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The Kent truck survives yet another accident.

"Well, Mr. Kent, your family sure has its way of going through vehicles."--Sheriff Adams, Delete

In Seasons 1-5, the Kents used a truck as their primary vehicle. The one they are usually seen driving is a red Dodge Ram pickup, but they also used others on some occasions. Since the death of Jonathan Kent, there has been much less focus on the day-to-day farm work, and fewer scenes involving their truck.

In Season 6, the Kent farm truck is a Toyota Tundra (red or blue in color, depending on the episode) as part of a promotional deal with Toyota. From Season 7 onward, Clark is seen driving a late-model Dodge Ram pickup (as opposed to the 80's vintage Dodge Ram seen in earlier seasons).


The Kents were extremely accident prone, particularly when it came to vehicles. Their farm trucks were involved in a large number of accidents. Usually, when one was involved in an accident, it was damaged seemingly beyond repair. Somehow, though, the truck showed up in following episodes, with no mention ever being made of how the vehicle was fixed.

Season 1

Season 2

  • Fever: After becoming dizzy from exposure to kryptonite spores, Clark crashes into a ditch.
  • Exodus: The truck is overturned by the shockwave that was created by the explosion of Clark's ship.

Season 3

Season 5

  • Splinter: Clark wrecks this truck while hallucinating that a black truck is ramming him due to the effects of silver kryptonite.



  • Clark often went to Metropolis with the Kent Farm truck, yet it is unknown if he drove or carried it at super speed, which would account for the longevity of the vehicle as well as his quick arrival in Metropolis.