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"Kent" is the seventeenth episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the two hundred-thirteenth episode overall. It aired on April 15, 2011.


Clark is shocked to find a mirror box in the barn. Clark Luthor surprises him and sends Clark Kent back to the alternate reality where Clark runs into a very angry Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Clark Luthor visits Tess and tells her that if she doesn't side with him he'll murder her. Lois asks Emil to help her bring Clark Kent back.


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The alternate universe (Earth-2) is shown in green.

Lois and Clark get an early wedding gift from Martha

Lois Lane is falling asleep at her desk in the Daily Planet at almost five in the morning. Just then Clark Kent speeds in and drops off cartons of Chinese food. Clark and Lois talk about how they have not seen much of each other at the farm: with Lois working so hard to get an upcoming job promotion opportunity and Clark patrolling around the Earth. Clark presents Lois with an early wedding gift from Martha. It is also revealed that Conner is staying with Martha in Washington. When they open the gift, they find the deed to the farm. Lois assumes they were given the farm because it would be a great place to start their life together. But Clark wonders if she gave it to them to sell it. Meanwhile back at the loft, Clark Luthor returns from the alternate universe.

A Realtor arrives at the Kent house

The next morning Lois is in the kitchen when there is a knock at the door. She is shocked to find a real estate agent who comes barging into the house and begins to look around. Lois assumes Clark called her and becomes very upset.

Clark Luthor has returned

Clark then returns to the loft and is on the phone with Martha. He thanks her for the wedding present and promises that he will visit her and Conner soon. He then notices that some of his things are all over the floor and spots the mirror box on the table. Clark Luthor comes out from behind the corner and activates the mirror box in Clark Kent's hand, sending him to Earth-2, as well as then crushes the mirror box.

Oliver Queen's funeral

Clark Kent is transported to the Smallville Cemetery where a funeral is being held for Oliver Queen in Earth-2. Lois is revealed as Oliver's widow. She places flowers on his casket and spots Clark. While the priest gives the eulogy Jonathan Kent appears. Jonathan begins to rant about how Oliver ruined Smallville, as well as destroyed good hard working families and then he spits on his casket.

Clark sees Jonathan at the funeral

While Kent is at the funeral he is weakened by the Earth-2 Lois Queen, who opens a box of kryptonite in front of him. She says that he has a lot of nerve showing up after he murdered Oliver for exposing Luthor's identity as Ultraman and weakness to green kryptonite to the rest of the Earth. She asks him what it feels like to be the most hated man on the Earth. Kent is able to convince her that he is the "Good Clark" from the other reality. Frightened, Lois tells him that everybody knows about his weakness, as well as that everybody in the city is armed with kryptonite and that he will be hit on every side. She tells him to find a way out of this reality as quickly as possible. Clark agrees but says he first has to take care of something, as he watches Jonathan Kent walk away from the funeral.

Luthor pretends to be Kent

Back in Earth 1, Clark Luthor reads a message from Lois to meet him at an apartment. When he gets there Lois apologizes for acting crazy towards the real estate agent and that she found the apartment in the rental pages. Luthor doesn’t let on that he is not who Lois thinks he is. He tries to get her to tell him how to find Lionel, so he can kill him. Lois tells him to go find Tess and ask her about it. When "Clark" contemptously breaks the telescope Lois has set up for sentimental value, Lois realizes that it is Ultraman. When he leaves, Lois desperately tries to call Tess, but to no avail.

Tess has a dangerous encounter

Tess is at the Luthor Mansion, asking the foreman how much it would cost to tear the place down to the ground. Clark Luthor shows up. Tess jokingly asks him to use his powers to burn the place to the ground to help save her money. However Luthor laments at how a family lived here. Tess says that the weeds will take over the place. Clark Luthor begins to gently rub his hand and Tess realizes who he is. Clark tells her that he wants to get rid of Lionel but before the conversation can go further they are interrupted by the foreman. Ultraman smiles and says that they have all the time in the world.

