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Jordan Cross is a former metahuman from Smallville with the power of precognition.


  • Precognition: Jordan could see a person's last moments when he touches them.

Early life

He was born on October 16, 1989: his mother suffered a direct hit from the meteor shower and died shortly after his birth.

When he was six years old, a woman standing in line next to him at an amusement park touched him and he saw a vision of her death. He desperately tried to warn her, but no one would listen. She was killed that very day in an accident with the roller coaster.

Season Three

For his protection, his father sheltered him and home schooled him. He grew up with a fear of touching others, but Jordan convinced his father to allow him to enroll at Smallville High for his freshman year in 2004. Clark Kent was assigned to be his mentor.

When Jordan touched Coach Joseph Altman he saw him step out in front of a speeding car, but Clark prevented it. Clark suspected something was up with Jordan, investigated him and learned about his ability. They became friends when Clark accepted Jordan's ability and tried to help him prevent the fiery death of Megan Calder. Jordan told Clark that he was the only person who successfully prevented a death he had foreseen, speculating that Clark could defy his destiny.

When Jordan touched Clark instead of a horrifying image of death, he sees a fluttering red cape and a tranquil, endless expanse of space and stars. When Jordan touched Lana Lang, he saw a vision of her dying in the same fire with Megan, realizing that saving Joseph Altman had unintentionally changed the future for the worst. Jordan and Clark rescued them, but Jordan lost his powers in the process when he briefly died of smoke inhalation before Clark was able to give him CPR. He was not sorry to see them go and looked forward to a life of normality. He told Lana that before he lost his power, he touched Adam Knight and had a vision that Adam was already dead.

Smallville: Visions

Jordan and his friend Zach went to a OneRepublic concert at the Stride gum factory. He met up with Pete Ross again and after chewing kryptonite-laced gum, Jordan touched Pete and saw himself and Pete getting killed by Lex Luthor.

Jordan got help from Clark and Chloe, who said that they could be aided by Pete's newfound power. Clark told Jordan and Zach to go find Pete while he searched the factory.

Jordan was then kidnapped by two LuthorCorp employees but he escaped and sent a text message to his friend Zach. Jordan was then stunned by Lex Luthor. Jordan woke in a Luthorcorp lab where Lex planned to use him to see how he would die. Lex put his hands on Jordan and Jordan then saw all of Lex's near deaths. Jordan then became unconscious. Lex left to confront Pete Ross. Clark then burst in and saved Jordan and took him to the hospital. Jordan told Clark that he was having trouble blocking out Lex's visions and asks if he could touch Clark. Jordan then held Clark's hand and peaceful visions of Clark's future presumably filled Jordan's head and blocked out Lex's nightmarish future.

News Story

Below is an excerpt from the October 16, 1995 Smallville Ledger news story about Jordan Cross's first premonition:

An awkward scene transpired outside the Smallville Town Fair's roller coaster. Jordan Cross, while celebrating his birthday, went ballistic outside the roller coaster, screaming someone was going to be killed. His dad pulled him back, but when they finally restarted the ride, one of the cars broke loose, killing the woman who had been in line with him. Unfortunately, this was a party that Jordan wants to forget. Especially due to the fact that his mother died moments after giving birth to him during Smallville's infamous meteor shower.

The caption below the photograph reads:

Jordan Cross and his father Matthew Cross were the center of attention as their frantic antics outside the roller coaster foretold dire events.