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"Justice" is the eleventh episode in the sixth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-twenty-first episode overall. It aired on January 18, 2007.


Clark is reunited with four super powered heroes when Oliver Queen organizes the first version of the future Justice League. With Bart Allen, Arthur Curry, and Victor Stone, the team works to discover what Lex Luthor is up to with Project 33.1.


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Bart Allen returns.

Chloe Sullivan is on the phone with Clark, who is in South America hunting down Zoners. She tells him that there's a situation in Kansas that needs his attention too. Just as they hang up, Chloe meets Dr. Caselli, who works in the high-security wing at Belle Reve. She questions why several patients with special abilities have been transferred out and if LuthorCorp is involved. When she mentions Level 33.1, Dr. Caselli pulls a gun on her, but before he shoots, someone super-speeds towards him and knocks him out. Clark appears but he says Dr. Caselli was down when he arrived. He realizes someone else is around that can move as fast as him and chases him down. He can't catch him, though, until the figure stops. Bart Allen jokes that Clark is still too slow.


Lois and Oliver return from their date.

Clark and Chloe are in his loft discussing what Caselli told her when Bart interrupts them. He flirts with Chloe and she remembers meeting him two years ago. When Chloe leaves, Clark wonders why Bart is in town, but Bart says that since meeting Clark, he's cleaned up and doesn't steal any more. Clark is skeptical, but Bart says he's a courier now and only came to Smallville to see his old friends. Clark suggests they go to Mexico for lunch and catch up.

Lois and Oliver are in Oliver's loft making out when his phone rings. He tells the caller he'll be there in five minutes and Lois gets upset. She confronts him for always running off and interrupting them, and Oliver surprises her by offering to take her to Monte Carlo for a romantic getaway.


Chloe helps Lois pack for her vacation with Oliver.

Lionel meets Lex and tells him that another LuthorCorp facility has been hit. He says six facilities have been attacked, all having to do with 33.1. Lex isn't worried and shows Lionel a security camera photograph of a red blur. Lex says that whoever is responsible can move very fast and he intends to catch him and make him a test subject. As they leave, Bart speeds into the library and downloads data from Lex's laptop. He calls his contact and arranges a meeting to drop the data off. He meets the contact, the Green Arrow.


Clark meets Oliver's team.

Clark meets Lionel in Metropolis and accuses him of helping Dr. Caselli get out of jail. Lionel denies involvement, but shows Clark the photograph and tells him that if he's still breaking into LuthorCorp buildings, he should be more careful. Clark tells him that the photograph isn't him, but doesn't tell Lionel who it is. Clark goes home, where Bart is eating anything Martha puts in front of him. He confronts Bart about stealing, but Bart doesn't explain anything, only saying it's complicated, and super-speeds away.

Chloe is helping Lois pack for her trip when they are interrupted by Clark. Lois exits and Chloe reveals that she knows Oliver is the Green Arrow; Clark admits that Bart can super speed. He says Bart is in some kind of trouble and asks her if they can track his cell phone. They look up his records and realize that Bart is working for Oliver Queen. Bart is at his next assignment, breaking into a facility when he is shocked unconscious. Lex arrives with guards to collect him. Bart wakes up in a small circular chamber and Lex questions him. Bart won't tell Lex who he's working for, so Lex activates the chamber. He explains that if Bart stops moving at all, the floor will electrocute him. Bart is forced into constant super-speed to keep from getting shocked to death.


Chloe goes to Queen Tower.

Clark goes to ask Oliver about Bart. Clark thinks Oliver is using Bart to fuel his vendetta against Lex. They argue because Oliver says that while Clark is waiting for trouble to show up at his doorstep, Oliver is working to stop Lex from using 33.1 to build an army of super-powered meteor freaks and starting a war. Clark concedes and asks for more information. Oliver knows Lex has Bart and his team is already on it. Clark is introduced to the rest of the team: Victor Stone and A.C. Curry. Oliver starts to track Bart and Clark asks Victor how long he's been working with Oliver. Victor explains that his girlfriend tried to make it work, but eventually left him, and Oliver found him living on the streets and gave him a reason to go on.


Green Arrow, Boy Scout, and Impulse.

A.C. says he was caught trying to sink a whaler, but Oliver got him out of trouble. Bart has been working for Oliver for some time. Oliver caught him stealing and offered him a job. They start trying to locate Bart and narrow it down to 100 different facilities. Clark enlists Chloe's help to narrow down the search. Chloe reveals that $20 million worth of equipment used to measure high-velocity particles was transferred to one in particular, the Ridge Facility. Clark tells her to take the info to Oliver and goes to the facility to rescue Bart alone, saying he can get there faster. He breaks in and encounters a restricted-access door. However, it leads to a laboratory full of refined meteor rocks and Clark is incapacitated. Chloe goes to Queen Tower and gives Oliver the lead on Bart. Oliver pulls up a schematic of the building and Chloe notices several rooms lined with lead. She realizes they must be working with meteor rocks and that Clark is in trouble. The team gears up and gets ready to rescue Bart and Clark.

