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Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton is a six-part animated series featuring Kara. It explores her time on her home planet before her father sent her to Earth.

Episode 1

Zor-El with the council.

Zor-El has a conversation via hologram with the Kryptonian Science Council, regarding seismic disturbances on Krypton. Jor-El believes that the mining operations in Kandor, which Zor-El oversees, are the cause, but Zor-El blames General Zod's continuing attacks. Initially, the Council wants to scale back the mining operation until a proper investigation can be undertaken, but Zor-El points out that Zod controls all of Krypton's other mines and that, without Kandor's facility operating at full capacity, they will be unable to maintain the war defense effort. Reluctantly, the Council agrees to continue mining at current levels.

Kara visits Zor-El after his conversation, on her way to school. The two discuss the difficulty of the war, with Zor-El concerned about how hard it must be for Kara. Kara tells her father that she is stronger than she appears, and the two express their love for each other before Kara leaves for school.

At school, just before entering, Kara meets a boy, Augo, who tries to persuade her that they should leave instead of attending class. The two have an obvious romantic connection. Kara explains that she cannot miss class, as her father will know, and turns to run into the building. However, a warning from Augo stops her, just as the building explodes.

Episode 2

Zor-El talking with Zod minions.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Augo lifts debris off Kara and then takes her to safety at her home. The attack is blamed on Zod, who has also bombed several other key areas of Kandor: The Council's military headquarters and the government building among them.

Concerned for her father, Kara takes an elevator far down into Krypton's core to the mining station. When she arrives, Zor-El is having a conversation via hologram with Aethyr and Nam-Ek with the Black Ship visible behind them ready for their departure, revealing both his association with Zod's campaign and that he had advance knowledge of the recent attacks. The two Disciples of Zod plan to begin their final assault on Kandor, now that the city's defenses have been weakened. Before signing off, they all say "Hail Zod" to one another. Seconds after the conversation ends, Kara enters the room.

Episode 3

Kara enters the room and confronts Zor-El. Zor-El tries to explain that he isn't an ally of Zod but is using him as his plan is far larger: He is devoted to Rao's prophecy in which he will go to Earth to rule over the humans as a god. Kara yells at him, stating he almost sacrificed his daughter's life when he bombed the school. However, Zor-El says that she was never in danger because his disciple Augo was watching over her, as he was ordered to do.

Kara then runs into the crystal ore storeroom and hides behind one of the tables. Whilst Zor-El and Augo look for her, Zor-El talks to her and tells her that one day she'll come around to his way of thinking and understand why he's doing all of this. Zor-El then finds her and Augo takes her away to her house while Zor-El tells her that he plans to ignite Krypton's core.

Episode 4

Kara push Augo into the elevator.

At Kara's home, she and Augo are overlooking the damage caused to Kandor. After a few moments, Kara tells Argo that she does understand her father's plan and that she believes it'll work out perfectly. Augo is overjoyed because she's come around to their way of thinking. He tells her the rest of the plan, stating that he's relieved because they with both go with Zor-El to Earth, where he will be a god among men and all of them will reign.

In Kandor's mining control room, Zor-El is activating the ignition of Krypton's core. He sets it to start fully drilling and the countdown begins. Just before it goes into the water to mine, the machine stops. Zor-El is confused until Jor-El contact him through a communication crystal and tells him that he's been ordered to stop mining. Zor-El states that he has already gotten approval from the council to keep going. However, Jor-El tells him that Zod has been captured. Zor-El tells him that it is great news, but Jor-El tells him that he knows about his recent continuous trips to Earth. He tells Zor-El that all of the portals leaving Krypton have been closed. He also informs Zor-El that he is going to be detained due to suspicion that he is collaborating with Zod. Jor-El then powers off the control room, locking it down to keep Zor-El prisoner until he someone comes to detain him.

Back at Kara's home, Augo tells Kara watching over her was an assignment, but he fell in love with her along the way. She tells him she feels the same before pushing him into the elevator and sending him into Krypton's core. She then goes to stop Zor-El.

Episode 5

Zor-El erased his daughter's memories.

Zor-El contacts the Brain InterActive Construct and tells him to override the remote power shutdown of Kandor's control room, and the ignition of Krypton's core re-activates.

At Kara's home, she activates the hologram and selects the House of El. She contacts Lara-El and tells her of Zor-El's plan. Lara says she will notify Jor-El immediately, but Zor-El enters and grabs hold of Kara. She breaks free and pushes him onto the hologram crystals, where he is stabbed. Zor-El says that she is stronger than he thought, but then pulls out a Crystal of El and erases Kara's memory.

Lara tells Zor-El he will fail and that the teleportation portals off Krypton are destroyed. Zor-El says that he is destined to survive Krypton, and Lara says that Kara's warning will give her son Kal-El a chance of survival. Zor-El then realizes that he cannot make the trip to Earth due to his injured body, and pulls out the blue crystal, saying that he and Lara will rise on Earth and rule.

Episode 6

The baby Kal-El

Kandor is being bombarded with missiles. Zor-El is changing his bloodied clothes when Kara wakes up with no memory of what happened before. Zor-El tells her that she was hit by a crystal and that she is being sent to Earth to meet her cousin Kal-El. Kara says that the journey is three years and that everything she knows and loves is on Krypton.

Jor-El and Lara go into Jor-El's lab and place baby Kal-El into his spaceship. Jor-El and Lara stand over their son as Jor-El says that he is saddened he will not see Kal-El grow old, but he is happy that he will have the chance to grow.

Kara on her ship.

Zor-El gives Kara the blue crystal and tells her that the world she knows will be safe. Kara climbs into her ship and it flies off. The ground then cracks open around Zor-El, exposing kryptonite and weakening him.

The two ships then fly into space as Krypton explodes in the background.


  • The characters featured are Kara, Zor-El, Jor-El, Lara-El, Kal-El, Augo, Brainiac, the Science Council, and the Disciples of Zod.
  • Originally, the episodes were made available on Sprint phones before being placed on The CW website and played during the later Season Seven episodes of Smallville.
  • Episode six begins with the opening sequence from Season Seven's Lara. It shows how Kara got into her ship to travel to Earth.
  • If Kara had not pushed Zor-El onto the crystals, he would have traveled with Kara to Earth in her ship.

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