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The Kent house is the family home for the Kent family.

Physical Appearance

A shot of the interior of the Kent house

The Kent house is a small two-floor house located on the Kent Farm. There is a living room and a kitchen on the main floor. Clark Kent's bedroom is upstairs. Martha and Jonathan's bedroom has been seen once in requiem

An attic was mentioned in the pilot, but it has never made an on-screen appearance.

Early History

In 1961, while visiting Earth and falsely wanted for the murder of Louise McCallum, Jor-El visited the Kent house while it was under the ownership of Hiram and Jessica Kent.

In 1986, Lara-El came to Earth with Kara using a teleportation portal. She hid a picture of herself in a picture frame as she visited the family Jor-El had chosen for their unborn son Kal-El if Krypton was destroyed by the war with General Zod. Kara watched as her father Zor-El told Lara how he desired her, and that if he couldn't have her in the real world, how he would possess her through science. Zor-El then altered Kara's memory to forget what she had seen.

Season One

The house is first seen with Clark doing research on the fastest man alive ever documented.

Clark Kent is researching an article about the fastest man alive ever documented. Martha calls him downstairs so he won't miss the bus. Clark comes down, goes to the refrigerator, grabs some milk out and starts drinking it directly out of the bottle. While downstairs, Clark looks at his sport slip and contemplates whether or not he should ask his father if he can play for his school's football team. He does, but Jonathan says no right off the bat because he believes that an accident could happen because of his abilities. After he leaves the house, the bus is seen trailing away, forcing him to use his heightened speed. Later, Clark is seen having a dream of him hovering over his high school crush Lana Lang's bed, and wakes up abruptly when she says "It's all your fault, Clark", and Clark, upon waking up, crashes onto his bed in his room, proving that he had actually been hovering in his sleep. A few days later, Jonathan, Martha and even Clark, eat dinner together. Martha later speaks with Jonathan and tells him that he is being too hard on Clark about the whole football thing. Days later, Lex stops by Kent house . to talk with Clark about the incident that took place at the Smallville Savings and Loan bank where "he" stole a stash of US money, claiming that that wasn't him because he was hosting a fertilizer reception in Metropolis at the exact time the robbery happened. After Clark uncontrollably uses his keen vision, he goes home and his parents show their support but he departs aggravated.

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

The Kent house is hit by a meteor.

During the second meteor shower, the Kent's house was struck by a meteor, while Jonathan, Martha and Jason Teague were inside.

Season Five

The house after the meteor shower.

After Clark tells his parents that Jor-El took his powers, he says tells them he's ready to look forward to the future and is going to start by rebuilding the house.

Season Six

Season Seven

Season Eight

Season Nine

Season Ten


Clark: Let me guess, you stashed my spaceship up in the attic?
Jonathan: Actually it's in the storm cellar.
Season One, Pilot


  • Several people have died in the Kent house. Jason Teague was killed by a meteor from the 2005 meteor shower, while Brady was murdered by Mack (a stalker of Lana Lang).
  • As a note to its physical appearance, what's really up those stairs is on your right a door that doesn't lead anywhere and in front is the lights for the kitchen down below. When you are in the living room one window on the right of the fireplace is sunny Smallville of the day and on the left is a dark night Smallville. From the front door to the kitchen, half way next to the table (shown in Fanatic when Jonathan takes his pills) is a secret door (


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