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"How do I fit in with him?" Kara Kent to Clark Kent, Fierce

Kara and Jimmy

Jimmy Olsen and Kara Kent started a relationship during her year in Smallville.

Season Seven

"James... I know I can trust you. This has to be our secret. Okay? It's between you and me". Kara Kent to Jimmy Olsen, Season Seven, Cure

The two met through their mutual connection to Clark Kent, who in turn introduced Kara to Chloe Sullivan. When Kara met Jimmy, he and Chloe were dating, but even then, the two seemed to share a mutual attraction to one another. The two first met when Kara saw Jimmy on a photo assignment at the Smallville Fall Festival. She was obviously attracted to him, as seeing Jimmy triggered her heat vision (usually a sign of sexual arousal in Kryptonians [1]). Kara's attraction caused her to ask Clark if she could "practice being normal" with Jimmy. During the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant they quickly established a friendship and when one of the meteor infected contestants tried to freeze him to death in his car, Kara came to his rescue.

Jimmy and Kara's first kiss.

When Kara lost her crystal, she enlisted Jimmy's help and his technological resources at the Daily Planet. He offered his assistance readily and seemed to be very physically attracted to Kara. Jimmy was unaware of Kara's Kryptonian origins and believed that she was Clark's cousin from Minnesota. When Kara disappeared briefly, he frequently asked Clark if he had seen Kara recently. After Jimmy broke up with Chloe, he became closer to Kara and they even went on a weekend surfing trip to Coast City together.

Jimmy and Kara at the OneRepublic concert.

When Kara got amnesia, Jimmy didn't hear from her. When she returned to Smallville, still with no memory, Jimmy took her to a OneRepublic concert, hoping it would bring back her memory. Kara still seemed vague about her life before her memory loss, which caused her relationship with Jimmy to fizzle out.


  • Kara and Jimmy's relationship is slightly similar to the relationship between Clark and Chloe. Kara would come to Jimmy for help and Jimmy (who like Chloe works at the Daily Planet) would use his technical skills to aid her. However, unlike Chloe's one-sided deeper feelings for Clark, Kara and Jimmy had a mutual attraction.
  • Kara was notable as one of the only people to call him by his proper name of James.
  • While Jimmy eventually found out that Clark had Kryptonian powers, he didn't find out about Kara's before his death at the hands of Davis Bloome.
  • Since her return in Supergirl and Prophecy, it is unknown if Kara knew about Jimmy's death.


Jimmy: Hey, Clark. Did you hear from Kara? And is she okay? You guys look worried. What's going on?
Clark: Apparently, Kara decided to go to Washington, D.C. alone, and not tell anyone.
Jimmy: Maybe she's doing the tourist thing. Postcards are probably already in the mail.
Season Seven, Lara

Kara: You were there for me every time.
Jimmy: So, you noticed?
Kara: Noticed? If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have had any leads to chase.
Season Seven, Lara

Chloe: Look, I know how this is gonna sound coming from me, but you and Kara are from different worlds. Just be careful, okay?
Jimmy: Chloe, Kara is from Minnesota. It's not like she's from another planet.
Season Seven, Lara


  1. as evidenced by Clark Kent in Heat and Blank