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Kara's cuff bracelet.

Kara Kent Often wears a Kryptonian device in the form of a bracelet, which was engraved with the insignia of the House of El on it.

Powers and Abilities

Kara's bracelet is seen to possess just one power, based on the advanced Kryptonian technology it houses.

  • It is shown to repel certain hostile entities away from its wearer, using a bright light, as Kara is able to use it to repel Darkseid away from herself and Clark. (Supergirl)

Season Seven

When Kara lost her memory and her powers, the bracelet was her only link to her Kryptonian past. When she was in Detroit, Michigan, Kara dropped her bracelet while being chased by Jacob Finley; Lex Luthor found it, but soon after was shot by Finley. The bracelet turned up later in Lionel Luthor's vault; presumably, Lionel found the bracelet when his son was transported from Detroit to Smallville.

Kara is lost in thought as she fixes her bracelet onto her wrist.

Because Lionel was an emissary of Jor-El, he knew about the capabilities of the bracelet. And during the coming emergence of Brainiac, he wanted to insure that the bracelet would not fall into villainous hands. However, the true intentions that he could discuss with Clark had never made it to the surface.

Lex blackmailed Pete Ross, who had gained stretching powers from kryptonite-irradiated chewing gum, into stealing the bracelet from Lionel. Clark Kent stopped Pete from giving it to Lex, but Pete overpowered him with kryptonite and went to see Lex anyway. However, Pete left the bracelet behind, and Clark retrieved it. Lex then had his henchman torture Pete for information about the bracelet, but Pete (showing his loyalty to Clark) refused to give it up. Clark saved Pete, and knocked out Lex and his henchman.

Because Kara had lost her memory, Clark was afraid to give back her bracelet, worried that it might trigger memories about her past that Lex could then find out. He thus hid the bracelet under the floorboards of his barn.

After Jor-El restored Kara's memories and powers, Clark gave back Karas bracelet.

Season Eight

When Clark and Lois were trapped in the Phantom Zone, they were both attacked by a cloaked figure who knocked Lois out. The figure advanced on Clark, but Clark grabbed its wrist and was shocked to recognize Kara's silver cuff bracelet.

Season Ten

Kara's bracelet repelling Darkseid.

Kara told Clark that her bracelet was capable of opening portals. Kara uses the bracelet to repel Darkseid in his shape-shifting/possession form away from her and Clark.


  • In a deleted scene from Veritas, Brainiac needed to use Kara's bracelet to get back to Krypton.
  • Lara was seen in a hologram with Jor-el wearing a silver bracelet is engraved with the House of El symbol, which represents Lara's relationship with the El family. This can also be seen as a tongue in cheek reference to Lara playing Supergirl/Kara Zor-el in 1984.(Abandoned)