Jonathan of Earth-2

Clark Kent follows Jonathan Kent back to the barn and searches for him. He walks up the stairs and is hit across the face and falls down the stairs. Jonathan approaches him holding kryptonite rock.

Emil and Lois work on the Mirror box

Lois and Emil Hamilton are back at the barn trying to piece back together the mirror box that Emil and Tess had recovered after Kent had destroyed it. Tess calls them from the Daily Planet and says that she will do everything she can to find and stall Luthor until they get the mirror box working.

Tess receives a gift from Ultraman

Just then she sees a box on her desk and opens it to find a dress with a note from Clark Luthor telling her to meet him at the Ace of Clubs. Luthor then appears behind Tess. Tess is surprised that the dress is in her perfect size. Clark says that he knows everything about her and every step she takes, as well as then disappears.

Jonathan holds Clark prisoner

Jonathan Kent has Clark Kent tied to a chair exposing him to green kryptonite. He blames Clark for ruining his life because the meteor shower destroyed the farm and the fields. When Jonathan wasn’t able to pay for the farm Oliver Queen bought it out from under him so he could harvest the land for meteor rocks. Jonathan says he has been secretly living there since Oliver Queen bought it in order to find more gold kryptonite so he could buy back the farm and go back to living his life. When Clark asks where Martha is, Jonathan says that she left him once things started to get bad. Clark Kent tells Jonathan the truth about where he is from, as well as how in his reality, Jonathan and Martha find Clark and raise him as their own son. He convinces Jonathan to let him go so he can prove it to him.

Clark and Tess meet for a date

Tess meets Ultraman for dinner at the Ace of Clubs. Clark tells Tess that he wants to find Lionel Luthor so he can kill him and finally free them both from the hold Lionel has over them. He appeals to Tess’ vulnerability in feeling abandoned and wanting to be free from nightmares. He also claims that she harbors feelings for Clark Kent and she knows that he will never feel the same. Clark Luthor offers her a new life with him, the Clark that "wants" her. He then gives her an ultimatum to either help him, or die.

Clark proves his identity

Jonathan has untied Clark Kent. Clark then walks down the hallway and grabs a shot gun that was hidden in a ceiling board. He tells Jonathan that it belonged to his grandfather. Jonathan asks how he knew it was there and Clark tells him Jonathan always likes to keep it close when Coyotes come into the fields. He reminds Jonathan of all the lessons that he ever taught Clark growing up and how he is the man he is today because of Jonathan's guidance. As police sirens are heard in the distance (Jonathan called them earlier) he tells Clark Kent to leave, but Clark says that he won't leave without him. Clark then tells him to fix his life by going after Martha and getting her back. Jonathan thanks him and calls him "son." They go to hug but before they can, Clark Kent is pulled back to his version of Earth.

Lois is relieved when Kent returns

Clark Kent lands back in the house with Lois and Emil. Lois is thrilled to have her Clark back, they embrace each other. Kent then asks where Luthor is.

Tess hesitates about her decisions.

Clark Luthor prepares to murder Tess

At the LuthorCorp building, Tess shows Clark Luthor how to find Lionel via the GPS they planted on them. When Clark speeds off to catch him, Tess re-routes the GPS to somewhere else. Seconds later, Luthor is back saying that it’s done and now they can live their new life together. At first Tess is shocked, but Ultraman reveals that he knew about Tess re-routing the GPS, as well as grabs her by the neck. He bangs her head against the window, shattering it. Tess pleads with him to give her another chance because deep down she really does wants to start a life with him. Luthor says that he can no longer trust her. Before he can push her out the window, Kent comes in and saves her. Kent and Luthor then have a fight which takes them to the fortress of Solitude. Kent tells Luthor that their biological father is there, as well as has given them all the knowledge of the universe. Luthor says that it’s nothing but a music box with no music. Kent assures Luthor that Lionel lied to him, as well as that he can still talk with his father and also gain redemption on Earth 2 for the things he has done. Kent tells Luthor that he can make a difference in the other Earth, before calling out for Jor-El. Jor-El then sends him back to the Earth 2 fortress of Solitude.

