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Kara's ship.

Kara's ship was a Kryptonian spaceship built by Zor-El to carry his daughter Kara and the blue crystal to Earth.

When Kara's ship crash-landed in Reeves Dam during the 1989 meteor shower, somehow its program malfunctioned and failed to awaken Kara, leaving her in a state of suspended animation for 18 years until the dam flooded out.

Physical Appearance

Lois photographs Kara's ship.

Like Kal-El's ship and the Black Ship, Kara's ship was built in the shape of the Kryptonian pentagon. The ship appeared to use virtually the exact same exterior design as the Black Ship, the only difference being the color.

Powers and Abilities

Kara's ship was capable of interstellar flight faster than the speed of light. According to Kara, her ship left Krypton right after Clark Kent's on the same course. Given that her ship crash-landed undetected, it most likely landed during the first meteor shower; this would imply a flight time of three years.

Kara's ship was likely considerably more spacious than Kal-El's ship, which barely had enough space for a small boy; it was capable of holding a 19 year-old girl. In addition, Kara's ship was originally planned to hold both Kara and her father Zor-El. (Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton) Brainiac's Black Ship, which appeared to have used a similar size and design, could also hold two adult Kryptonians.

Unlike Clark's ship, Kara's ship appears to have been capable of supporting suspended animation, stopping the aging process of its passengers as well as providing them with nutrients. It is unclear whether or not Kara was in suspended animation during her journey to Earth, as the difference in age between 16 and 19 years would not be immediately clear (as opposed to Kal-El, who went from being a baby to being roughly 3 years-old), but clearly Kara did not age while she was in Reeves Dam, as her ship was in suspended animation for 18 years. If she had not been in suspended animation, she would appear to be roughly twice her stated age of 19. This suggests that the suspended animation program of Kara's ship was substantially more advanced than the suspended animation program in Clark's ship. It could also support the theory that Kryptonians stop showing physical appearance of aging once they reach a certain age, as Clark has on numerous occasions throughout the series been told he would live longer than normal humans.

Kara's ship could only be opened by Kara. Should someone else try to open the ship, the ship would set off an alarm triggering a self-destruct sequence resulting in a nuclear-like explosion. This alarm would be transmitted over radio signals, disrupting the AM/FM signals in the area.

As for the electromagnetic field that lois talked about, it was not that but it was kara just hitting her so fast she did not see it .

Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton

Zor-El is shown preparing Kara's ship to take her to Earth, along with the blue crystal.

Season Seven

Kara's ship in the possession of government agents.

Kara's ship was found by Clark Kent and Lois Lane in a forest. However, Kara managed to subdue Lois and Clark, and warned them to stay away.

Kara's ship was stolen by government agents, who managed to find a way to open it. In doing so, they also activated the self-destruct sequence. Fortunately, Kara and Clark were able to find the ship, and Kara somehow absorbed the explosion so that no one was hurt. In the aftermath of the explosion, Kara was surprised to see the ship had completely disappeared.

Season Ten

After Clark had revealed his Identity to Lois, During the drive out of town. Lois learns about Clark's Kryptonian heritage and how much of it she had been exposed to many thing kryptonian related . Including her discovery of Kara's spaceship near Reeves Dam which Clark told her it belonged to his cousin.


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