"This farm has been in your family for three generations -- four, counting Clark."—Martha to Jonathan Kent, Exile

The Kent Farm is the estate of the Kent family. For generations, the farm has been owned by the Kent family with Clark Kent, Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent.

Since Jonathan's death in January 2006 and Martha's succession of his State Senate seat, their son Clark ran the farm almost single-handedly before considering selling it. It is known that the farm was still actively raising animals and producing organic crops as recently as Spring of 2008.[1] In 2008, Clark got a job in Metropolis at the Daily Planet and simultaneously began saving random strangers as the Blur. He used the excuse that farm work kept him busy.[2]

By 2011, the deed to the farm was transferred to Clark and Lois by Martha as an early wedding present to them, with them deciding to sell it.[3] In the end, Lois and Clark kept the farm.[4][5]

Physical Appearance

The Kent Farm is located on Hickory Lane in Smallville, Kansas 66605.[6] It is the oldest farm in Lowell County.[7] It is adjacent to the Smallville cemetery.[8] The home phone number is 555-0145.[9]

The Kent farm includes the following locations:

In addition, the Kent Farm also has a concrete and steel grain silo and a steel windmill.[10][11]

Known Residents


  • Hiram Kent and his wife Jessica owned the Kent farm.
  • Jonathan and Martha took the responsibility of taking care of the Kent Farm; this was after the death of Hiram and Jessica.
  • Clark and Lois received ownership of Kent Farm from Martha as a wedding present.


  • As of 2011, the Kent Farm doesn't have any residents. Clark and Lois had lived there for a while, but moved out to a new apartment in 2011; Conner Kent moved to D.C., alongside Shelby.[12]
  • For a very brief period of time, Lex Luthor stayed with the Kents.[13]
  • Lois Lane lived on the farm during what should have been her freshman year of college for several months.[14][15] After the destruction of the Talon, Lois moved back onto the farm with Clark.[16] She is the only resident of the farm who has never participated in helping out with the farm chores.
  • In May 2007, Martha left Smallville and moved to Washington, D.C., to take a seat in the US Senate. For a short time, Clark was the farm's only inhabitant.
  • Shortly after Martha's departure, Clark's Kryptonian cousin Kara was released from suspended animation and moved in with Clark. Although she didn't partake in most farm chores, she enjoyed feeding the animals.[17]
  • Lana Lang sought refuge at the farm after faking her death. She lived with Clark as the two attempted to have a "normal" relationship, and often helped Clark unload commodities.[11] While she was suffering from a strange Kryptonian catatonia, she was relocated to the hospital for care. After her recovery, she left Clark and Smallville for the foreseeable future. At the same time, Kara's whereabouts were unknown, so Clark once again lived alone for a time. Kara returned to the farm, but Clark soon realized that she was Brainiac in disguise, with the real Kara trapped in the Phantom Zone.
  • Conner Kent, while not living on the farm, frequently visited as Clark helped mentor him so he could learn to control his abilities. After his red kryptonite rampage, he tried to make up for it by helping out on the farm doing chores. During this time he helped repair the damaged barn and installing new fence posts.[18]
  • In the summer of 2008, Clark was trapped in the collapsing Fortress of Solitude, then held captive in a Russian work camp, so for a time, the Kent farm was uninhabited.[19][20]
  • Clark invited Lois to live with him on the farm in her "old room", but she turned him down. Later she took him up on the offer, but changed her mind after getting a raise at work.[21][22] While they were dating and Lois was under the influence of gemstone kryptonite persuasion, she started to try to move back in but after the effects wore off, she decided against it. After the Talon was destroyed, Lois moved back onto the farm with Clark. She lived there until they both moved to a Metropolis apartment in 2011.

