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Jessica, AKA "Jessie Brooks", was briefly a student at Smallville High School in 2002.

Early life

Jessie and her father came to Smallville after they escaped the federal witness protection program. They were hiding in Smallville when a U.S. Marshal, Ted Palmer, caught up with them.

Season Two

Lana Lang was assigned to show her around, but Jessie was uninterested in high school. She dressed provocatively and liked to party, so consequently, she got along well with Clark Kent when he was affected by Red kryptonite. Jessie and Clark dated briefly, then Clark tried to steal evidence from her that her father was planning to present in court against his employer. This evidence was worth a million dollars to his former employer and Clark planned to use the money to start a new life away from Smallville. After Agent Palmer showed up, he threatened Jessie with a gun. Fortunately, her father shot Palmer while Jonathan Kent and Pete Ross were able to stop Clark. She and her father left Smallville.


  • Her true name is unknown, as she and her father lived under false names while in Smallville. According to Ted Palmer, her first name is "Jessica".[1]