Clark Luthor in his fortress

Clark Luthor calls out for his father and Jor-El welcomes his son home.

Tess and Emil discuss the day's events

Later Tess and Emil are talking about Gold kryptonite and how it has the ability to permanently take away Clark’s powers. Tess tells him that she will get her team on it. Emil then inquires about Tess' dinner with Ultraman. He tells her he reviewed the footage of them together and that she looked tempted to take him up on his offer. Tess tells Emil that he doesn't know the kind of person she really is. Emil says he does know the real her, even if she doesn't believe it yet herself.

Clark and Lois share a moment after deciding to move to Metropolis

Back at the farm Clark Kent and Lois are on the porch. Lois asks Clark what happened in the other universe that shook him up so bad. Kent doesn’t tell her about meeting Jonathan, as well as says that all he tried to do was to get home. Clark reveals that he did not call the real estate agent, but it did shed some light about how they really feel about selling the farm. Clark Kent says that lately he has been trying to keep the things that protected him, such as the Kent farm. Kent tells Lois " I've been worried that if we didn't have this place to come home to, we'd lose each other, this place grounds us". Lois reassures Clark that no matter where they live, he is all she needs. Clark Kent then tells her that he is going to call the real estate agent in the morning.

Jonathan visits Martha

Jonathan Kent walks up to an apartment building and rings the buzzer of Martha Kent's apartment, hoping to start anew.



Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Ellie Harvie as Marge Manners
  • Jim Shepard as Minister
  • Steve Makaj as Contractor




  • Antagonist: Clark Luthor
  • Clark Luthor and Earth-2 return in this episode.
  • Clark Luthor (CL) uses his mirror box to transport from Earth-2 to Earth-1. When he arrives, he still has his mirror box with him because he leaves it for Clark Kent (CK) to find. It can be assumed that the box came with him because it was in his possession when he transported. He then comments about CK having destroys his copy. CL next triggers the mirror box, sending CK to Earth-2. However, although CK was the only one holding the box, it remained in Earth-1. A possible explanation is that each box remains is metaphysically tied to the realm to which it belongs. Thus, the Earth-2 mirror box would remain with CL since both are from the same realm. However, if each box remains with its associated realm, then that leaves the issue of the Earth-2 mirror box leaving Earth-2 at all.
  • Earth-2's Oliver Queen was murdered by Luthor for revealing that he was Ultraman and that kryptonite could remove his powers and even kill him.
  • Oliver Queen does not appear in this episode.
  • Gold kryptonite may be capable of permanently removing Kryptonian powers, according to Emil.
  • John Schneider returns (as a "Special Guest Star") in his role as Jonathan Kent, but from Earth-2.
  • In Earth-2, Jonathan and Martha are separated.
  • Clark has sent Conner to Washington to live with or at least visit Martha.
  • Kent meets Luthor on-screen in this episode. Both of these Clarks are played by Tom Welling. This is the seventh time Welling has shared a scene with himself in the series after Season Two's Visage when Clark Kent fought Tina Greer, in Season Four's Crusade when Clark Kent faced off against his Kal-El persona as a result of being exposed to Black kryptonite, in Season Six's Phantom and Season Seven's Bizarro and Persona when he fought Bizarro and the sixth time was in Homecoming when he shared an elevator ride with his future self.
  • Clark Luthor forces Tess to admit that she harbors secret feelings for Clark Kent.
  • Clark and Lois gain ownership of the Kent Farm from Martha Kent as an early wedding present.
  • Clark and Lois decide to get an apartment in Metropolis.
  • The Voice of Jor-El (Earth-2) is re-used audio from Season Five's Arrival and is uncredited.
  • This episode marks Jeannot Szwarc's last directorial credit on the show.
  • This is the third time that Clark has fought a member of the Luthor Family, after Lex in Season Five's Vessel and Season Seven's Fracture.
    • Ironically on this occasion, he fights himself, having being raised as a Luthor.
  • This is the 15th and final onscreen appearance of Emil Hamilton. He is the 4th most frequently seen recurring character in the series after Jor-El, Nancy Adams and Brainiac. He appeared in more episodes than series regulars Major Zod and Davis Bloome. He appears in Smallville Season 11 Issue 2.
  • Green kryptonite makes its last appearance of the series in this episode.
  • The conversation between Tess and Emil at the end of the episode reveals that Emil is one of the few characters (confirmed) to know that Tess is a Luthor, as he refers to Lionel as her father. The only other team members who are confirmed to know the truth are Clark (who found out in Luthor) and Lois (who found out off-screen at some point prior to Scion). It is likely that he found out at some point after the events of Fortune.
  • When Ultraman is searching the Computer in Watchtower, the screen shows many folders One of them is named Justice League.


