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Karen Gallagher was the mother of Evan, a metahuman child with the ability to age rapidly. She was a senior student at Smallville High School in the same class as Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang.

Powers and Abilities

Season Four

Karen went to a party at schoolmate Cristina Verano's house and "apparently went NC-17 with some guy in the bedroom". She discovered the following day that she got pregnant, and tearfully called the father of the child, Tanner Sutherland, who went over and was shock to find that her pregnancy was already advanced. The fetus grew rapidly and her pregnancy went to full term within one week. When Tanner was driving her to the hospital, Karen went into labour just outside of Evan's Field. Seeing her belly beginning to glow, the panicked Tanner abandoned her in the car and fled. The subsequent childbirth resulted in an explosion that vaporized Karen and the car, leaving a newborn baby unscathed in the middle of a large crater.

The energy surge from the explosion drew the attention of Clark and Lana, who happened to be driving by. They named baby Evan after the field they found him in. The Kents and Lana took care of Evan, but quickly realized that he was aging at a dangerously rapid rate, growing to a teenager within 48 hours. Chloe managed to track down Karen Gallagher's identity, and Clark enlisted Lex Luthor's help in an attempt to save Evan from dying.