Early History

The Kent Home

The House

This parcel of land was settled by Nathaniel Kent, son of Silas and Abigail Kent, for his family back in 1871. Nathaniel and his wife, Mary nGlenowen, created an original two-room farmhouse out of logs from walnut trees Nathaniel cleared on the land. The living area consisted of a large room with a fireplace/stove for heating and cooking and a table with benches where members of the family ate their meals. A small room housed the sleeping quarters. Nathaniel served as one of Smallville's first sheriffs. With the success of the fertile land and the expanding size of the family came a bigger house built in 1903, a distance away from the original homestead and closer to the new dirt road that leads to town. Constructed out of wooden boards, the new home contained a large kitchen with dining area, a living area and two bedrooms—one for the parents and the other for all of the children. An indoor commode and two more rooms were added in 1938, and in 1957 a second story was built. Shortly after marrying Martha, Jonathan constructed a wraparound porch, painted the house yellow and surrounded the home with a white picket fence for his new bride. The couple gutted and completely renovated the residence over the past several years. During the second meteor shower, the house was severely damaged, but has since been rebuilt. The furnishings include a very interesting antique upright piano, although none of the current family have ever been seen to play it.

The Barn

The Barn

Rich in history, the Kent Farm has survived the 1930s Dust Bowl, tornadoes and snowstorms as well as the great meteor shower. The original barn was built in 1872 and housed many different farm animals but was destroyed by the Irving Tornado of 1879. Another barn was immediately erected but was struck by lightning in 1926 and burned to the ground. Its replacement—built in 1926—was converted to a stable 30 years ago and now stands adjacent to the large barn—with a loft—constructed in 1970. The first wooden chicken coop was assembled in the early 1900s.

Hiram Kent, Jonathan's father, built a storm cellar during the 1950s to protect his family from the many tornadoes that plague the state and some say to provide shelter from the threat of nuclear war. The storm cellar was destroyed in May 2003. The Kent Farm also has a concrete and steel grain silo and a steel windmill.



The Dairy.

Over the years, the Kent farm has grown alfalfa, corn, wheat, oats, soybeans, milo, grain sorghum, potatoes and sugar beets. At one time, the Kent farm was known as the major cattle-feeder in the area. The family has also raised dairy cows, sheep, goats, pigs, workhorses and chickens. [citation needed]

During her married life, Martha Kent, a "city girl" from Metropolis, helped her husband farm their land and raise their animals. She particularly enjoys taking care of the chickens. [citation needed] Martha began growing her own organic produce several years ago by researching organic gardening and recognizing her own need to grow produce without pesticides. She plants her plot near the house using only organic seeds and in complete accordance with the organic produce guidelines. Over the years, her interest in organic gardening grew into a thriving business. She produces tomatoes, squash, berries, herbs, wheat and flowers. She also has a small apple orchard. Mrs. Kent sells her produce at the Farmers' Market. She has also transformed the chicken coop and removed all cages. The chickens run freely in the buildings when they are not outside clucking in the yard [citation needed]

When the Talon Theatre was converted into a coffee shop by Lana Lang, Martha produced pies and other pastries to be sold there. [citation needed]

21st Century

In 2001, Martha Kent was chased into a grain silo by Harry Volk. They were covered in grain, but rescued by Clark and Jonathan.[10]

Bob Rickman used his power of persuasion to convince Jonathan to sell the farm, but legal aid by Lex Luthor helped to delay the sale long enough for Kyle Tippet- who possessed the same powers as Rickman- to overpower and kill his former partner and current enemy.[23]


The Kent's herd of cattle dies in 2002.

The Kent's entire herd of cattle was poisoned with chemicals seemingly from LuthorCorp's fertilizer plant but in reality, it was Roy Rothman, brother of Amanda Rothman, in order to take revenge against Lex.[24]

The Kent Farm was quarantined and searched in early 2003 when Martha contracted a deadly toxin of unknown origin.[25]

An explosion in the storm cellar occurred in the Spring of 2003 and caused a powerful power surge throughout the town.[26]

When the Kents were unable to recover from financial problems, the farm was leveraged and they almost had to move out. However, Lex Luthor bought the land in the Kents' name, paid their debts, and gave them the deed in return for a compass that Jonathan had given him recently that had helped him find a safe location after a plane crash.[27]

Kent House

The Kent House is hit by a meteor in 2005.

