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Jeff Hage is a reporter for the Daily Planet. Prior to formally landing a reporter job, Jeff was an intern assisting Lois Lane.


Jeff is portrayed as a polite and humble young man, who respects and admires Lois a lot despite her always ordering him around.

Season Eight

Jeff cheerfully brought Lois (who is actually Chloe hexed into Lois' looking by Zatanna) her dry-cleaning and morning coffee.

Season Nine

Jeff eating the last donut.

Jeff appeared in the Daily Planet eating the last maple donut that Lois wanted. Clark, who was temporarily given the ability of telepathy, heard Lois' inner thought, supersped and snatched it from Jeff and gave it to her, leaving the intern baffled.

Lois plants one kiss on Jeff.

Sometime later, Lois planted a surprise kiss on him in order to get back at Clark for locking lips with Zatanna.

Season Ten

Jeff bumps into Clark

Lois asked Jeff to go to a wedding bakery to pick up a cake for her.

Jeff was the first employee at the Planet to see Clark's new bespectacled look.

He was later seen at Clark and Lois's wedding escorting Martha Kent to her seat.

Season Eleven

Jeff and Lois talk about Superman.

Inside the Daily Planet bullpen, Lois arrives to see the bullpen practically empty with the exception of Jeff who is sitting at Clark's desk admiring a photo of Lois & Clark. Lois startled Jeff and beings to have a little chat with her former assistant (now turned a copyboy). Lois learns the reason behind the absence of most of the reporters is due to the high level of Superman actives around the city with his newly 24/7 schedule the press have more stories to run than they can handle. Lois suggest that perhaps they should look into other stories to write but Jeff reminds her that Superman is big news and most of her front page headliners feature "The Man Of Steel". Jeff also inquires to Lois about the whereabouts of Clark to which Lois simply replies that he's keeping himself busy.

In the city, Jeff and his roommate Bert are arguing what they think about Clark and to an extent Lois Lane. Soon the argument is interrupted by Superman crashing through the wall. After apologizing for the mess and disruption, Superman returns to the fracas with Psimon outside. As Superman leaves, both Jeff and Bert expresses a wish that Clark Kent was more like Superman. Later Lois snoops around at the ruins of LuthorCorp's abandoned Ridge Facility, when she receives a call from Jeff at the Daily Planet. He relays that she received a call from Simon Jones at Stryker's. She asks if he was able to make sense of the note Lex unknowingly wrote during her visit to LexCorp. Jeff says he's still working on it. He later brings her a handwriting analysis, revealing that the note was written by Tess Mercer.

Clark's vision

In Clark's dream sequence in 2013, Jeff was still assisting Lois Lane at the Daily Planet.


Jeff in 2017

In 2017, Jeff is still working at the Daily Planet, but is now working at Clark's old desk in the basement as a full-time reporter.


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Jeff: Dry-cleaning and your morning coffee, Ms. Lane.
Chloe as Lois: Thanks, um...?
Jeff: Don't worry Ms. Lane, you'll remember my name one of these days.
Season Eight, Hex