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Kandorian Army.

The Kandorian army was a group of Kryptonian clones headed by Major Zod on Earth.

These soldiers found their way to Earth via advanced technology known only as "the orb". One of Zod's followers mentioned that the last memory any of them had before being awoken on Earth was having blood extracted in Kandor before a battle.

Due to the Orb having been irradiated with blue kryptonite by Jor-El, the clones did not receive the array of powers that Kryptonians normally would develop under a yellow sun although the reverse applied when faced under a red sun for unknown reasons, but an infusion of blood from a full-powered Kryptonian, such as Kal-El, would restore their abilities.

Known Members

The known members are:

  • Major Zod: The younger clone of General Zod.
  • Basqat: The captain of Zod's army.
  • Vala: The sister of Faora and a cybernetic engineer.
  • Other Unnamed Agents

Deceased members

  • Faora: The younger clone of Faora and a soldier in Zod's army. She was killed by Zod.
  • Alia: A soldier in Zod's army. An Alia from an alternate timeline was fatally stabbed while fighting Kal-El. Her present timeline self killed a clone of Jor-El and was killed by Zod.
  • Coats: A soldier in Zod's army. Responsible for the zombie virus and was beheaded by Major Zod for his actions.
  • Non: Non was a soldier in Zod's army and a sleeper agent in the Luthor Mansion who was killed by Tess. He was also wore the same family crest as Faora, although his relationship to her is unknown.
  • Other Unnamed Agents: Was captured and killed by Dr. Chisholm.

Season Nine

The original intention, through Jor-El's influence, for the Kandorians to live on Earth as mortals, rather than as deities. While on Earth, they will be rendered without any abilities, and use their skills as soldiers and scientists to blend into human society. He believed that they can have better lives on Earth, rather than what they had on Krypton.

Once re-created by the Orb to Earth, Major Zod began recruiting his old troops by scouring Metropolis and the surrounding cities looking for soldiers. They appointed Zod as their leader and after 3 weeks of searching, Zod had gathered around dozens of soldiers but growing frustrated, the soldiers began turning on their leader at the frustration of not having their natural abilities under Yellow sun lead by Basqat and Faora. They eventually imprisoned Zod with Tess Mercer believing that he was hiding things from them. When they began questioning Zod and Tess, Zod used his natural leadership skills to gain their trust and they left their temporary base, Luthor Mansion leaving no evidence and with Tess hunting them down.

They eventually fled to Metropolis and in an abandoned warehouse when they came across John Corben who had recently been run over by a truck. Zod had his troops break into LuthorCorp facilities stealing equipment and trying to find a means to get their powers. They took out Corben's organs and replaced them with a Kryptonite generator before leaving him to roam free.

Coats, a medical officer, began to blend in to earth getting a job at Metropolis General Hospital and began researching his suspicions that Jor-El came with them to Earth, after seeing the House of El symbol all over Metropolis. He developed a zombie virus to spread over Metropolis knowing that the Blur would use his blood to create an antidote. Once he obtained Jor-El's blood (actually Kal-El's) from the antidote created, he reported to Zod announcing his findings. Although Zod was disturbed at the news, he was pleased with Coats' findings but not at his methods and cut his head off.

The Kandorians masqueraded as a corporation to be hired by Tess Mercer into LuthorCorp to create the Solar Tower, in an effort to return their Kryptonian abilities, with Zod being the CEO of R.A.O. Incorporated.

When Zod discovered Jor-El in the Luthor Mansion after he was captured by Tess, he had the Kandorians take him to their hideout.

When Clark met the Kandorians, he used his resources to give them lives on Earth, like Vala to work at the bookstore in Metropolis, which most were grateful for rather than being scientists or soldiers.

After getting their powers, the Kandorians followed Zod and then realized the truth behind Zod's deception and had Kal-El take them to a new world.

Under a new order, Major Zod was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Phantom Zone by the Kandorian populace.

Season Eleven

The Kandorians arriving on their new home planet.

Zod arrives at New Krypton.

Once on their new planet, the self-designated planet Argo, the Kandorians not only survived there but also flourished as their own society and thrived into becoming New Krypton. They also imprisoned Zod in the Phantom Zone for the murders and deception he committed.

It is mentioned that the day the Kandorians arrived on their new home planet, their arrival was heralded by a good omen, a green light in the sky of a legend known as Flamebird. It is later revealed that the green light was actually the power ring of the Green Lantern Tomar-Re, protector of space sector 2813, where Krypton belonged to, and after detecting Kryptonian life forms returning to its sector, it began its search through space for a suitable bearer of its power. Unfortunately, none of the inhabitants of Argo served as suitable recruits, because they were artificial lifeforms, being clones of the original Kryptonians, so the ring had to search elsewhere.

Gallery of Kandorian soldiers

Alternate Future

The army had their powers due to the solar tower turning the sun red and ruled Earth.

In the Comics

The Kandorians as they appear in the comics.

Kandor is the name of the former capital city of the fictional planet Krypton in the DC Universe. It is best known for being stolen and miniaturized by the supervillain Brainiac. Upon its recovery by Superman, it has been traditionally kept and monitored in the Fortress of Solitude.

In Superman: New Krypton, after Superman battles and defeats Brainiac, Superman takes the stolen Kandor off of Brainiac's ship. However, without Brainiac's control, the field surrounding the city that keeps it miniaturized becomes unstable. Superman takes Kandor to the North Pole, where it expands to its rightful size, freeing all of Kandor's denizens, fifteen years later, his uncle Zor-El and Alura, who had been placed in the city by Brainiac after he destroyed the floating Argo City. Upon release from the bottle, the Kryptonian residents of Kandor come under Earth's yellow sun, and gain powers just like Superman. After this development becomes public, some members of the Justice League and Justice Society express their concern to Superman about the potential dangers of 100,000 Kryptonians making Earth their home. General Sam Lane recruits Lex Luthor to help address this problem, as part of the covert Project 7734.

After Zor-El is assassinated by Luthor's agents, Alura takes over leadership of Kandor. Spurred by her newfound hatred for humanity and growing anti-Kryptonian sentiment on Earth after the deaths of several police officers, Kandor uses Brainiac's technology to grow an entirely new planet in Earth's solar system, on the opposite side of the sun on Earth's orbit, while the Kryptonians lift the city up and deposit it onto the new world, which they name New Krypton.

During a war between Earth and New Krypton, the planet is destroyed by an explosion caused by Reactron. Later, Luthor orders a missile to be shot through the black hole/time pool directly into Earth's yellow sun, turning it red, making the Kryptonians who are in space, including Superman and Supergirl, powerless, so they begin to suffocate. Flamebird (Thara Ak-Var) flies to the sun to save the Kryptonians and Nightwing (Lor-Zod) follows. Nightwing tells Flamebird that he will do this with her, but the Nightwing apparition takes him away to the Phantom Zone, leaving Flamebird to ignite and turn the sun back to yellow. Flamebird dies as Superman and Supergirl catch their now returned super breaths and watch as 73,000 Kryptonians die in space. Zod notes there are now only 7,000 Kryptonians left.

In the aftermath, Clark and Lois reflect sadly on how New Krypton's appearance resulted in such a pointless war and Clark expressing his uncertainty about whether any Kryptonians are left in hiding on Earth.


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