With Chloe as "Watchtower" looking out and directing them, Green Arrow, "Cyborg", and "Aquaman" infiltrate the facility using a combination of teamwork, gadgets, fighting moves and super-powers. Green Arrow rescues Clark, naming him "Boy Scout", and tells Watchtower to direct Boy Scout to find "Impulse" (Bart). He bursts through the chamber at super speed and grabs Impulse out to safety. Green Arrow locates Lex and tells him he has ten minutes to clear out the employees before he blows the building up. Boy Scout and Impulse meet up with Green Arrow again, and Watchtower confirms that the employees are gone. Cyborg and Aquaman rendezvous, and the five blow the facility up.


Oliver and Lois break up.

Lois arrives at Queen Tower ready to go, but Oliver has to cancel their trip because he has a business meeting. She tells him to postpone it, and when he can't, she says not to expect her to wait for him. Oliver admits that he's been jumping from city to city his whole life, but never regretted leaving anyone. He tells Lois she's going to be the one he regrets, because he's leaving Metropolis. Lois kisses him goodbye and leaves in tears.

Lionel berates Lex for the loss of the facility. Lex claims he's fighting for freedom and democracy from the Green Arrow and his "terrorist" friends by also recruiting people with abilities. Lionel doesn't buy it and Lex also points out that several guards reported that one of Green Arrow's cohorts looked a lot like Clark Kent. Lionel smoothly lies that Clark couldn't have been involved because they were having dinner together at the Kents' home at the time of the explosion.


"Let's go save the world."

The team meets with Clark and Chloe in his barn one last time. Oliver reports that Lex is setting up laboratories all over the globe and asks Clark to join the team. Clark says he wants to, but he has to clean up his own mess first, meaning he has to capture all the Zoners. Oliver shakes Clark's hand and he and his team leave for their next mission, proudly saying, "Come on boys, let's go save the world".



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  • "High and Low" by Greg Laswell


  • Justice means the moral principle of determining whether something is just or not.
  • The title, "Justice" refers to Oliver and the others getting Justice for the inmates of Lex's 33.1 facility.
  • "Justice" is also a reference to the Justice League of DC Comics. Green Arrow's team is an early version of the Justice League.
  • Oliver suggests that their team's name should have the word "Justice" in it.
  • Oliver says that Lex will be getting a giant dose of justice once the Green Arrow and his team start to go global.


Justice league Unlimited

Justice League

  • Antagonist: Lex Luthor
  • Clark’s abilities: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Accelerated Vision.
  • Bart's abilities: Super Speed, Super Stamina.
  • Aquaman abilities: Super Speed, Super Breathing, Night Vision, Super Strength.
  • Trick arrows: Grapple, Knockout Gas, Taser
  • Lana Lang does not appear in this episode.
  • This is the last appearance of Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen for this season.
  • This is the 11th episode of the season and the start of an annual unofficial tradition where the 11th episode of each season introduces a new character(s), a new hero team or has returning superhero guests. This episode introduces an early version of the Justice League and have a super guest cast consisting of Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Green Arrow.
  • After this episode, spin-off series in which Oliver led the Justice League made it into early development. The series was to have been helmed Stephen S. DeKnight, who wrote and directed the episode. [2]
  • The episode ends with Oliver revealing that Lex is setting up 33.1 facilities across the globe, wherever there is evidence of people with metahuman abilities. The concept of there being metahumans outside of the United States had been introduced in the Season Four episode Jinx, which had featured an Eastern European metahuman (who hailed from a long line of metahumans in his family tree). While a full list of the global 33.1 facilities are never given, this episode, combined with Justice & Doom and the episode Combat, establishes that metahumans are a worldwide phenomenon (rather than something limited to the United States and one unnamed country in Eastern Europe).

