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"Kara" is the second episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-thirty-fourth episode overall. It aired on October 4, 2007.


Clark and Lois discover Kara's spaceship, but before they can open it, Kara appears and knocks Lois out. Clark is shocked after Kara tells him she is there to protect baby Kal-El. However, when Clark goes to the Fortress of Solitude to begin his training, Jor-El tells him Kara's father - Zor-El, who is Jor-El's brother - should be watched and is potentially more dangerous than Clark thinks. Therefore, Clark must stay in Smallville to find out why she came to Earth. Chloe and Lois butt heads with the Daily Planet's new editor with Lois ending up being hired. Lex makes a stunning discovery regarding Lana and Project Ares.


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Normal kara022

Lois and Clark walking up to the dam.

Clark and Lois are up near the area of the dam break. Lois is there to see if she can find anything about what was Lex up to. She tells Clark that he doesn't have to stay. Clark says that he is keeping her out of trouble. Clark announces that he is leaving Smallville and heading up north. Lois seems a little upset, but is then astonished by the discovery of a spaceship. Clark moves toward the craft, but backs away because of the green rocks around it. Clark recognizes it as a Kryptonian vessel. He tries to lie to her that it is not a spaceship, but Lois is adamant that it is. She takes a picture with her cellular phone. A moment later, she is hit and knocked through the air by a fast-moving object and lands back toward Clark unconscious. Clark then sees a mysterious woman standing in front of him. She crushes Lois' cell phone in her hand. They rush toward each other at super-speed and battle. She beats Clark and knocks him back for hundreds of feet through the woods. She catches up with her beaten opponent and tells him to leave. She flies up out of Earth's atmosphere and looks at a crystal that shows a picture of a baby. She then flies back toward the surface.

Chloe is in the Talon apartment looking over files of meteor-infected humans when Clark and Lois come in. Clark is still trying to convince Lois that it wasn't a spaceship, but isn't having much luck. He says maybe it was a school prop, but Lois points out that props don't knock people unconscious. Clark repeats the cover story that she fell in the mud, hitting her head on a rock. Lois intends to go straight to her editor at the Inquisitor with the news. As Lois goes to change, Clark tells Chloe everything he saw, including the blond Kryptonian girl that is as strong as he was and could fly. Chloe convinces Lois to go to the hospital for her bruises, to give Clark time to find the girl.

Normal kara125

Lex is being freed from prison.

Lex is being held at the Kansas State Penitentiary. His lawyer says he is being released because a disgruntled employee confessed that he killed Lana and his fingerprints were found at the scene. Lex says the man didn't do it, despite the evidence. Lex tells his lawyer that he thinks Lana is still alive.

Clark goes back to the dam and is shocked to discover that the ship is gone and the area is roped off as a crime scene. He sees two dead park rangers before the police tell him to leave. He suspects the Kryptonian girl is responsible.

At the Daily Planet in the building's loading bay, the latest issue declares Lionel Luthor is missing and presumed dead. Lex confronts Chloe, who is hostile towards him. She says she is not surprised to see him out of jail. He tells her that he thinks Lana is still alive and suspects that Chloe would know what her plans were. Chloe refuses to believe him and leaves. Clark then arrives at the Planet and tells Chloe about the dead park rangers and the missing ship. Chloe tells him there have been 911 reports that the mysterious woman has been appearing at preschools and scaring the children. She gives Clark her last known location.

Normal kara196

Kara looking for Kal-El.

At a preschool, the woman is picking children up and asking their names. Clark confronts her and super-speeds with her down a road until they're alone. Clark accuses her of killing people, but she denies it. She tries to fly away, but Clark grabs her ankles and body slams her to the ground. He sees the symbol of the House of El on her wrist cuff. He helps her up and asks what she is doing on Earth. She tells him she's searching for a young boy named "Kal-El". Clark tells her that he is Kal-El.

Normal kara233

Chloe and Lois meet Grant Gabriel.

Lois meets Chloe at the Planet. She has written a story about the ship and tries to convince Chloe to show it to her editor. Chloe, trying to both maintain secrecy and to protect Lois from ruining her career, refuses to do so. She explains that the Planet has just hired Grant Gabriel as Editor-in-Chief from the Star City Post. Grant appears during their conversation and Chloe eagerly introduces herself. Although he seems to know a lot about her, he brushes Chloe off and begins to question Lois about her story. He offers to publish it because it is the new direction he wants the paper to take, to the chagrin of the now-comparatively conservative Chloe.

