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The Kent barn is a barn on the Kent Farm.
The Barn

The Kent Barn

Physical Appearance

The Kent barn contains many items of the Kent Farm's farming equipment.

In addition, it contains a loft, furnished like a den, where Clark Kent spent much of his time before he moved to Metropolis.


The Legion Safe House #47.

In the 31st century the Kent barn has been renovated constructed with metal walls. It has also been updated with modern technology like robots and computers with hologram touch screens. It is used as the Legion Safe House #47.

Early History

Season One

The Kent Barn is one of the main scenes in Season 1.

Season Two


Clark burns a Kryptonian symbol into the side of the barn.

After Clark put the Key in the cave wall and 'downloaded' the Kryptonian language, he unintentionally burnt the Kryptonian symbol for 'Hope' on the barn. Jonathan and Clark covered the wall up, but not before Chloe photographed it.

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

In Reckoning, Jonathan Kent collapsed in the Kent barn after a fight with Lionel Luthor over-extended his heart. He managed to stagger outside where Martha and Clark saw him and were with him when he shortly afterwards died.

Season Six

Barn Door

The barn door flies off.

After the events of Dark Thursday, Clark is run down and develops a cold. Clark's first sneeze blows the barn door off its hinges and high into the air and it almost hits Lois when it lands in a distant part of the farm.

Season Seven

Season Eight

Chloe and Jimmy's wedding was held in the Kent Barn. During the event, Doomsday crashed through the barn and kidnapped Chloe. When Chloe returned, free of her infection, the Legion helped Clark repair the barn.

Season Nine

In an alternate universe, Zod and his soldiers used the barn as a prison facility.

Season Ten

When Kara tried teaching Clark to fly, he crash-landed through the roof of the barn. (Supergirl)

Clark discovered Conner abilities with Tess Mercer in the barn as Conner was able to hold up a tractor in front of them. (Scion)

It is also where Clark was finally be able to gain the power of flight against Darksied. (Finale)


In Comics

In Geoff Johns' Superman: Secret Origins and Mark Weid's Superman: Birthright, the barn is shown more regularly, and in particularly the loft and Clark's telescope have been presents as parts of Clark's childhood. The barn is also used now by Superboy.

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