Lex was unable to solve the problem with his clones in that they aged far too rapidly to be viable and as such Conner was created with half of Clark's DNA, which when "activated" halted and cured the rapid cellular mitosis. With half of Clark's DNA, Conner came to have many Kryptonian powers under a yellow sun as well as their weaknesses.
  • Max (Dax-Ur's son) while not much is known about Max it is shown that he is Dax-Ur's son from his marriage with Grace. While Dax-Urs powers are being suppressed with Blue kryptonite, he is still genetically Kryptonian and as such Max's existence proves that a Human/Kryptonian hybrid can be conceived, carried and given birth to by a human woman. While Max most likely does have Kryptonian powers, as witnessed with Conner, they won't be developed until his puberty.


  • As is evident from Conner, Kryptonian DNA contributes to the hybrid subject in the forms of genetically enhanced meta-abilities and hair pigment, although both of these attributes did not begin to manifest until late puberty. The physical appearance of the subject is seemingly dominated by Human DNA, as Conner, at various stages of his life, looks identical to Lex Luthor as he did at those same stages, including the age at which Conner's accelerated mitosis (rapid aging) stabilizes.
  • By design, Davis Bloome's visibly alien attributes were intentionally and strategically hidden by his reactive camouflage ability which disguised him as a normal Kryptonian, whose physical appearance does significantly differ from a human.
  • The kindred of the Kawatche women and the Kryptonian prophesier of Naman didn't exhibit their father's powers, it could be an error.
  • Lana said she will give General Zod the first of many heirs and kisses him but then tries to stab him with the kryptonian blade.
  • In an unidentified universe, Brainiac intended to repopulate the Kryptonian race, using Linda Danvers and Lex Luthor (serving as the vessel of General Zod).

In the Comics

The subject of Kryptonian hybrids have been explored numerous times in DC Comics.

  • Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #15 (February, 1960) introduced hybrids Lili Van-Zee and Lyle-Zee, the children of the Kryptonian Van-Zee and the human Sylvia DeWitt.
  • Superman #181 (November, 1965) introduced Klar Ken T5477. A 30th Century descendant of Clark Kent, through generations of reproduction with humans.
  • World's Finest #154 (December, 1965) introduced hybrid Clark Kent, Jr., half-human son of Clark Kent, in a possible future (though, World's Finest #263 later revealed him to have just been a computer simulation). He became Superman, Jr., though, because he was half-human, his powers weren't on the same level as his father's.
  • Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #91 (April, 1969) featured a possible future, where Clark and Lois had a daughter named Lisa Kent. Lisa developed Kryptonian abilities and became known as "Superlass".
  • Superman Family #200 (April, 1980) featured a possible future, where Lois and Clark got married and had a daughter, Laura Kent. At 15, Laura began to exhibit superhuman strength and speed.
  • Superman #404 (February, 1985) featured an alternate reality (Earth-404), where Clark Kent (then known as "Superboy") lost his powers as a teenager. Because of this, Clark retired from being a superhero, and had a son named Clark Kent, Jr. with his wife, Lana Lang.
  • Superman #423 (September, 1986) introduced Jonathan Elliot, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (born after the former had faked his death and assumed the identity "Jordan Elliot"). The baby showed signs of superhuman strength.
  • Adventures of Superman #500 (June, 1993) introduced Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy. Unlike other earlier hybrids, that had been featured in DC Comics over the years, Superboy was the product of genetic engineering. Combining Kryptonian DNA with human DNA.
  • Zero Hour #0 (September, 1994) introduced hybrid Equinox, the son of the Kryptonian Power Girl. She had been magically impregnated with the generic material of a being called Scarabus.
  • Supergirl Vol 4 1000000 (November, 1998) introduced Ariella Kent, the daughter of Clark Kent and Linda Danvers (not to be confused with Kara Zor-El).
  • Convergence: Superman #2 (July, 2015) introduced hybrid Jonathan Samuel "Jon" Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

Other Media

  • The question of a child resulting from the union of a Kryptonian and human was addressed in Lois & Clark. The series ended with Lois and Clark discovering from Dr. Klein that Kryptonian and human DNA were not compatible, thus, Lois and Clark would never have biological children. Though, earlier episode "Tempus Fugitive" had hinted at Clark and Lois having descendants in the future.
  • In the Movie, Superman Returns, Clark Kent/Superman fathers a son (Jason White) with Lois Lane. However, Lois keeps the identify of the father a secret, even from Clark Kent/Superman. Superman discovers the truth and flies to Lois' house late at night. The child is sleeping and Superman tearfully repeats the words that Jor-El had said to him. "The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son."