Homages to Previous Seasons



Lois Lane: You want to help me out here?
Clark Luthor: You're kinda cute when you squirm.
Lois Lane: Okay, bonus.

Tess: Don't worry, the weeds will grow up and take the place over. They are Luthor weeds, after all.
Clark Luthor: There's a life here, a family.
Tess: They lived here, but this was never a home.

Clark Luthor: Listen, Tess, I know better than anyone what it's like to walk around with a--a mark on you. It's lonely.
Tess: Being the world's greatest hero is just a little bit different than being Satan's child.
Clark Luthor: Angel or devil is in the eye of he who beholds it.
Tess: "He who beholds it"? What have you been watching a little too much BBC lately?

Clark Kent: Look, this may be hard for you to understand considering everything that's happened to you in this world. You taught me so much. You taught me to be fair and honest. You taught me the only person in control of your destiny...
Jonathan-2: Is you.
Clark Kent: You were the man that I tried to live up to. You didn't have powers, and you didn't have a destiny to save the world, but you were my hero. And I lost you.

Jonathan-2: You don't even know me. I'm just an obsessed man hanging onto a place as if memories could make up a lifetime.
Clark Kent: This place isn't your home. Martha is. It's not the place, it's the people in it. And Martha's still here. You still have a chance. It's better to risk everything than hold onto nothing.
Jonathan-2: Who told you that?
Clark Kent: You did.

Clark Kent: You made yourself the most hated man in your world. But there's still a chance of redemption for you.
Clark Luthor: Redemption? Looks like the two of us have different preoccupations.
Clark Kent: I'm sorry that you weren't found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The thing is, you could have killed Tess in an instant. But something was holding you back. You can go to your world and show people what you can give them, change their minds.
Clark Luthor: Why would you ever believe in me?
Clark Kent: Because I know you. And Lionel's not there anymore. You don't need to be defined by your past, you can choose a different future. So trust me.

Emil: You looked tempted to me, by him. By his offer to make your father disappear for good. That's not the Tess I know.
Tess: Maybe I'm not the person you think I am.
Emil: Maybe you are. Maybe you just don't believe it yet.

Lois Lane: Admittedly I'm no Martha Kent, so instead of lemonade, you get the finest micro-brew in Kansas.

Clark Kent: Lois, I've been trying to hold onto things that used to protect me. This farm, my parents. I've known we should be moving to Metropolis for a while now. I guess I was afraid that I'd lose myself if I let it all go.
Clark Kent: I've been worried that if we didn't have this place to come home to, that we'd lose each other. This place grounds us. Maybe that was just an excuse for me not to, not to move on. It's not the place that makes the home.
Lois Lane: Smallville is my home, Clark. Not this one, this Smallville, right here. You're all I'll ever need. And if you need to move to Metropolis because that's who the world needs you to be, then a studio apartment with rusty pipes is just fine for me. In fact, I think they invented an apple-pie air freshener

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