In Other Media[]

  • When Lex shows Lionel a blurred photograph of Bart, he describes Bart as having "the ability to move faster than a speeding bullet." This is a common description of Superman in the comics.
  • Despite using the codename "Impulse", Bart's costume is more of a real world version of the "Flash" costume than the costume Bart wore as Impulse. Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Arrow's costumes are modern day, real world version of the comic book characters.
  • Chloe's code name, "Watchtower," is the name of the JLA headquarters. Additionally, Chloe's basing in a clock tower and role as a computer-using coordinator for the team greatly resembles the comic book character Oracle. Clark's codename is "Boy Scout", a play on the comic tradition of referring to Superman as "The Big Blue Boy Scout".
  • One of the satellite companies owned by Queen Industries was called JL International, which alludes to Justice League International, what the Justice League was known as for an extended nine year period (1987-1996) in its 50+ year history.
  • Oliver says that the team's next mission is on the island of Corto Maltese. Corto Maltese is named after a comic book character, created by Italian comic book creator Hugo Pratt; the island has been occasionally referenced in DC Comics since The Dark Knight Returns in 1986.
  • After being rescued by a super-speeding Impulse, Chloe remarks to Clark, "I thought you were the fastest man alive," traditionally used to describe the Flash.
  • When Clark and the League are walking away from the exploding facility, it is reminiscent of the opening sequence to the Justice League animated series.


  • When Victor and AC walk out to reveal themselves in Oliver's clock tower, Victor says to Chloe, "I guess we're not that good at the whole secret part of this yet," to which she responds "Yeah, but you're great at getting caught by the villian". Both Victor and AC did indeed get caught by Lex and needed to be rescued by Clark in season 5's Cyborg and Aqua.
  • Clark met Bart in the Season Four episode Run, and he met A.C. and Victor in the Season Five episodes Aqua and Cyborg, respectively.
  • Bart continues to flirt with Chloe from Run, although this time she maintains that she already has a boyfriend. Clark tells him to knock it off just like last time.
  • Lex and Oliver refer to the time they shot each other in the episode Rage.
  • This is the first mention of Aunt Nell since Hypnotic.
  • Clark mentions twice to Oliver that he needs to take care of a problem he caused, referring to the release of several Phantom Zone prisoners. Some of them were portrayed in the episodes Zod, Wither, Fallout, and Static.
  • This is the first episode since Wither that Lois appears and yet isn't in any physical danger.
  • This episode marks the 47th appearance of Clark's red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.




Arthur: I swim faster when I'm naked.
Victor: I bet you do.
Arthur: Hey, you're lucky I still have my pants on!

Arthur: So how's Lois doing, man?
Clark: You should ask your boss.

Oliver: You'd make one hell of a can opener.
Victor: And you'd look good on a bag of green beans.

Bart: I want a lawyer.
Lex: And I want a ponytail! Disappointment abounds.

Clark: A.C., how'd you fall into all this?
Arthur: I got into a little trouble sinking a whaler off the coast of Japan.
Victor: A little trouble? That's what you're gonna go with? Ollie had to save your scaly butt from getting filleted.
Arthur: I would've gotten out of it.
Oliver: Oh really? Before or after they pack you into a thousand little tin cans?
Victor: Well, at least, he would've been dolphin-safe.
Arthur: Fish jokes. That's all I ever get are fish jokes.

Clark: Impulse, Cyborg, Aquaman, Green Arrow, what do you guys call your team?
Bart: I dunno, I've been thinkin', you know? We need something cool, we need something like, uh... like--
Oliver: I was thinking about something with the word "justice" in it. After all, that's what Lex is going a get a big dose of.

Chloe: You know you have some pretty amazing friends, Clark Kent.
Clark: Yes, I do.

Oliver: Green Arrow to Watchtower, Boy Scout's out of the woods.
Clark: "Boy Scout"?
Oliver: Maybe if you hadn't run off all half-cocked, you could have picked your own code name.

Oliver: Ever since my parents died... I've jumped around from city to city, from continent to continent. And... in all those years... not once have I regretted leaving anyone. But then I met you.
Lois: Then stay.

Lois: ...Smallville, learn how to knock. What if I'd been naked?

Lex: (sees Green Arrow) You.
Green Arrow: You remember. I'm touched.
Lex: Well, it's a little hard to forget. Last time we met, you put an arrow in my chest.
Green Arrow: You put a bullet in mine. Bygones.
Lex: Go to hell.
Green Arrow: You first.

Oliver: This isn't the end of the story, Clark. It's just the beginning. Come on, boys. Let's go save the world.

Lex: The security footage from the Ridge Facility was destroyed. However, several guards described one of Green Arrow's men as someone that sounded remarkably like Clark Kent.
Lionel: ...Clark!? Impossible.
Lex: A word that always seems to pop up when talking about him, doesn't it?
Lionel: Lex, it was not Clark.
Lex: How can you be so sure?!
Lionel: Because I was having dinner with Clark last night when all this happened. Martha made pot roast, with new potatoes, and tiny little baby carrots-- it was delicious. Clark had three helpings. Don't worry, son. You still have plenty of enemies out there...plotting your downfall.

Bart: (to Clark) Look man, I already told you things are different now, okay. I mean back then I needed a super kick-in-the-butt and you laid it on me. And ever since then there's been no more stealing for this gringo, I swear.

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