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This article is for the clone of Jor-El. For the original Kryptonian person, see Jor-El (Kryptonian). For the artificial intelligence, see Jor-El.

"Kal-El, I am so very proud." - Jor-El's clone, Kandor

Jor-El's clone was a clone of the Kryptonian scientist Jor-El, made twenty years before Krypton's destruction. He was created when the Orb was opened by Tess Mercer; he appeared in the Turkish desert in the middle of a crest of the House of El.

Physical Appearance

Jor-El's clone looks exactly the same as the original Jor-El.

When Jor-El came to Earth, he wore a Black t-shirt with a gray Mark of El symbol on the chest. He also wore a black belt with black jeans and black boots.


"It seems to me like you're a chip off the old block. After seeing how he saved our spunky sidekick, I'd say you're both heroes." - Oliver to Clark about Jor-El, Kandor.

After Jor-El's clone was released from the orb, he went to the Kent Farm. He only has memories of his life before he put his blood in the orb along with Major Zod. He displayed sadness by the destruction of Krypton, the death of his wife Lara, and his son growing up without his people. He trusted Chloe Sullivan and knocked her unconscious for her own safety when he sensed danger in the barn. He was confronted by Zod's clone and tried to explain that the real Zod was responsible for Krypton's destruction. He told Zod of what he would become and though Zod refused to believe him, he realized that Jor-El had to get this information somewhere- someone from Krypton. The Kandorians released Jor-El but when he arrived at the Kent Farm, he was mortally beaten. He died in Clark's arms after telling him he was proud of him; he also asked Clark to save Zod.

Powers and Abilities

(The clone of Jor-El had no Kryptonian powers or abilities under a yellow sun).

  • Skilled Hand to Hand combatant: Jor-El has proved to be highly skilled when it comes to fighting an opponent in hand to hand combat. He took down two soldiers before he was taken down. (Kandor)


While powerless under the yellow sun (due to blue Kryptonite), Jor-El is as mortal as humans, making his vulnerabilities just the same.

Early life

Jor-El's clone was created 20 years before the destruction of Krypton, and had all of Jor-El's memories before then.

Season Nine

"Here on this planet, when we emerged from the orb, we were shadows of our former selves. But those we were created from stayed behind on Krypton and had full lives -- spouses, children. Many years later, you decided to lead a military coup to take over Krypton. But on the eve of your defeat, instead of surrendering, you chose to raze our planet." – Jor-El, to Zod,

The man in the House of El crest.


Jor-El arrives at the Kent Farm

Jor-El managed to make his way to the Kent Farm. Remembering the fond memories he had in his youth, he returned to see the loving place he was welcomed in. Inside the Kents' house, Jor-El met Chloe Sullivan, whom he befriended and learned much about his life and fate of Krypton and the son he had not known about. Chloe introduced Jor-El to all of Clark's belongings, allowing him to get a glimpse of his son.

Tess talks with Jor-El.

When he sensed danger, Jor-El used a Kryptonian pressure hold to make Chloe unconscious. He was then captured by Tess, and she requested that he convince Zod and the Kandorians that he is the Blur, in order to protect Kal-El. However, Basqat and Faora had Jor-El taken from the cellar in the Luthor Mansion, orchestrated by Zod. Zod beat Jor-El for taking away their powers and refusing to resurrect his son. Though Jor-El knew of Zod's fate, he still hoped for the best and apologized that if he did as Zod asked, maybe he wouldn't be the villain he would become. Zod was able to discover that Jor-El had a son and had him released.

Jor-El dies in Clark's arms

Clark finally found Jor-El at the Kent Farm, only to see that Jor-El had a fatal wound. Before dying in his son's arms, Jor-El told Clark that he was so proud of him and asked him to save Zod. Clark buried Jor-El's body next to a lake in the woods, presumably Crater Lake.

While Chloe was going over footage of Jor-El in the Kents' house, she discovered that Jor-El had hidden the Book of Rao in the house.


  • The clone of Jor-El was created from DNA taken 20 years before the destruction of Krypton, roughly 1966 on Earth (Clark arrived on Earth in 1989 after a three year journey), yet his appearance is significantly older than he appeared while on Earth in 1961 (Relic).
  • Chloe Sullivan gives Jor-El the same picture of Clark that Rachel Dunleavy holds in Lineage.
  • Actor Julian Sands' first role in a series based on DC Comics characters. He portrayed Dr. Gerald Crane (father of Jonathan Crane, also known as the Scarecrow) in Gotham.
  • Technically, Jor El's clone is basically another father of Clark, due to the fact that he is a clone of Clark's real father.
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