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Smallville Legends: Justice and Doom onscreen comic cover.

Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom is an animated on-screen comic book that aired during the last six episodes of Season Six and was also an included feature in the Season 6 DVD and Blu-ray sets. It further explores the adventures of Green Arrow's Justice League team. In these, the Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman, Impulse, and Watchtower all work together to take out the rest of Lex Luthor's Level 33.1 facilities.

The volumes take place after the events of Justice and ties into several episode story lines, specifically Combat, Prototype, and Phantom.

Volume 1

Volume 1 details the Justice League's second mission after leaving Smallville.

Watchtower communicates with Green Arrow

On the island of Corto Maltese, Dr. Donovan Jamison is working in a Level 33.1 facility giving patients injections. Cyborg recognizes him as the team prepares to hack in. He asks Watchtower if he's worth saving, but she declines to answer because Dr. Jamison tried to kill her once.

The Justice League on their mission.

Aquaman breaks in and destroys some lab equipment. Alarm bells go off. Armed guards storm into the pool where there is a laboratory. Green Arrow calls the all clear for Impulse and he zooms in. Dr. Jamison tries to push a button on a screen that reads "33.1 Project Ares Mikhail Mxyzptlk Applications: Mind control" but Impulse snatches the keyboard before he can push it. Green Arrow hits him with a tranquilizer arrow.

Aquaman takes out the guards. Green Arrow activates a gas, Aquaman sets a bomb, and the main complex blows up (but not the lab with Jamison and the patients). Watchtower notices perimeter guards aiming guns, but the guys get in the jet and fly away. Cyborg is tending to the patients left behind as Watchtower reports that all the electric equipment has been fried and another 33.1 base has been destroyed. Green Arrow asks Watchtower to tell Lois he misses her.

Green Arrow assumes Clark is the mysterious caller

Green Arrow gets a call. Will you accept a transmission from Ezra?" The reply: "Yes. I am a friend who wants to help your team." Oliver thinks it's Clark, finally wanting to get off the farm. The figure in the video can't be seen. "You must get this car before Lex Luthor does. It holds the key to the next battle." A red Toyota Yaris is shown, abandoned on the side of the road by the "Welcome to Smallville" sign. The figure continues, "Before you begin, a question: do you know the true origin of your team? Have you ever heard of Virgil Swann?"

Volume 2

Volume 2 reveals the owner of the the car in Volume 1, and offers insight into the founding of Smallville.

In 1831, the year Smallville was founded, Ezra Small is shown camping and writing in his journal. He is suddenly surrounded by a pack of oddly-behaving wolves. They chase him into a mysterious cave where sees the paintings. He wonders if the wolves chased him into the caves.

Ezra discovers the Kawatche Caves

In the present time, a man is seen videotaping a LuthorCorp military testing center in a restricted area. He is revealed to be Christopher James Beppo, columnist for the Smallville Ledger, local Smallville historian and custodian of the Ezra Small prophesies. He has a worn book on the passenger seat next to him open to a page headlined, "The rise of an army built by scientists." He sees a worker give the clear to start the test. An armed figure emerges with green glowing eyes.

Lois Lane at the Sheriff department.

The man watches the figure plow through a wall, survive a firing squad. Then it appears to attack the observing scientists. The man mutters, "Ezra was right again!" and zooms away in a red Toyota Yaris. The military vehicles are in hot pursuit. He parks at the Smallville welcome sign and takes off into the cornfields. The military men prepare to chase him on foot, but a mysterious figure emerges from the corn fields.

Seven days later, Lois Lane is at the Smallville's Sheriff's department. She asks if anyone has reported Beppo missing, but the receptionist says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Lois looks suspicious. Beppo's car is seen in a warehouse-like laboratory. One of the workers remarks that they must find the hidden message, fully scan the car and send the file to Oliver Queen.

Volume 3

Volume 3 details the team's third mission, a search for a mysterious vial.

The team is split up at four various Level 33.1 facilities.

Impulse is in Kiev, Ukraine, Target Three. The facility is going up in flames as scheduled, but he reports that there was no sign of the vial.

Cyborg is in Taipei, Taiwan, Target One. Just as the facility prepares to blow, he is accosted by two workers. He knocks them out with a wave of energy, then reports that the vial isn't there, either.

Green Arrow is at Target Six in Havana Cuba destroying another facility, but he didn't find the vial either.

Green Arrow and Aquaman rendezvous in Star City.

Aquaman is in St. Roch, Target Two, fifty miles off the coast. The facility is destroyed and a smiling Aquaman reveals that he has the vial. All four are happy to hear this and Impulse declares their mission accomplished. AC meets Oliver Queen in Star City and hands over the vial. He wonders if Lex Luthor misses it yet. They get in Oliver's car and drive across a bridge, as Oliver explains that he found a hidden message in the car, reporting that Lex is making an army of super soldiers. The vial contains the main ingredients. Victor and Bart are working on what to do next. Suddenly a van drives up next to them and tries to run them off the bridge. AC jumps off the bridge into the water and Oliver disables the van by shooting the tires with arrows. He quickly takes the exit off the bridge.