The farm house was severely damaged in 2005 when it suffered a direct hit during the second meteor shower. However, it was rebuilt with help from the citizens of Smallville.[15]

In 2006, Martha Kent arranged for Lionel Luthor to contribute a significant amount of money to Jonathan Kent's campaign for State Senate. When Jonathan found out, he offered Lionel a sizable portion of the farm land known as the "Back Forty" (Acres) as collateral to pay their debt. After Jonathan's sudden death, Lionel, for his part, refused to accept Jonathan's payment. He absolved their debt and gave the land back to the Kents.[28][29]

When Martha left the farm and moved to Washington, D.C., Clark mentioned that he would lease out the Back Forty to a neighboring farmer, Ben Hubbard. He also intended for Ben to look after the farm when he planned to begin his training in the Fortress of Solitude but later changed his mind about going due to Kara's appearance in his life.[30][31]


Lana Lang stands in the destroyed Kent barn after Chloe's disastrous wedding in Legion.

Clark allowed a feature-film version of the Warrior Angel comic book to be filmed at the farm. The film featured popular movie star Rachel Davenport and the farm was overrun with paparazzi during her stay.[32]

In late 2008, Clark and Lois hosted Chloe and Jimmy's wedding at the Kent Farm. Doomsday attacked the wedding and kidnapped Chloe. Davis did heavy damage to the barn before he left.[33] Clark had the barn repaired with the Legion of Super-Heroes.[34]

In an alternate time-line the farm was taken over by the Kandorians, as it was branded with the Mark of Zod and the symbol of Kandor.[35]


Clark and Lois share a tender moment on the Kent porch as they decide to move to Metropolis.

Apparently even though Clark has been working at the Planet, his abilities allow him to keep the farm in running order.

Later Martha gave Clark and Lois the deed to the estate, and later a real-estate agent came by to look over the place. Lois and Clark moved into an apartment in Metropolis and decided to sell the farm.[3]

Clark was going to close escrow, the day after his wedding to Lois.[36] However, the sell seemingly fell apart, with Lois and Clark keeping the farm.[4] Even after moving to Metropolis, Clark continued keeping some of his Kryptonian gadgets on the farm.[5]


  • The Kent Farm is actually 843 248th Street, Langley, BC, Canada (Corner of 8th Ave and 248th Street). Note the farm has two entrances; the farm's "television entrance" is on 8th Ave.[37] Not even a few miles south of the property is the International Boundary shared between Canada and the United States of America. Coordinates: N 49.01622°, W 122.53702° The farm was for sale in summer 2010.
  • The Kent Farm and Luthor Mansion are legendary for being the only sets and places to survive from the Pilot all the way to Finale, Part 2. Although the Luthor Mansion was burned down, it was still shown with Tess trying to rebuild. The Kent Barn represents where Clark learns he is an alien from his father and 10 years later is guided by Jonathan to fight Darkseid and save the world leading him to defeat his final foe in the very place where his destiny began.
  • According to Lois's flyer in Krypto, the Farm's telephone number is 913-555-0145.
  • The location used for the exterior of the Kent Farm have made appearances on Riverdale, The Flash and Supergirl.

In the Comics


Kents Farm in the comics

The Kent Farm located on the outskirts of the actual town of Smallville, has been an iconic staple of the Superman mythology since the Silver Age of comics. In nearly all telling of Superman's Origins (save his Golden Age origins), his adopted parents Martha and Jonathan found Superman in a neighbor's farm on the night that Clark's ship landed on Earth. The couple of course adopted Clark, and raised him on the farm.

However, depending on the continuity, the Farm has many times fallen out of the hands of the Kent Family. During the 1950s Superboy Comics, the Kent family sold the Farm when Clark was a teen and opened instead a general store and owned a house inside Smallville itself. This history was reconnected later, to where the Kent Family retained the farm for Clark's entire life. However, in some cases Clark or Martha would eventually sell the farm soon after the death of Jonathan Kent, due to the fact that Clark lived in Metropolis and Martha was too old to run the farm alone.

In the current continuity however, the Farm remains with the Kent Family, despite the death of Jonathan. Martha remains on the farm and runs it along with the help of Superboy (Conner Kent) and Shelby.

Over the years the Farm has been a home for many of Superman's friends and allies including Superboy (Conner Kent), Mon-El, Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), Matrix Supergirl, Christopher Kent, Lois Lane, Lana Lang and Krypto. A few times, Jonathan and Martha have allowed for the Kent Farm to used as a meeting place for Clark's super-hero friends, due in large part to the obscurity of the Kent Farm. For example during Grant Morrison's run on JLA, Batman, Superman and Aquaman met in the Kent Kitchen to discuss the reforming of the team.

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