"Lana, this isn't some bad dream that you can just blink away. This is real life." – Jason Teague, to Lana Lang, Lucy

Jason Teague was a student at Central Kansas A&M and former assistant football coach at Smallville Crows football team.

Throughout his time in Smallville Jason had a loving relationship with Lana Lang, whom he met in Paris while she was studying abroad. He followed Lana back to Smallville and took a position as the school's assistant football coach.[1] Jason was fired from the school when Lex Luthor exposed his relationship with Lana.[2]

Unbeknownst to Lana, he had been working with his mother Genevieve Teague to locate the three Stones of Power, three Kryptonian stones that when united form a single crystal that creates Clark's Fortress of Solitude. Jason and his mother kidnapped Lex and Lionel Luthor in an effort to discover the location of one of the stones, with Lionel claiming that Lana had one of the stones.[3] Genevieve confronted Lana, and they got into a struggle ending with Genevieve being murdered by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux's hand through Lana.

Jason, who believed that the secret of the stones lies with Clark, headed to the Kent Farm, where he held Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent hostage. He was killed during the 2005 meteor shower, when a meteor crashed through the Kent house directly above where he was standing.[4]

Physical Appearance

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Jason Teague as a coach.

Jason was a very handsome man with brownish blond hair, green eyes and full lips. When he got a job as assistant coach at Smallville High School he wore the traditional clothing of football coaches, sometimes he was seen with a red shirt, a jacket and others with the same color.


"This guy set a record when he was a freshman at the University of Metropolis."Clark Kent, Facade

Jason grew up in a rich society with his parents and shown desire to get out of his parents' shadow. He decided to play football rather than study law like his father and move to Smallville to be with Lana much to his mother's disapproval. Jason wants to be independent and live his own life. He felt he could start a new life with Lana and saw an innocence in her he hadn't experienced growing up in the rich society. Jason also had a charming sense of humor, often joking even in serious situations (which occasionally annoyed Lana) but was also laid-back. He displayed traits of a jealous boyfriend whenever Clark seemed to get in the middle of his relationship with Lana.

Interestingly enough, even though he wanted to get away from his parents he still had a sense of family loyalty and even pointed how betrayal ran in the Luthor bloodline. He helped his mother in her search for the stones by assisting her in murdering Bridgette Crosby for one of the elements and dumping the body on the grounds of the Luthor Mansion and helped kidnap the Luthors in an attempt to get another stone, his cruel treatment of Lex betrays a far more sinister side to his personality. Lana appeared to be his weakness as his mother used the idea of her and Clark to goad him.

Early life

Jason was the son of Edward Teague, a high-powered and well-known attorney, and Genevieve Teague. He and Genevieve were the descendants of Duchess Gertrude, who was cursed to be annihilated by Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her descendants. Every summer, when Jason was a child, Genevieve would take him on treks to exotic and remote locations to all types of civilizations. However, these were not vacations; they were research trips to investigate Countess Thoreaux.


Jason, Oliver, and Lex from the view of Patricia Swann.

Shortly before the first meteor shower that hit Smallville, Jason would play with Patricia Swann, Oliver Queen and Lex Luthor while their parents attended meetings for the secret society known as Veritas. When Jason did not follow in his father's footsteps into law, Edward cut him off financially. Jason attended Metropolis University, and set a pass record while playing for the football team but tore his rotator cuff, ending his future in football.

His mother, Genevieve, has just persuaded him to go to Paris, and Jason said he would meet someone special. Jason met Lana Lang seemingly by chance when Lana moved to France to study art. He crashed his motorcycle, and she spent hours in the emergency room with him.

Smallville TV Series


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  • The creation of Jason Teague was something handed down by the network, who wanted Lana to have a new boyfriend, one who was "different from Clark." Alfred Gough and Miles Millar were apprehensive because they were already introducing Lois Lane into the series, and introducing two new characters would be difficult. The pair thought about where the relationship between Clark and Lana had left off at the end of Season Three, and they realized that Clark had turned his back on Lana. Gough and Millar began to like the idea of bringing in a new character, one that would create a new love triangle; eventually they tied him into the larger storyline involving the three Kryptonian stones of knowledge.[5]
  • According to writer Brian Peterson, where Clark brings "angst" and "depth" to his relationship with Lana, Jason is designed to bring "joy", "levity", and "fun".
  • On the topic of Jason’s relationship with Lana, Jensen Ackles believes the character did love Lana, because he saw an innocence in her that had not been able to experience growing up in the upper class society; Jason grew up having to question the actions of his mother, and with Lana he had the opportunity to experience an honest relationship.[6]
  • Jensen Ackles was Gough and Millar’s first choice to play Jason Teague, as the actor had been the runner up for the role of Clark Kent when they were casting for the pilot.
  • Ackles was contracted to remain through Season Five, but was written out of the show in the season four finale, which, according to Ackles, was due to his commitments to the WB’s new series Supernatural. Gough contends that Supernatural did not alter any of their plans, and that Jason Teague was intended to be a single season character.
  • Jensen Ackles played the voice of the Red Hood/Jason Todd, the second version of Robin, in Batman: Under the Red Hood.


  • Jason and his mother Genevieve are the main antagonists of Season Four.
  • Interestingly, Jason's body was not found when Clark searched the ruins of the house, and the Kents apparently never discuss his death. The only evidence of his death is an article that Lana reads relating that he and Genevieve died in the meteor shower. It is likely that both Lionel and Lex had a hand in this, as Lionel was the one who disposed of Genevieve's body, and Lex was seen alone at the Kents' destroyed home after the meteor shower.
  • Jason's name was never mentioned in Season Seven even if he appears in a flashback scene in Veritas.
  • Besides his mother, Jason remains the only antagonist to Clark that he was never aware of his alien heritage during the antagonist's lifetime.
  • Also Season Four is the only season of the series where the main antagonists (Jason and Genevieve) are antagonizing the other main characters besides Clark. Mainly dealing with them are Lex, Lionel, Lana, Martha, and Jonathan.
    • Chloe and Lois are the only main characters not to be put in any danger by Jason and Genevieve.
  • It is never revealed how much Jason and Genevieve discover about Clark. In fact, Genevieve never actually met Clark, but still uses the idea of him to gloat Jason. Jason later tells Lex that "Clark has more to do with the stones than any of us." This could be a reference to Clark being the Traveler, a plot point later explored in the second half of Season Seven. Assuming he knew nothing of true relevance, Jason is the second of two former series regulars to never have known Clark's secret. The other one was Whitney Fordman.
  • Clark and Jason behaved friendly to each other in their first episodes (up until Transference) but they ended as enemies. It is in the contrast with the relationship Clark and Whitney who were unfriendly to each other in the first half of the season one but they ended on good terms.
  • Jason Teague appeared in 21 episodes. He appears as a child in a flashback scene in Season Seven's Veritas, played by Owen Best, who also portrayed Alec Abrams in Season Nine's Warrior.
  • Lionel implies that Jason may have had an incestuous relationship with his mother, when he commented "The Oedipal bond certainly has a habit of flourishing when it's... fed, doesn't it?" (Forever)
  • Jason was the second main character and the third main villain to die.
  • Jason interacted with all the main characters (in the opening credits) during Season Four.
  • Jason was not seen interacting with his father.
  • Considering that the Swann family (Patricia Swann and Virgil Swann) was murdered on Earth-2 by Clark Luthor/Ultraman, it is possible that Jason and his parents (at the very least his mother Genevieve Teague) were also killed by Clark.
  • Jensen Ackles is one of two actors in main roles who appeared only in one season. The second one is Sam Witwer.


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