Back in Smallville, Lois is interviewing a local farmer. He reports that the car was just parked next to the sign unoccupied until some people came to load it onto a truck. The car is seen again at a Queen Industries research facility. AC arrives, still in possession of the vial. Bart and Victor are still searching the car but have not found anything new. Bart speculates that Beppo just wanted them to find the vial. Suddenly a video monitor comes on. The unseen figure from before instructs the team, "Search no further than the palm of your hand for the answers. Join your skills to reverse-engineer the formula. But hurry, time is running out!"

Volume 4

Volume 4 details the Team's attempt to disable one of Lex Luthor's super soldiers.

Impulse is in the Utah desert fighting a super-powered soldier. He remarks that the soldier is as fast as him and has a forcefield, but isn't very bright. He asks if Green Arrow is ready, but Green Arrow asks for a few more minutes for the laser calibration. A scan of the soldier reveals the faces of various metahumans (the only ones clearly identifiable are the Twins)


The unseen figure states that he guided Queen's team to the abandoned car because an associate had left a warning inside that foretold of a great danger.

Impulse is still distracting the solider but gets pushed hard. He remarks that the soldier has Boyscout's level of strength. Cyborg reports that all levels are locked and loaded as more faces come up on the scanner. Titan is seen. Impulse gets the soldier into position and the other three team members blast him with intense energy beams. Impulse observes as the beams blast and immobilize the soldier, but Green Arrow runs out of energy before he goes down.

Two weeks prior, back in Smallville, Lois Lane is at the Smallville Ledger offices interviewing a high school student that says Beppo was pretty obsessed with the Senator Burke story. He said he was headed to the LuthorCorp testing facility.

Present day, Chloe Sullivan is on a stakeout in a back alley behind the Talon. She is on the phone with Clark Kent. Clark is asking her to get in touch with Oliver and she says she'll try. Green Arrow sees that the caller is Watchtower and answers the phone during the battle. Watchtower reports that Lois is in major trouble and asks how to disable the soldiers. He truthfully tells her that the field test is failing but they have a Plan B. He takes a vial out of a box marked radioactive and shoots it at the soldier, producing a fantastic explosion.

Volume 5

Volume 5 is a narration by the mysterious unseen figure detailing the ultimate goal of the team.

Kal-El escapes Krypton's destruction.

The figure narrates that his story "begins in a faraway place called Krypton, where trying times called for desperate measures. Steps were taken by those with foresight to make sure a legacy lived on, to make certain the last son of Krypton found his way, to make sure he had a place to grow up."

A person is seen burying a horse statue in China. A bundled-up figure is hiking in the frozen tundra of the North Pole when he encounters the Fortress of Solitude. Jor-El is shown hiding his memory pendant in the walls of the Kawatche Caves. Finally, the Kent Farm is shown, where Jonathan and Martha Kent live.

Prophecies begin to unfold.

"Some heard of these plans early and interpreted them in their own way," Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux sees a figure in a crystal. "Still others were misled. Some chose to write about them..." Ezra Small is shown camping on the banks of the Elbow River "while others' lives were shaped by those plans." Lex Luthor is shown hitting Clark and running his car off the bridge. "Some sought clues to these plans." Beppo is seen pulling up to the testing center and videotaping. "Others found them and did what they could to make sure everything happened as it should." A meeting in Dr. Virgil Swann's mansion with the members of Veritas. "A few did not." Closeup on Lionel Luthor. "You see, everyone was brought together for a reason." Clark and the team's first mission, blowing up the Ridge Facility, then the team defeating the soldier in Utah and reporting back to Watchtower how to do it. Chloe arrives at the Kent Farm and tells Clark what she found out.

The team destroys Ridge Facility.

"Everyone plays a part, whether it is to point us in the right direction..." Beppo returns to his car, which is exactly where he left it. Green Arrow has left him a handwritten thank you message taped to the dashboard. "to fight the fights we can't..." The Fort Avelson army base is shown, where Wes Keenan is choking Lois Lane. Clark arrives onto the scene and rescues her. "or expose the truth. But this is just the beginning. The training is nearly complete. This world has many problems." Civil wars are shown in Uganda and Colombia. "Each presenting its own set of challenges, all of which must be overcome." Off the Atlantic Coastline, Aquaman is dangling a thug over the edge. In the US, Cyborg is threatening a thug. "But there is still hope." Impulse is in Tijuana, Mexico saving a child from walking into traffic. "Because there are a few that now know that there is justice." Martha Kent is seen on the Senate floor, Clark arrives inside Reeves Dam. "That there can be no doom."

The mysterious figure's eyes glow red, revealing his identity as Martian Manhunter.

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