Clark has taken Kara to his house. She is struggling to believe that he is Kal-El since he was a baby when she was tasked to watch over him, and her ship left Krypton right after his on the same course. Clark speculates that her ship crashed into the reservoir during the 1989 meteor shower. When the dam broke, the rushing water brought it to the surface. They reason that she must have been in suspended animation for eighteen years. Kara explains that her father Zor-El was Jor-El's brother, which means she and Clark are cousins. Clark asks why Jor-El never mentioned his brother, but Kara simply says the House of El was "dysfunctional". Setting the issue aside, she explains that she wants to get back to her ship, but was weakened by green rocks. Clark tells her they are radioactive parts of their home world Krypton. Kara is confused and Clark realizes that she doesn't know that Krypton exploded. Kara is upset by this news, but is still determined to find her ship. Clark tells her that it has been taken. She explains that if the humans attempt to open it, it will self-destruct in a nuclear-like explosion and only she can stop it.

At a government laboratory, a man orders his team of technicians to open the ship, but something goes wrong. He instructs that the extraction protocols have been activated and he tells everyone to get out.

Normal kara238

Gabriel speaks to Lois about her potential.

Lois arrives in Grant's office and tells her that Chloe should write the story since she is more talented than her. Grant tells Lois that Chloe has lost her "mojo" and has become content to write mundane news. Lois counters that her cousin's feelings mean a lot to her. He scoffs at her sentimentality. Lois turns and walks away, refusing the job. He pursues her to the elevator saying she is using her high ground to cover the fact that she doesn't have a good story. Lois counters with satellite photos that show a convoy moving something from the dam site to Granville. Grant tempts Lois by saying it is her choice to become a great reporter or a has-been with regrets.

Lex is back at home when one of his employees tells him they have tracked Lana down in Shanghai, China, using voice recognition software of telephone traffic. Lex tells him to prepare the jet for take off.

Normal kara408

Kara and Clark at the Daily Planet.

Clark takes Kara to the Daily Planet to see if Chloe has found anything. Kara is short and impatient with humanity's "ancient technology" because she wants to find her ship. She points out they should both look and asks Clark why he can't fly, to which he admits he isn't sure. Kara concludes that Kryptonian girls mature faster. Chloe has come up empty-handed. She says she only knows that AM/FM radio signals in Granville are being disrupted. Kara scoffs that stupid humans won't help, but Clark defends Chloe. He thinks perhaps the ship is responsible for the disrupted frequencies. Kara believes that it is the ship's alarm because the self-destruct has been initiated. Clark gets an idea for how she can locate her ship. He takes Kara to the roof top and informs her that super-hearing is one of their abilities. He teaches her to use it to focus and filter out all the overwhelming foreground noise to hear her ship's signal. They are successful and they head for the ship.

Normal kara496

Kara stopping the blast using her body.

Lois is already there with a video camera, having snuck by the road blocks. She goes into the abandoned bay where the ship is located. When she touches the Kryptonian glyphs, she is hit with a force of energy and is blown back unconscious. Clark and Kara arrive. As Clark goes to Lois' side, Kara stops the ship's explosion with her body, but to her confusion, the ship disappears.

Lex arrives at Lana's apartment in China, but she's already waiting for him and points a pistol at him. She claims to have deliberately led him to her. He tells her that he understands why she faked her death to ruin his life.

Normal kara563

Lana points a gun at Lex.

He even admires her for her brilliant plan. He reveals that Project Ares model #503 was a clone of Lana herself, but it was never brought to life. He has figured out that Lana stole the clone and blew it up to send him to prison for her "murder". He says he deserves to die for what he did to her. However, even though he offers no resistance, Lana cannot bring herself to do it. He takes the gun and tells her she can return to Smallville if she wishes and he will not bother her. As he leaves, he leaves the gun at the door. Lana is on the verge of tears.

