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Julian Luthor was Lionel Luthor and Lillian Luthor's second son and Lex Luthor's brother. He died as an infant around 1992.


Lex finds Julian dead.

Lillian Luthor became pregnant with Julian when Lex was 11 years-old. Lex once said that when Julian was born, it was the only time he felt like he was part of a real family. Lex also stated that Lionel saw Julian as his second chance. It was believed that Julian died of sudden infant death syndrome, but Lex later revealed that Julian was smothered by Lillian during a bout of severe post-partum depression. Lillian reasoned that she was sparing the baby from Lionel's parenting, believing that Lionel would pit the two boys against each other. Fearing that Lionel would hurt Lillian but not his "sole remaining heir" over the tragedy, Lex took the blame for Julian's death which was the main cause of conflict in his and Lionel's relationship.

After Death

Grant Gabriel, Julian's clone.

Grant Gabriel was under the belief that he was Julian after being put up for adoption by Lionel when Lillian was terminally ill but instead discovered from Adrian Cross that they're actually clones of Julian.


  • Julian and his clones, Grant and Adrian, are some of the Luthors that appeared on Smallville that do not appear in the DC mainstream universe.
  • In the comics, the patriarch of the Luthor family was initially named Jules Luthor. Later incarnations changed his name to Lionel Luthor due to the popularity of the original character from Smallville. It is possible Julian’s name is a nod to the original patriarch’s.


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