Lois complains to Chloe that she didn't get much feedback about her story. Grant tells her he likes her story, but he is not going to print it since she didn't get photos of it and chides her for not carrying a backup camera. Still, he likes her writing enough to give her a job at the Daily Planet and a desk right across from Chloe. He quips that Lois' passion might reignite Chloe's flame that she let go out. Again, Chloe is chagrined.

Normal kara740

Lex's sketch of Kara.

At the Kent Farm, Kara is subdued and quiet in the loft. Clark tries to console her at the loss of Krypton. She still can't believe it, saying that they were the most advanced civilization in the galaxy. Clark says evil exists in every culture, but she still has a family member left. He asks her to tell him about their family. Kara tells Clark about his mother Lara. Clark offers to let her stay on the farm as long as she wants and Kara is grateful. She then warns him about a crystal that was in her ship and that only a Kryptonian can destroy the crystal, so it would have survived the explosion. In Washington D.C., it is revealed that the mysterious scientist testing the ship has obtained the crystal and is delivering it to the U.S. Department of Domestic Security.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Clark questions Jor-El about Kara's appearance, pointing out that the last time he met a Kryptonian named Kara, Jor-El was responsible. Jor-El maintains that he knew nothing about this Kara's arrival. Clark tells him that she is Zor-El's daughter. Clark is upset that Jor-El never told him about his uncle and cousin. Jor-El says not to trust her, out of his distrust for his own brother Zor-El. Clark defends Kara, saying she means no harm. Jor-El chastises Clark for relying on his human emotions. Clark responds that they are part of him whether he likes it or not. Clark changes the subject to his training. Jor-El says his training starts with Kara and he is to watch over her, that she poses a greater threat than he believes.

At the mansion, Lex has drawn a picture of Kara, giving it to one of his men, saying to use whatever resources are necessary to find her.



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  • Lois' cellphone is a Sprint phone; this is an example of product placement by a sponsor of the show.
  • KryptonSite has a gallery of official episode stills which can be viewed here.
  • Stunt performer Larissa Stadnichuk doubled for Erica Durance in this episode.
  • Ben Hubbard is referenced, he’s originally from Superman: The Movie.


  • This is the first time the Fortress has been seen or heard since the Season Six episode Fallout, where Clark went to the Fortress with another Kryptonian woman, Raya.
  • Clark asks Jor-El about the last time a Kryptonian girl showed up on his doorstep, referencing the events of Covenant.
  • Grant Gabriel tells Chloe that she let a torch burn out after high school, interestingly the newspaper Chloe wrote for in high school was the Torch.
  • This episode marks the 60th appearance of Clark's red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series until it becomes identified as his Red-Blue Blur attire in Season Eight.
  • Jor-El was last heard in Zod.


  • After telling Kara about Krypton's destruction, Clark reveals that they are the last two survivors of Krypton. However, we learn in Persona that this is not true, as Dax-Ur is also from Krypton and has been living on Earth for longer than Clark and Kara combined.
  • Kara mentions having heard rumors of a 'Doomsday scenario'. Later in Season Eight, Clark actually meets Doomsday.



Lex: I always knew you were smart, Lana, I didn't know you were brilliant.

Grant: If you're lucky, Sullivan, some of her passion may rub off on you, maybe put a little fire on that torch you let burn out after high school.
Lois: Am I hearing things, or did you just offer me a job?
Grant: Welcome to the Daily Planet, Lois Lane. You play your cards right, you'll be out of this basement quicker than your cousin. Nothing like a little family rivalry to keep the bullpen hopping.

Kara: (breaking Lois' phone) That's what happens when you touch my stuff!

Clark: Chloe, not only is she strong as I am... she can fly.
Chloe: Whoa. It sounds like we got ourselves a true-blue Supergirl.

Clark: Those doors would have opened if you had just waited!
Kara: We don't have time to wait for ancient technology. Between the two of us, we can cover more ground. Of course, it would help if you could defy gravity. Explain to me again why you can't fly.
Clark: I'm not sure.
Kara: I guess the humans were right, Kal-El. Girls do mature faster than boys.

Clark: What's wrong, Lois? I thought you'd be happy to get rid of me?
Lois: Are you kidding? Who am I gonna pick on?
Clark: I'm sure you'll find someone.

Kara: You can't be Kal-El. He's a sweet chubby baby who laughed when you tickled his feet.

Clark: Evil exists in every culture no matter how advanced.

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